Giant Tiger Merivale Grand Opening

July 8, 2017

Today was the grand opening of Giant Tiger’s Merivale location. The first 100 people received a 10 dollars Giant Tiger gift card, and a bag. My father, mother, sister and I were all early so we received the prize.

They started all the speeches, and Mayor Jim Watson and Counselor Rick Charelli both came to say a speech. Continued by the ribbon cutting, and then we started shopping.


Dingerz Batting and Pitching Centre *Grand Opening*

October 3rd 2015

My dad brought my sister and I to the Dingerz Batting and Pitching Centre for the Grand Opening. He was lucky to get spots, because only the first 200 people to register would be able to have access to the party.

I first took chips, and looked at the TV. It was a Blue Jays game. I play baseball, so my dad is trying to find somewhere to buy a cheap, good quality, baseball glove.

I then looked at other kids at the Batting and Pitching room. They have these machines to help you improve your skills, and there are also staff to give you some tips. At 11: 00 AM, Mayor Jim Watson, President of the Ottawa Champions David Gourlay, and the President of Ruthian Baseball Brian Beehler all came to cut the ribbon. There was also prizes but I didn’t see where to collect them.