Fishing Camp 2017

July 5, 2017

My sister Rose and were registered for a two day Fishing Camp at Cass Hill Conservation. We get a free rod, hook, weight and all, free lunch provided, and an awesome spot to fish! For the first day, I didn’t catch anything. For lunch we had subway cater our food, and cookies for dessert.

July 6, 2017

This time, I caught four fish. The biggest one I caught was a Redhorse fish. The others were a bit smaller. For lunch, we had pizza and timbits.


Fishing Camp

August 24 2016

Today at fishing camp, we signed in as usual, and went fishing! After a few minutes, I caught two fish! One was a pumpkin seed fish, and another was a sun fish. There were both small fish, but my first two fish in less than an hour! Rose also caught a pumpkin seed.

After around what was one hour, we head back to the gazebo for a presentation from the Fly Fishing Group. They talked about how to fly fish for a while, and then they said they had two activities planned for us! So we split into two groups, 6 people in each, and one group went to learn how to cast with a fly fishing rod, while the other group made the thing you put as bait with a hook. Then we got to try to cast with a fly fishing rod, and one of the rod’s hook was caught on the telephone wire! Luckily, the string on the rod was made out of rubber. But all we had to do to get the hook off the wire was just pull it a little and there it went off.

When we got bored of it, we got to go fishing, but I didn’t catch any fish. In fact, those were my last two fish I caught for the day. Then both groups started fishing when we got to go for lunch. We had pizza for lunch — pepperoni or cheese. I took pepperoni, and also two oatmeal raisin cookies.

After lunch, someone named Sam caught a big fish! Apparently it was a big huge redhorse fish, or was it a silver horse fish? It was so big we had to use the net to catch it! After he got his picture, we let it go back into the water quick because those types of fish aren’t that strong. But it was really cool!

When it was 3:00, my dad came to pick us up. We got a taco box with everything needed for fishing! We also got to keep our fishing rods, and then we left!

Fishing Camp

August 23 2016

Our dad registered my sister Rose and me for a two day fishing camp. We first signed in and got name tags, then we talked about poison ivy, wild parsnip, ticks, and water safety. Then we got our fishing rods, and had to put the string through the holes and put the hooks, bobbers, and weight on the string, put on our life jackets, and tally-ho to the river.

When we got to the river, there was a boat with people from the South Nation CONSERVATION area (Brent, Kiersty, Molly (the teachers) were also from there) and they said they looked in their turtle traps and found a snapping turtle! So we cooked the turtle and ate it. Just kidding. They caught turtles to record them and measure them. The snapping turtle is the hardest one to record because it tries to snap you. But they eventually did everything and let it go back into the river.

Then we started fishing. I didn’t catch any fish. But hopefully on the second day I do! There was a fish that someone caught, and the fish swallowed the hook and it was inside his stomach! The fish was bleeding very badly. We got it back in the water, but we pronounced it dead when a few minutes later he was floating upside down. 😦   It was really icky. The same icky as in putting worms on your hook by yourself. :/

For lunch, they got us some sandwiches from SUBWAY!!!! You could have a sandwich with turkey, ham, chicken, or with just cheese. Then you put whatever you want on it. The choices were lettuce, tomato, green peppers, mayo sauce, and mustard. I took

The smallest and biggest fish were both caught by Rose. HEY don’t say that she’s better, it’s the fish that won’t eat my wormy. The worm did look juicy too. 😀 HEY, I didn’t eat the worm. Though if I were a fish, I would fall for the trick.

Like a normal beginner, a lot of people (like me) had tangles with their rod. So Brent and Kiersty helped everyone untangle them. For a lot of people, the tangles were either really hard to untangle, easy or tangled with someone else. Sometimes it was so hard to untangle that Brent had to use his pocket knife to cut the string and re-attach the string and cut the extra string off the knot so the knot part wouldn’t get tangled when we reel the string in.

On the way back, since our dad bought St-Albert poutine we ate poutine!! 😀 It had french fries, cheese curds, mayo sauce, gravy, green peppers :/  (eww) and meat. The meat tasted good. But it was a pretty small box for 5.99$. (Or was it 6.99?) My dad also bought a salad. 🙂

Family Fishing Derby 2016

July 2 2016

Unlike last year, I didn’t catch a fish. But we did bring Amy. We  borrowed three fishing rods, and tried fishing. The casting was way harder then the usual one. But I managed to figure it out with a little bit of help. The water was freezing! But we all managed to get used to the cold and it started turning warm. Casting was really hard, and the wind kept on making me get off balance. After a few minutes, I was tired and my pants were all soaked so I stopped fishing and changed my pants. We ate some hot dogs- I ate about 4 hot dogs. Then we went shopping.

Fishing, and 2 Birthday Parties!

Today was June 11 2015 and it was the day for my first time going fishing! Faye’s mom (who is my friend) gave my mom 2 fishing rods. But we only used one because the other one didn’t a pole float and hook. We got a worm and a hook and started! My sister went first. But still no luck. But I was busy eating hot dogs! When I was done, Rose can back to shore and gave me the rod. She came back because she was hungry. My mom gave her a hot dog and orange juice from the people who hosted the event that bought the juice from MacDonalds. I didn’t know how to fish. So my mom asked a gentleman to teach me. He told me when I was walking in the water, I should keep the hook with the worm attached out of the water. Otherwise the worm will die. Then he taught me how to cast. There’s a button on the handle and you press it so the string doesn’t release more string. The you swing it till the rod it in front of you and release the button. But you do all that in a row, FAST. I can make it go far away!  My mom was very excited that I could do that! Then I caught one fish! But it escaped before I got it out of the water on my way back to shore. After a about 25 minutes, I CAUGHT AN OTHER ONE! It was small, but who cares? So they asked for my name because I caught one and I got a medal! Then I let it live. I ate an other hot dog and we went to Zicheng’s birthday party. We ate jello and food, then we played his X-Box. When it was 5:50, we ate the cake and left for Grace’s birthday party. When we got there, I played with their dog. Then Grace introduced everyone to everyone. After that, we headed to a park that was near her house and played Man hunt, I WAS IT! Jack was the winner! We played a few more times and then went back so Grace could open her presents. But GET THIS! Henry gave the exact same bugs bunny coin! But we also gave 25 cents Canadien flag ones. One for herself, her sister, and her brother. So when I told Grace that it was also for her sister and brother, Lily (her sister’s name) shouted “HEY GRACE PASS ONE OVER HERE!”. So Grace gave her one. Then we ate the chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins which was delicious! We watch the movie Maze runner but it was violent so her mom said we should watch “My neighbor Totero”. But man, was it funny! For our loot bags we got Trident gum and milk chocolat. We could get how much we wanted and because I loved that chocolate so much, I took a handful!