Alice’s Sleepover 2017

July 28-29th

We went to Alice’s house at 6 pm, and the first thing she did was hug us to death. She was going to Broadview, so it was the most likely last time I would see her. She gave us a tour of the house, and she had an outdoor salted pool, an outdoors fire pit, and a secret room where you pull a book then push the bookshelf to a room that her step-father uses as his office. He was a lot of computers and he even has a 3D printer!

We were the last ones to arrived except for Grace, who had to come late because of some reason. Alice had invited Deniz, Adalia, Grace, and me and Rose. Then we went to the nearby park to wait for Grace to come, because we didn’t know when she would arrive. We played on the swings until the pizza came, so we ate the pizza and then play in the living room. We played on her keyboard, and played chess while spamming texts to Grace asking her why she wasn’t there. She eventually arrived at 7:30 telling us that her parents literally TOOK HER OUT TO DINNER after waiting for her father to come home. So then we went to changed into our swimsuits and went to play in her pool. Her pool was FREEZING COLD! It wasn’t heating, but everyone just jumped in. After I was cold, so I went out after Rose and Adalia had.

Then we changed into our pajamas and went outside to roast marshmallows. I made three good ones and purposely burnt my last one because it looked like a torch if you put it on fire. Then we ate cake at 9:30. NINE THIRTY!? Ya. She also opened the presents. We gave her 24 kinder eggs. Her step-father also gave us a Ouijas board to play with in the basement, where we were sleeping. We got bored because it wouldn’t move. So we started talking all the way till 11:30, then planned to steal the candy from upstairs that Grace and Adalia had given to her for her birthday. We stole the candy at 1 in the morning, and started watching movies and tv shows on netflix. She had a tv in her basement! Two actually! One for the x-box and the other for the wii. We played on the wii in the morning, but now we watched Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn, and also Sanjay and Craig. At 4 in the morning, we watched the first movie of the Hunger Games, and then we went to sleep while Grace and Deniz stayed up. After one hour of sleep, Deniz and Grace started trying to make us wake up saying that “one hour of sleep is enough!!” and mixing water and shampoo together to put on other people’s legs. But we ignored them telling each other that they will fall asleep, and we will annoy them then. 🙂

I had three hours of sleep when I gave up on trying to fall asleep, and I watched some tv while other people slept. That’s when I noticed at 8 in the morning, Deniz finally fell asleep. I took a picture on her cellphone so she wouldn’t forget. She even said she would stay up and pull an all nighter, and that we had to wake up at 9 so we could do something all together. You know what she did? She skipped breakfast and just slept until she had to go, and even when her dad came down, she was still sleeping.

For breakfast we had pancakes with syrup, and then went back to the basement to play on the wii. We played Super Mario Smash Bros Brawl and Super Mario Kart. I like using Kirby and Peach. 🙂

Then we went home.


Alice’s sleepover

August 6th 2016

We finally arrived at Alice’s house. We put our presents and played Minecraft Hunger games with Alice and Grace! Grace was the first one there. Then we went to the park and played 4 square and two rounds of Mothia. After we got bored so we went back to Alice’s house and met Deniz. Then we went inside to watch a bit of the new movie “The secret life of pets”. After about 1 hour later, we went to make a craft. Alice bought masks and we got to decorate them with feathers, flowers, and string/ribbon. Since the normal liquid glue dries very slowly, we used glue guns instead. I accidentally touched the hot glue with my left finger, so I went to wash it with cool water. Alice also had a dog, a pug, to be precise. His name was Nelson or Nellie (Grace called the dog that!).

