June 24 2016

My dad brought my sister Rose, my friend Faye, and me to the Microsoft office for a talk about coding. The talker’s name was Micheal, and he was a programmer. The talk was basically about JavaScript, how a game worked after being coded out. The talk was very “interesting”. There was also coffee. At 5:30, we left to go shopping.


MakerSpace Program 2015

November 8 2015

Erica (a friend of my mom) invited my family to go to the Maker Faire at Lansdown park. Erica said that there would be a bus waiting for us to pick everyone who would have time to come to the event. We went on the bus, and arrived at the park. Then, my mom bought a ticket, and we went in. The fee for kids under 12 is free, so luckily we don’t need to pay.

We saw a lot of cool things, and we also made a thing that would flash, and we could attach to our shirt. We also saw the Roblox station (it’s my favorite online game) and they gave us pins, and a code that we could redeem for 100 robux! I was sooo happy, I couldn’t wait to redeem it! We also saw robots, and there was this goggles you would wear, and you would see the world in minecraft, like you would see the world! It was really cool and creative!

We also got silly puddy from the Library Station, and also cards from different coding places.


Auguest 29 2015

Today my dad brought me, my sister Rose and my brother Kingsong to CodeDojo. It is a club that teaches people to code. There were two choices. Web development, and video games. I chose to do video games. We went on Scratch, and made a new game. It was when you had a sprite, and make it jump over another animal. If you want to try my game, click here for the link. Then I played different games that other people made. Then I tried doing Web Development, and we were supposed to do Codecademy. But since I had a hard time doing a question, and he couldn’t help me, he told me that I could continue playing Scratch, so I did.

Then we went home!

C0D3 C4MP L4S1 D4Y

Today was the last day of our code camp. Our? Yes our. Faye, my sister Rose, and me! It was located at the Britannia Woods. We had a field trip to the Ottawa University, and the trailer office of prototype D. But Erica wasn’t there. So to not be bored, a teenager named Saphora let us go upstairs to play on the computers. Obviously I played Roblox, but it was laggy. 😦 When Erica arrived, she showed us a video about the prototype D’s old office which was in a dark basement. So they earned money and bought a trailer which became their trailer on wheels!

Finally the van came. It was air conditioned! I thought it was chilly. We got to the university, and we went into a room. But the room beside it, I saw someone designing a place in Roblox studio! I told Rose and Faye what I saw. On our computers, we went on tinkercad to do the tutorial. Tinkercad is a website where you can design your 3D item you want to print. But we just did it to learn. After about 30 minutes, we did a group photo and ate outside. The van came, and brought us to where the trailer was parked. When I looked in, I was amazed! They even build an upstairs on top of the office. It was very impressive! They had solar panels to charge their computers and their 3D printer! They grew plants and vegetables, even peppers! Some people were scared and thought that they would fall down the roof and die! But it was basically impossible because there was string that made it hard to fall. What I thought was the most impressive, was that they built the whole roof, and activated the solar panels, and now are making balconies for other businesses. But when they design their 3D stuff, they use a more professional way. But one of their computers aren’t that strong, so sometimes the program crashes.


August 13 2015

Today at coding camp, we went to the Fuel Industries and we also went to Shopify. Fuel is a company who makes different sorts of games like “Cut the Rope”, “” and more! Shopify is a website where people can go online to the site and get help to sell their product.

Erica rented 2 large vans that can fit 20 people in total (not counting the driver seat and the seat beside). Our first stop: Fuel industries!

The outside of Fuel industries was plain. Appearances were deceiving. But when I went inside,  I totally changed my mind! It was very colorful, and I could already tell that they were very smart and had lots of brains! We first say their picture gallery, which was where they would take only the face, and glue the face into another photo. It was very funny but creative! My sister asked why the company was called fuel. Our guide Phil answered that it was because of something about the fuel tank they had. I’m sorry that I forgot but yeah. Then we went down the stairs that they called the “pit” because sometimes it felt like going down a pit. Going down a pit feels very scary. We asked a lot of questions! Then we went into a audio studio, where the staff make sound to go into the game or video. He told us that sometimes he didn’t have the right sound to fit into the game or video so he had to try and figure out a way to make the same sound but in a different way. If a game needed a narrator, then a staff named Rob would do the job. Then he showed us a game he made, and he also did the sound.

Then we went to the green room. It could have been the magenta room or the pink room, but it had to be a unpopular color like gold. Because if say in a movie, someone had to have only one leg, they would put on a long green sock, because when they edit the movie, they would remove the green, and also the green sock so they could put a metal thing that would help people with one leg still walk!

Code Party

July 28 2015 6:00

My parents brought my sister and I to the Southway Hotel for a kids can code party. My dad found out an online invitation and When we got there, we had to put on name tags. Then my mom had to complete a form to confirm that we were present. I spotted Faye, our friend. 🙂 We went into the room with Faye. We found a spot for my family and Faye to sit. Faye’s sister Zoe sat on her mom’s lap across from our row. Then we took a few egg sandwiches and tasted them. Mmmmm, were they tasty! 😀 Then Faye’s mom found notebooks and pens we could take. My mother told me to take notes with them. Since there was still time, we played hang man. See if  you can guess this:

Category: Food

I     _i_ _e   e_ _ i _ _ _ s_ s _ i!    Answer will be provided at the end of this awesome post! XD LOL XD

Then Erica (The hostess) introduced everyone who sponsors the event, and even Mark Taylor (The Ottawa city Councillor )and The Embassy of USA came! Which probably means this event is very special. Then I asked my dad why was this event in a hotel. He explained that it was maybe because they had a lot of money. Because you have to pay for the time, the refreshments, the microphone, and you also have to buy the 3-D printers and computers, and rent or buy projectors. I then took a random glance at my notepad. I guessed that the hotel’s motto was “Southway. Unchain your Expectations” because it was written on the notepad on the middle. Then a person started talking about a 6 year old boy who was born without a hand. They wanted to help but didn’t know how! So they chose 2 choices to pick. Do what can work, or learn what can. So they held a contest to see who made the best fake hand that would work on a real human being. Two Ottawa University students used a 3-D printer and printed a hand with fingers that could actually move! I’m not sure how he controls the hand but whatever it is, it works! YAY! 😀  Then an other guy introduced  Scratch. It’s a website where you don’t have to remember stuff like HTML and CSS and is very useful for people who don’t like remembering things but want to try or do coding. If you like remembering stuff, try codecademy. It’s a site where you learn different types of code language such as JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, and CSS. JavaScript is for movement, html is for words but can also be used for pictures and movement, and CSS is styling your HTML code. I suggest you or/and your child do coding and start with HTML and CSS. These two code languages are learnt together because CSS styles the HTML code, and with no HTML, there would be no CSS. But it isn’t the same way around. You can also style your HTML in your HTML code, using specific code. If you feel like it, start with codecademy. But the easiest (In my opinion) is Scratch or codecademy. After we saw the video about scratch, we had a djembe drum     demonstration. Then we could wander around, eating the refreshments, and check out the djembe drums or the website Scratch. Then we went home.    😀

Answer: I like eating sushi!