My favorite games

June 19 2016

This will be an update of my favorite stuff. I will keep on informing my future self about me, and I will see the changes. My favorite game is Roblox, and my username is CherryPlaysRoblox1 (it used to be AvaMint). I also like My favorite song is Shake it off. I like pop music, and my best friend is April. I speak French, English, Chinese, and a little bit of Spanish.

I like playing soccer, bordenball, triple-ball, baseball, dodgeball, and doing gymnastics. I like dodgeball the most though.


100th post!

Today I wrote my 101 post! So I will celebrate! Please comment down anything you know or have 101 of. Like 101 Dalmatians, 101 band-aids, etc. Oh yeah! While I have your attention, I would like to tell you if you play moviestarplanet, please donate greets, autos, wishies, and/or presents. Here are my usernames for:

Canada= Kewlgirl88

USA= xXxC@ssidyxXx

UK= Kewlgirl88

France= Kewlgirl88                                                                                             

Questions From my teacher

Ok, let me get this straight. So, if you know that I wrote the answer is a “Not so relating to the question, please say that in a comment. Because I’m more in to french now. So this is the question M.Millen sent to my mom.(By the way, I had M.Millen last year so you should be able to tell that he was teaching grade 3 but then was moved on to grade 4) His question was:

What is the highlight and lowlight of getting a reward at school?


So now you might want to write this down actually. And also you might think that I’m going to in this post answer his question. So your…….

Please see the bottom of the post later.

What is the highlights and low lights of the first week of school? This question is not about your opinion but in total of your class suggestion.


The highlights is art. People aren’t saying nooo I don’t want to do art. But people ARE saying noooooooo I don’t want math. So that’s the lowlight.



















Your right that I’m going to post my opinion of the question. 🙂