Grace’s Birthday Party

July 8, 2017

Today we went to Grace’s Birthday party. When we got to her house, we gave her our gift, then got into our groups for our version of Amazing Race. The groups were:

-Cherry(me), Jenna, and Lily
-Rose, Luna, and Alice
-Grace and Adalia
-Ashlynn, April, and Deniz

The first thing we had to do was someone had to put a shower cap on, spray shaving cream on it, and another person had to throw popcorn and hopefully stick on the shaving cream. My group finished it third, and got our next clue. We had to run to Booster Juice, and drink a disgusting thing that Grace’s dad would buy us. We got there third, and then drank it quickly. It was disgusting! It was the flavour they put into the Chai Tea juice, but ONLY the flavour. No water or anything! We received our next clue which was to find the brightest lipstick and put it on. Jenna put it on because it couldn’t be the person that drank the thing. We went to Body Shop and found a pink-ish red-ish lipstick and smudged it on her lips. Then we went to Tim Hortons, which was where Grace’s dad was. The next thing we had to do was sing loudly Happy Birthday to Grace right in front of Tim Hortons. A guy was very annoyed and even said Shut Up to us, but we didn’t care. Our next clue was to run to Grace’s house, and a blind-folded person had to feed someone Baby Food. I had to feed Jenna the baby food, but she couldn’t eat it. Then Adalia and Grace’s team finished the last clue, which was to go to the park and find a ribbon and bring it back, so they won. Then Grace’s parents told us we didn’t have to do it because my team were slow runners and there was already a champion, so we came 3rd because the other team didn’t even know where the park was.

After, Grace’s parents ordered pizza and so we decided to play hide and seek. After a few rounds, the pizza came. So we ate our cheese pizzas, and then went outside to play. That’s when the Henna lady came to do Henna on us, so we went back in where Grace’s parents gave us numbers, and I was number two. Grace went first. Then it was my turn. I asked for a cherry design combined with another design. She told us to wait for the design to dry, and to make it pretty, she added some sparkles. After about 30 minutes, it will dry and eventually crumble off. The ink will stain on our skin and will turn into a brown-ish orangy colour, then into a darker brown.

When everyone’s turn was done, Mackenzie, Grace’s friend, arrived. We went outside to the park to play some hide and go seek tag, but we grew tired of it, so we played freeze tag.

We returned back to her house because it was almost 8, which was when most people had to leave. My dad gave me permission to leave at 9. We watched a bit of Moana, then the rest of us went on a walk. We brought scooters, bikes, even a long board! Ashlynn taught me how to ride it on the way back. I also got to ride the bike and the scooter.



The first few steps of being Canadian can be read in the following paragraphs:

Ahhhh, I’m finally feeling so… Goooood. I’ve finally re-done the steps of being Canadian this year, so I am officially a real 99.9% Canadian. If you’re wondering, that 0.01% is part genius 😉 The first few steps of being Canadian:


It’s a have to. There are much things to do, from ice sliding to eating beavertails. At the Winterlude, there are ice sculptures you have to take pictures of. They’re are so creative and beautiful!


Simply good! At the Winterlude you can get some, they’re the least 4 bucks, but they’re really good! My favourite one is called Sunset Kilaloe. It’s a beavertail with cinnamon and sugar, and you can add a lemon with it. You squeeze the lemon and it tastes so good!!!


You probably know. 😉 Fries with gravy and cheese curds, then the cheese melts and it tastes so cheesy, warm, delicious, Mmmmmmmm.

Be Canadian:

Don’t you dare sing the USA anthem or else you are NOT CANADIAN AT ALL (unless it’s not for real it’s for showing off your singing skills or something like that) and don’t say a-booo-t say about (courtesy of Lilly Singh 😉 )

So, to conclude, I am Canadian because I went to the Winterlude at Jacques Cartier Park in 2017 and ate poutine and I did not sing the USA anthem so I am officially a 2017 Canadian!!

NRC Prize and tour

July 27 2016

Because my sister Rose won a contest that you had to fill a quiz and enter for a draw, we went to the NRC to pick up the prize and have a tour of a lab we requested. Inside the prize bag we got a hat, a water bottle, and a measure tape with a flashlight and a chain to put on your backpack. The lab we went into had the exact time for Ottawa. It was really cool!

World Hepatitis Day

July 27 2016

My dad brought my sister and I to City Hall for World Hepatitis Day. We first went in line to get delicious beef hamburgers, which they also served us some tomatoes and some carrots. I also took a frozen water bottle. Then we went to get a stamp paper were you have to go to all 10 stations and get them to stamp your paper and you’re entered for a draw to win some prizes. So we got some stamps, and we also played a Jenga game with questions that are related to Hepatitis C. My question that I got was “How to you get the Hepatitis C disease?” (I may have forgot a bit of the question) and my answer was if you share the same needle. I also learnt that you get it if your blood touches someone else blood like if you get in a fight or if you get tattoos. As a prize for figuring the answer, we got freezies! I chose orange and my sister Rose chose red. They were the “AC” of the outside to beat the heat.

