Sun Yat-Sen

February 5, 2017

My father brought me and my sister to a play about Sun Yat-sen, the Provisional President of the Republic of China. He lead a rebellion group because he didn’t like the effort of the Qing people.

The play had many tears and joy, but mainly jokes. It was really interesting.

At the end, there were small snacks like brownies, chips, and fruits.


Rhythmic Gymnastics Summer 2016

June 19 2016

As usual, we always have a performance. This time was a summer performance. We had two dances: All that Jazz and Halo. All that Jazz was a group ribbon routine, and Halo is a group ball routine. All that Jazz was 9th, and then after the intermission was Halo. The intermission had some Silent Auctions, and a bake sale. I got a fruit cup with strawberries, grapes, and blueberries. I also got a bag of cheetos-my favorite kind of chips. My favorite dance was a duo ball and ribbon routine, choreographed by the two dancers themselves. I also liked a ball duo by two girls from the provincial group. At the end of the performance, we got roses, and we took a group picture.

Piano Recital 2016

Where: Steinway and Sons

When: May 28 2016 6:00 – 9:15

Why: Piano Recital

My dad brought me and my sister Rose to Steinway and Sons (In Orleans) for a piano recital. April, my best friend, and Emily were going to be there. Emily played first, but we arrived too late. So we waited till it was my turn. I played No Worries, and Ballade pour Adeline. Then Rose came up and played the four hands piano March Millitaire II. April’s dad filmed it (the order of April xd) and everyone said it was very nice. On the piano, you can barely hear the noise so you think the piano isn’t working. But it actually is. XD

Then we waited till it was April’s turn. To keep us busy, we looked at the piano books that the shop was selling. There was Style, Let her go, and even Happy with the minions! She played two songs that I don’t know the title.

The last piece was Rose’s. Because of the timing, we only played the other four hands piano that I don’t know the title. At the end, it was 9:15, time to go home. So we waved good bye to April and went home.

Museum of History K-Pop 2015

December 19 2015

My dad brought my mom, my brother, my sister,  my grandparents and I to the Museum of History to watch dancers doing K-pop. All this was on behalf of the Embassy of Korea, who also supplied Korean food. I really enjoyed the meat, the sushi, the noodles, and the fruit. They were all so delicious! Then, before going in, they gave us these glow sticks because it was a tradition to have them at K-pop shows. We sat down and enjoyed the show. My favorite show was the one with all the back flips and stuff. It was really cool!

During the short 15 minute intermission, I got some of the left over food that they gave out. Then, they restarted the show. The last one actually came from Seoul, Korea just to perform for this show! I was guessing that they would be the best group at the show because K-pop is from Korea and they came from Korea, but also that they got a “diploma” from a music University.

Western Performance

August 2 2015

We went to where me and my sister use to do ballet with my dad’s friend and my dad for a music performance. Patrick Denison, tenor saxophone. Tom Denison, bass. Emily Denison, trumpet. Lucas Denison, drums. Yves Laroche, pianist were all part of the band, and their all a family! They played many songs that were themed with “The western”. There were also snacks to eat! Then we went home! 😀

Japanese Hot dogs 2015

July 19 2015, my whole family (including my grandparents, both of them) went to the City Hall, after going to the tree observation. We got tickets for hot dogs but my dad also bought the Japanese noodles for 3$. Please comment if you bought Japanese noodles for less money so my dad will regret buying it! I didn’t really like the noodles but it was pretty good tasting. The hot dogs had ginger, this kind of white smudgy that kind of looks like wet rice and seaweed!! OMG seaweed is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (× it by 1999999999, 9999999999 9999999, 999999999999999999999999999999999999) delicious. But let’s hope you have the answer to this question please:


Please explain in a comment because it’s probably the only way thank you!

Anyways, the ginger was spicy so I took everything out except the seaweed and the hot dog itself and ate the seaweed singly and ate the hot dog like a plain one. Then we got a lollipop from two people. I got green and my sister got orange. It was very tasty!

Reminder: My dad owes me a big lollipop because I got the needle first.

Anyway, after getting the lollipop, I brought my sister to the tea festival demonstration and how you do it. But you have to make the visitors satisfied so everything has to be clean and spic and span! After the demo we went back to the van and went home. :’)


Rhythmic Gymnastics Christmas Dance 2014

When: Sunday December 14 2014

Where: Ashbury College

Why: Gymnastics Christmas Celebration including dances performed by gymnasts

Big day! It started at 1:30 and ended at 3:30. .The first dance was called Girl power. It was a group of competitive people that are young, and that smile sweetly. They were brave too. Some of them were cute too! We were the 15th group to go. Our song we used was “Santa Claus is com’n 2 town”. We were using the hoop. It was a pretty good dance. Until it was the intermission. I bought a bag of Lays ketchup chips for 50¢. Pretty cheap. Cause the other vending machines and stores that sell a bag of chips are 1.00 or more dollars. I had to share with Rose. I was actually pretty happy to share! Mmmmm, yummy! The last show was a combination of ball, hoop, ribbon, ropes, a see through scarf thingy, those cheer leading things they have on their hands, and yeah. It was a pretty good dance. After the whole show, all the gymnasts had to go on the mat to get a picture. We also got a rose. Mine was pink, Rose’s was purple like she wanted it to be! So the audience took some pictures. Very nice ones. And we went home!