Toronto University Tour

March 15, 2018

Today we went to Toronto University to have a tour of their campus around King’s College. I seem a bit young to consider universities, (keep in mind that this was my father’s idea) but as the tour guide said, the early bird gets the early worm!

Our tour guide’s name was Nish, and she is an undergrad student who will graduate this year. She explained that she loved Toronto University and hoped to share that love with us by becoming a tour guide. The funny part was she said she had two reasons why she was a tour guide. The first one was because she was being paid, the second one being her love and enjoyment she experienced during her years at U of T.

We toured many places, my favourite being one of their many gyms. It was a building consisting of, of course, a gym, but also a physiotherapy, and a massage place on top of the gym. And, of course, a study spot where you can watch the students play gym while doing your work on a countertop.

After the tour, we went to Sidney hall to eat. Being me, I chose the 5.99$ poutine which was very delicious, except for the aftertaste of flour?!


Toronto Trip Going Home

July 24, 2017

Today, we ate muffins for breakfast and then packed our suitcases because we were leaving. First we went shopping at supermarkets, where we bought mangosteen, dragon fruit, and other stuff, but those two are worth pointing out 😛 .  and then we went to meet my uncle’s friend. We went to this Banquet Hall to eat our lunch, but I didn’t like their food there because it tasted too fancy and icky. Then we continued our shopping at Costco and other supermarkets. Then we started going home.

Toronto Summer Trip 2017

July 22, 2017

We left for Toronto at 8:15 in the morning. It took about 1 hour to get to the 1000 islands for a boat tour around the islands. There are actually 1800 islands, but it depends on the qualifications of different people because some might say if it is separated from any other land, it is an island. Others might say an island must have atleast two trees. Some might say it needs one tree. So they just called it 1000 islands just to be safe. On the tour, we passed Boltd castle. A man named George C. Boltd was a millionaire, and he decided to use his money to build a six story house with over 100 rooms for his wife, Louise. But during the construction, Louise suddenly died, and he left the place due to the sadness of his loss. More about the history here.

Then we went for lunch at the EnRoute station. The place was very crowded, but we were very lucky to have found a parking spot. We bought KFC food because the other lines were very very full.

When we got to Toronto, we first went to my dad’s old classmate’s friend’s house to eat our dinner. We had chinese food bought from some chinese people operated store, and some mango and iced tea to drink. Then we went to Cherry and Rose’s house, which is my dad’s old classmate’s daughters. My sister and I were named after them. They had adopted a dog, and the dog kept licking and smelling us, but it was a very smart dog. It would listen to instructions well, like if Cherry’s mother put a treat in front of the dog, and said: “Wait”, the dog wouldn’t eat it until she said “Go”. The dog would also bark to warn them that he has to “go”, and then they would let him out to do his business.

We finally went to my mother’s friend’s house, which was where we were staying at.