Pirate Escape Room: Captive Kids

December 10, 2017

My sister and I were invited to our new friend Rebecca’s birthday party at Captive Kids. Captive Kids is a place where you are imprisoned in a room and you have clues to try to escape. Our theme was Pirates. Our story was that we snuck into a pirate ship to retrieve some treasure and a map, but we got caught at we were imprisoned into two cells, four in each cell. The ship broke and the pirates escaped and left us in the sinking ship, so we have 60 minutes to escape with the treasure and find the gold key before the ship sinks. There is also a button we can press for unlimited clues. We used that twice. First, we looked around and in our cell we found a treasure chest, but it was locked. So we looked at the bottom of our benches and found letter. I put them into the lock and it opened, and we found one of the 7 maps we had to find. Then on the other side, they had a treasure chest with a clue that said time is key, so we imputed the time on the clock found in the room (6:15) and it opened. Inside was a large spoon with a hook at the end so they passed it to us and we used it to grab the keys on the hook not far from our cell. We escaped, and we had to help them escape. Their lock was a code lock so we looked around for numbers. On their cell was 9, so we found the other similar font number. We found 3 and 5 so they put it into the lock and escaped. Then we had to find the key to the next door, so we looked for clues. We finally found it inside a chest and went to the next room. We eventually found 5 cases but only opened 4 of them and got mixed up of which clue was for which one so we called them in to give us a clue, and we found the key for the other two doors. We found the treasure and the other maps, so we got out. What was funny was that Rose, my sister, randomly guessed a lock and it actually opened! We escaped with 9 minutes left, which was the average. Then we had pizza and ice cream cake!


Alice’s Sleepover 2017

July 28-29th

We went to Alice’s house at 6 pm, and the first thing she did was hug us to death. She was going to Broadview, so it was the most likely last time I would see her. She gave us a tour of the house, and she had an outdoor salted pool, an outdoors fire pit, and a secret room where you pull a book then push the bookshelf to a room that her step-father uses as his office. He was a lot of computers and he even has a 3D printer!

We were the last ones to arrived except for Grace, who had to come late because of some reason. Alice had invited Deniz, Adalia, Grace, and me and Rose. Then we went to the nearby park to wait for Grace to come, because we didn’t know when she would arrive. We played on the swings until the pizza came, so we ate the pizza and then play in the living room. We played on her keyboard, and played chess while spamming texts to Grace asking her why she wasn’t there. She eventually arrived at 7:30 telling us that her parents literally TOOK HER OUT TO DINNER after waiting for her father to come home. So then we went to changed into our swimsuits and went to play in her pool. Her pool was FREEZING COLD! It wasn’t heating, but everyone just jumped in. After I was cold, so I went out after Rose and Adalia had.

Then we changed into our pajamas and went outside to roast marshmallows. I made three good ones and purposely burnt my last one because it looked like a torch if you put it on fire. Then we ate cake at 9:30. NINE THIRTY!? Ya. She also opened the presents. We gave her 24 kinder eggs. Her step-father also gave us a Ouijas board to play with in the basement, where we were sleeping. We got bored because it wouldn’t move. So we started talking all the way till 11:30, then planned to steal the candy from upstairs that Grace and Adalia had given to her for her birthday. We stole the candy at 1 in the morning, and started watching movies and tv shows on netflix. She had a tv in her basement! Two actually! One for the x-box and the other for the wii. We played on the wii in the morning, but now we watched Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn, and also Sanjay and Craig. At 4 in the morning, we watched the first movie of the Hunger Games, and then we went to sleep while Grace and Deniz stayed up. After one hour of sleep, Deniz and Grace started trying to make us wake up saying that “one hour of sleep is enough!!” and mixing water and shampoo together to put on other people’s legs. But we ignored them telling each other that they will fall asleep, and we will annoy them then. 🙂

I had three hours of sleep when I gave up on trying to fall asleep, and I watched some tv while other people slept. That’s when I noticed at 8 in the morning, Deniz finally fell asleep. I took a picture on her cellphone so she wouldn’t forget. She even said she would stay up and pull an all nighter, and that we had to wake up at 9 so we could do something all together. You know what she did? She skipped breakfast and just slept until she had to go, and even when her dad came down, she was still sleeping.

