Toronto Trip Going Home

July 24, 2017

Today, we ate muffins for breakfast and then packed our suitcases because we were leaving. First we went shopping at supermarkets, where we bought mangosteen, dragon fruit, and other stuff, but those two are worth pointing out 😛 .  and then we went to meet my uncle’s friend. We went to this Banquet Hall to eat our lunch, but I didn’t like their food there because it tasted too fancy and icky. Then we continued our shopping at Costco and other supermarkets. Then we started going home.


MakerSpace Program 2015

November 8 2015

Erica (a friend of my mom) invited my family to go to the Maker Faire at Lansdown park. Erica said that there would be a bus waiting for us to pick everyone who would have time to come to the event. We went on the bus, and arrived at the park. Then, my mom bought a ticket, and we went in. The fee for kids under 12 is free, so luckily we don’t need to pay.

We saw a lot of cool things, and we also made a thing that would flash, and we could attach to our shirt. We also saw the Roblox station (it’s my favorite online game) and they gave us pins, and a code that we could redeem for 100 robux! I was sooo happy, I couldn’t wait to redeem it! We also saw robots, and there was this goggles you would wear, and you would see the world in minecraft, like you would see the world! It was really cool and creative!

We also got silly puddy from the Library Station, and also cards from different coding places.

Tiring Field Trip To Mud Lake

When: October 30th 2014 (One day before Halloween!) 🙂

Where: Mud Lake

Why: Field Trip with Mr. Albert

We were scheduled to go to Pink lake, but we learned that the route was closed for winter. We had to have a field trip to learn stuff with Mr. Albert, so M.Millen, ( my teacher) said that we would  change it to Mud lake. I asked if we would be taking the bus, he said NO!!! So we have to walk all the way! Which sucks, because I hate walking ( I said that to my friend), but, I said that I hate hating hate. But I also hate hating hate hate etc… Because she had a good sense of humor, she said: And you hate hating hating hating hating hate. Right? And I was like: Right. 🙂 We left school and started walking. My sister’s class came. All the grade 4 classes are supposed to come if they paid. Emily didn’t pay, and her parents said she couldn’t go, so she stayed at school. She missed all the fun! We all gathered into a circle. Mr.Albert explained to us that since humans were here, we started gathering in a circle because almost everything we need to survive is shaped like a circle. We saw a two deers. Or either the same deer twice. Don’t know which one. Saw twice or saw two. The deer had a white pompom looking tail, white spots on his back, and the rest was a tanish color. It was pretty cute. 🙂 My sister didn’t see the first one, or the first time I saw it she didn’t. Kaitlyn was my friend, she was the one with the sharp eyes because she spotted the deer. It was hurrying down the path because a dog was chasing it. The owner of the dog was scared, and whistled to see if the dog can hear her or not. Mr.Albert says we have to accept the way people communicate. And even if they have a disease or a disability, we should be proud that they can still communicate with us.  On the trail, we saw this dead squirrel hanging from a tree. I felt bad, because the squirrel lost his life, and he will never have one. Ever again. We went to this huge rock. Mr.Albert told us that once, he and his granddaughter was at a cottage, and his friend said: Take the faster route, you will have a chance to see the big fossil. So Mr.Albert took the faster route, and saw the fossil. He tried to explain that, a fossil, is when you stay there, doing nothing, and then if you wait for a long time, you will be fossilized. So , one day, Mr.Albert took his granddaughter to a restaurant. There were lots of people at that restaurant. They ordered their meal, and waited a long time. After 20 minutes, his granddaughter said: If we stay here longer, were going to fossilize. 🙂 Funny, right? But it also means that she learned something. Which is good, right? Yes it is. Knowledge is important for us humans. That’s all, we walked a loooooooooooooooong way  till we reached school. 🙂

Around the city

By: Cherry Ke

Today my class went to City hall, little Italy, and Chinatown.First, we went to City hall. Mark Taylor(the councillor)showed City hall.You can go online on twitter for some photos.

嵌入图像的永久链接Or…….. Go to this page for more pictures.When we left, Mark Taylor gave us a triple highlighter.

Then we went to Chinatown.We got red envelopes from a lady that my teacher planed to meet.First, I thought that it was chocolate but it was a $0,25 in there.We also went to Kyle’s dad’s store that’s located in Chinatown. He sold lots of pretty and fragile things. When we had to go to little Italy, he gave us a bear with a candy canes.

We went to a cake store. It made me feel hungry! We also went upstairs and saw chocolate cakes and a man making a chocolate Santa. It was Cooooooool! After we had to leave. Lily’s mom bought pasta for her lunch because she didn’t pack her lunch in her lunch bag.