Then it was time for the draw. We won two coupons for two free frozen yogurts, and a beauty basket with all sorts of stuff from Shoppers drug mart.

Nature Museum Science Night 2016

May 5 2016

My dad brought my sister Rose, my friend Faye, her grandfather, and her sister Zoey, and me to the Museum of Nature for their Science Night. We visited many rooms, and learned many things. My favourite one was Jurassic Jeapordy. They chose three people from the audience, and played the normal kind of Jeapordy but it was dinosaur themed. The three contestants were Adam, Alester, and A       . A.       Won at the end. Each contestant won a coin, and the next place was a pin and the first place winner also got a fossil. Second place was Alester

Poutine Fest 2016

April 30, 2016

We went to buy some poutine at the Spark Street Poutine Fest 2016. Like last year, we searched for the Fritz Stone poutine, because it was only for 7.00 dollars, but it was the TV show Flintstone themed. We first bought one to see if we could finish it, but I knew we would, so we went to buy another one. I got one and my sister got another.  It was delicious! It had french fries with gravy and a touch of cheese!

Then we went home.

MakerSpace Program 2015

November 8 2015

Erica (a friend of my mom) invited my family to go to the Maker Faire at Lansdown park. Erica said that there would be a bus waiting for us to pick everyone who would have time to come to the event. We went on the bus, and arrived at the park. Then, my mom bought a ticket, and we went in. The fee for kids under 12 is free, so luckily we don’t need to pay.

We saw a lot of cool things, and we also made a thing that would flash, and we could attach to our shirt. We also saw the Roblox station (it’s my favorite online game) and they gave us pins, and a code that we could redeem for 100 robux! I was sooo happy, I couldn’t wait to redeem it! We also saw robots, and there was this goggles you would wear, and you would see the world in minecraft, like you would see the world! It was really cool and creative!

We also got silly puddy from the Library Station, and also cards from different coding places.

Despicable me 2

My dad brought me sister Rose, my friend Amy, and I to Cineplex theatres for Community Day, which was on October 24 2015. We chose to watch the movie Despicable me 2, which starred Minions! When the movie was over, we had to wait for my dad, who was watching Fast and Furious. I also saw Jake, who used to go to my school but went to gifted. I was just one point off!

Inventor Fuzzywig’s workshop 2015

Tuesday August 4 –  Friday August 7 2015                    9:00 am – 12 noon

Day 1 – Tuesday August 4  (FIRST DAY)

My dad brought me and my sister to the PineGrove Bible Church for a summer camp. It is for kids ages 5 to 12. I was in the BayMax group. My dad signed us in. Then Marmie (a helper) gave me and my sister Rose a name tag with BayMax! We first headed to the portable outside for crafts, and we made a frame with the sentence for the week.

Corinthians 2:17

Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone, a new life has begun.

Then we cut out some gears and a robot and glued it on the frame. Then when time was up, we went back inside for story time. The two teenager helpers told us a story about Macheus and how Jesus changed his life. He a tax collector and everyone didn’t like the tax collectors because they asked for more then they owe. Until one day, Jesus came, but Machues was too short to see him. So he climbed up the nearest tree. Then he saw Jesus come to him, and Jesus said “Let me go to your house. For I will stay at your house.” Now everyone was mad, because Macheus stole money, and it wasn’t fair that Jesus still wants to visit Macheus. So after a few days, they made Jesus die on the cross. 3 days later, he rose from the dead, and stayed on earth for 40 days. Then he went to heaven. Daniel (one of the helpers) explained that Jesus died for our sins. He could have rose up from the cross he died on, but he knew that if he died, he would save us from our sins. Jesus never did sin, but he came down to save us, so we could join him in heaven.

Then after story time, we went outside for games. We played many games about robots, like robots activate, which is Octopus game but with a different name. Then we played stop the bot where everyone except one person who will be the inspector. Then you chose a robot, who will hold the cloth but still part of the circle. The inspector will be at the opposite side of the robot, and will try to take the cloth away. A few more rounds later, we went inside the church to have snack.

We had pretzels, crackers, a marshmallow, carrots,  and some grape, and if we wanted, we could make our own robot. After snack, we did an other song with actions, and then went home!


Wednesday August 5 – Day 2

We started of with an other song and then we first went outside for games, meaning that we were going to have snack first! We played stop the bot again, and then we played a game where everyone sits in a circle, someone is the leader, a and someone is the inspector. The leader does different movements, and the inspector tries to figure out who is the leader. The inspector gets three guesses, and then it’s game over. Then we went inside to eat jello. I didn’t like jello, so I got yesterday’s leftover snack instead.