For breakfast we had pancakes with syrup, and then went back to the basement to play on the wii. We played Super Mario Smash Bros Brawl and Super Mario Kart. I like using Kirby and Peach. 🙂

Then we went home.

Grace’s Birthday Party

July 8, 2017

Today we went to Grace’s Birthday party. When we got to her house, we gave her our gift, then got into our groups for our version of Amazing Race. The groups were:

-Cherry(me), Jenna, and Lily
-Rose, Luna, and Alice
-Grace and Adalia
-Ashlynn, April, and Deniz

The first thing we had to do was someone had to put a shower cap on, spray shaving cream on it, and another person had to throw popcorn and hopefully stick on the shaving cream. My group finished it third, and got our next clue. We had to run to Booster Juice, and drink a disgusting thing that Grace’s dad would buy us. We got there third, and then drank it quickly. It was disgusting! It was the flavour they put into the Chai Tea juice, but ONLY the flavour. No water or anything! We received our next clue which was to find the brightest lipstick and put it on. Jenna put it on because it couldn’t be the person that drank the thing. We went to Body Shop and found a pink-ish red-ish lipstick and smudged it on her lips. Then we went to Tim Hortons, which was where Grace’s dad was. The next thing we had to do was sing loudly Happy Birthday to Grace right in front of Tim Hortons. A guy was very annoyed and even said Shut Up to us, but we didn’t care. Our next clue was to run to Grace’s house, and a blind-folded person had to feed someone Baby Food. I had to feed Jenna the baby food, but she couldn’t eat it. Then Adalia and Grace’s team finished the last clue, which was to go to the park and find a ribbon and bring it back, so they won. Then Grace’s parents told us we didn’t have to do it because my team were slow runners and there was already a champion, so we came 3rd because the other team didn’t even know where the park was.

After, Grace’s parents ordered pizza and so we decided to play hide and seek. After a few rounds, the pizza came. So we ate our cheese pizzas, and then went outside to play. That’s when the Henna lady came to do Henna on us, so we went back in where Grace’s parents gave us numbers, and I was number two. Grace went first. Then it was my turn. I asked for a cherry design combined with another design. She told us to wait for the design to dry, and to make it pretty, she added some sparkles. After about 30 minutes, it will dry and eventually crumble off. The ink will stain on our skin and will turn into a brown-ish orangy colour, then into a darker brown.

When everyone’s turn was done, Mackenzie, Grace’s friend, arrived. We went outside to the park to play some hide and go seek tag, but we grew tired of it, so we played freeze tag.

We returned back to her house because it was almost 8, which was when most people had to leave. My dad gave me permission to leave at 9. We watched a bit of Moana, then the rest of us went on a walk. We brought scooters, bikes, even a long board! Ashlynn taught me how to ride it on the way back. I also got to ride the bike and the scooter.

Alice’s sleepover

August 6th 2016

We finally arrived at Alice’s house. We put our presents and played Minecraft Hunger games with Alice and Grace! Grace was the first one there. Then we went to the park and played 4 square and two rounds of Mothia. After we got bored so we went back to Alice’s house and met Deniz. Then we went inside to watch a bit of the new movie “The secret life of pets”. After about 1 hour later, we went to make a craft. Alice bought masks and we got to decorate them with feathers, flowers, and string/ribbon. Since the normal liquid glue dries very slowly, we used glue guns instead. I accidentally touched the hot glue with my left finger, so I went to wash it with cool water. Alice also had a dog, a pug, to be precise. His name was Nelson or Nellie (Grace called the dog that!).

After making the masks, we ate dominos pizza. There was actually Hawaiian pizza! I ate two slices of Hawaiian pizza and drank water and Sprite, and then we waiting a while so we wouldn’t be too full to eat their homemade cake. During that time, we played on our electronics again! Alice’s mom called us to eat the cake. But before eating it, we got to decorate it! I added a cherry, and put dibs on that slice of cake. Eventually