Then we went upstairs for storytime, and Daniel talked about a kid names Mephilbbosheth and how he was a prince, and his older brother and dad died in war. How one of the nurses were afraid that he would die, so she ran away with him and hid him and took care of him out of the city. But she dropped him by accident and he had both of his feet crippled. Then the new king arrived. He was good friends with the killed prince (Mephibosheth’s brother), and had a promise, that if one of them died, the survivor would be kind the the rest of the family, so he made the guards find Mephibosheth, and brought him to the palace. Mephibosheth was very scared, and thought he would die, but the king adopted him and gave him land, food, and all kinds of riches. The end!

After storytime, we went downstairs and did an other song with The song is called “Change“. Then we went home!


Thursday August 6 – Day 3

We started making some marshmallow creations but there were also other activities. We started a new song called Glory, and did the actions. Then my group went upstairs for story time. They told us about a person, who told others about Jesus. Then a treasurer from a city came to where he lived to learn about him, but he couldn’t because he wasn’t a Jews. So he went home from the desert, very sad. Then, Jesus sent the person who tells stories about Jesus to the desert. He didn’t know why but he went, anyways, and he met the treasurer, and asked him “Do you know what your reading?” The treasurer said that he didn’t, and then the other person explained it to him.

At crafts, we made a robot necklace with those circle thingys you use when your building something, pipe cleaners, and a string. Mine was a skater robot! LOL XD

After the crafts, we went downstairs and outside for games. The helpers got two bins, and split us into two teams, and gave one person at the start of the line a cup with holes. We were supposed to fill it with water and run or walk and put it in the other bin. The first team to fill the other bin wins!

After break, we got to eat our snacks. They gave us watermelon, cantaloupe, and water. Then we sat down and did the actions to the song glory.

Friday 7 Day 4 (LAST DAY!)

My dad brought me and my sister back to the Pinegrove Church, located near 2144 East RD Acres by car. My sister went to the memory verse lab to memorize the verse of the day. I didn’t because I don’t usually have time to memorize the verse. As for the last day of VBS, they bought lots of hot dogs and hot dog buns  for the BBQ at the end of the day. My dad let us stay for it. We first started off with PROFESSOR FUZZYWIGS! He said he created a wonderful invention, called a “water retainer device”. The invention was actually a cup though! And he said to poke a whole on the bottom of the cup and drink it from there! But Daniel drank it from the top, and professor Fuzzywigs was very impressed! We sang and did the actions to the song “Totally transformed”.

Then Marmie dismissed us and we first went upstairs for storytime. Sheldon (the other helper) told us a story about a person named Sol, who believed in God but thought that the stories about Jesus were fake, and thought that killing them was right and what God wanted him to do. So he killed everyone who believed in Jesus, but one day, in the desert, on his way to the last village, a bright light appeared, and that bright light, was Jesus. But the light was so bright that Sol was blinded. Sol thought that he should return home, because he met Jesus, meaning that he was real, and because he was blind, he couldn’t travel any further. So he went home, and then and old man who believed in Jesus and God came to him. Sol asked why he came to him, because everyone was afraid of Sol and that he would kill them. But the old man came to him, because God told him so. Then, the old man made his eyes open, and now, Sol was not blind anymore! So he went to travel, but not to kill people, but to tell others about how Jesus changed him.

After story time, we went outside to play games with Hannah, the game helper. We played a new game called red light green light. One person is it, and everyone else goes in a horizontal line. When the “it” person shouts green light, everybody tries to get to the other side. But if the “it” person shouts red light, he or she turns around to see if anyone is moving. If someone moves, they go back to the start till someone gets to the other side without getting spotted.

For snack, we got a plastic Ziploc bag with different sorts of cereal and some pretzels. They also gave us watermelon and cantaloupe, and also some honeydew! It was very tasty!

After snack, we headed to the outside portable for crafts. We made a maze with a box, and in the box was a maze. We had to use straws and glue them to the lines in the maze, and when we were done, they would give us a marble.

Then for the end, we did the song Glory and got out maze and they even gave us loot bags! Mine has the big kind of bar of Coffee Crisps. It is my favorite chocolate bar! I also had a pencil with an eraser and some silly bands. I also got a mini notebook.

As for the BBQ, I got a beef hotdog and some carrots, juice, and all dressed ruffle chips! Then we went home!

Chamber Fest 2015

July 29 2015   1:00

Today my dad brought me and my sister to City Hall because the Chamber Fest was there. They were a string quartet but they also did rapping and pop. They played many wonderful songs, and different types. Mexican, Pop, Rock, and Classical. I liked the Mexican one best. The string quartet was also very funny! XD Then we went to the library. (Continued in the next post!)