After making the masks, we ate dominos pizza. There was actually Hawaiian pizza! I ate two slices of Hawaiian pizza and drank water and Sprite, and then we waiting a while so we wouldn’t be too full to eat their homemade cake. During that time, we played on our electronics again! Alice’s mom called us to eat the cake. But before eating it, we got to decorate it! I added a cherry, and put dibs on that slice of cake. Eventually

Grace’s 11th Birthday Party

July 10th 2016

Grace invited my sister and I to her birthday party! We first went to her room and talked about stuff (randomness) and then went downstairs to watch Zootopia on Netflix. For the first time (ahem, daddy?) we watched Zootopia, which is a really good and funny movie. Then we made some slime with glue, laundry detergent, and food colouring. I put purple and blue which made a light blue. But when you  mix the colours, it looks really cool. After making slime, we watched Disney Channel, and then we ate pizza! There was pepperoni and cheese pizza. I took cheese pizza, and then we ate cake! It was the ice cream cake we ate at my own birthday party. World Class Chocolate. My favourite part of the cake is the ice cream on the side.

Then we watched Disney again, and decided to go to a park to play capture the flag. My team won!!! Then we got our loot bags with candy inside!

Deniz’s Birthday party

April 9, 2016

My sister and I were invited to our friend Deniz’s birthday party at Extreme Trampoline in Kanata. We registered in and got some red socks with some white parts that are there for safety reasons. We got to watch Hotel Transylvania 2 till it was time to jump! We got to go to the dodge ball court, foam pit, and the main jumping area, and the basket ball court.

My favorite place was the dodge ball court  because I love dodge ball. We were going to jump for 1 hour and then eat. It was really tiring and sweaty. Alice and Silia were injured but luckily it wasn’t that bad. There were a total of 9 people not including the Birthday Girl.

For dinner, I ate 4 slices of pizza, two slices of the cookie cake (a soft cookie with whipping cream around it), and some water. I was really full. Deniz didn’t open her gifts in front of us, but we got our loot bags. Inside our loot bags, there was a minion pen and notebook, minion glasses, a chocolate bunny from Perdy’s Chocolatier, and a Surprise bag from Ardene. Inside my surprise bag, I had some white socks, some blue socks, some sunglasses, some glow in the dark DIY bracelet elastics, and a scrunchie.

Then we went home!

Amy’s lazer quest party

December 21 2015

We were invited to Amy’s birthday party. We played a round of Zap (squirt). Then we started playing. Both rounds were solo. But the first round, it was just Amy’s party. I won 3rd. The second round had more people. I ended up being 14th. We then headed over to the party room. I got 2 slices of pizza, ate some cake, and washed it down with some nestea. We got a 2 for 1 coupon. So the next time we came, we could play 2 rounds for the price of one.

Horseback Riding B-Day Party 2015

Sunday October 25 2015

My sister (Rose)and I were both invited to Alyssa’s Horseback Riding Birthday party. As you know, she is turning 10 years old, which is very important, because it’s a decade! April and Adalia were already there. April said that she arrived to the Riding School at 12:00, so she was the earliest, but she was bored! Because the birthday girl was late, we couldn’t wait for her to start. So we went into the equipment room to get helmets, and then we got our horses. Mine was named Buddy. He wasn’t really a good listener, but I still liked him! We walked our horses in a circle, and when Alyssa and the other late people got their horses, we went outside and finally, we could go on our horses. Buddy didn’t stop when I wanted him to, but at least he followed the horse in front.
Then the teenager helpers made us line up so we would have a turn to trot on the horse. I guessed that Buddy was a little mad, because in line, he bit the other horse’s eye. So they made him go out of line, but luckily I still got a turn to trot!
It was food time! But, for the horses first. Alyssa’s mom bought carrots for the horses. Since Buddy couldn’t get any for some unknown reason, Adalia was kind enough to let me help her feed her horse. Her horse was Tralala! What a funny name! I really liked that horse. It was really gentle.
Finally, it was food time for us! We got pizza, popcorn, fruit, vegetables, and drinks. Adalia was so hungry, she drank 4 box of orange juice! I drank Iced Tea. Then we had the pinata. I got pens, erasers, and of course, candy!!!
My dad then came to pick us up, so we got our loot bags, and headed home!

Limerick Forest 75 Anniversary

October 4 2015

My dad brought my whole family to Limerick Forest for their 75th Anniversary. When we got there, we got walking sticks made out of pine trees, or Cherry trees. I took the stick that was a little red, because those were Cherry trees and they fit my name, Cherry!

Then we went on a 20 minute horse ride. The guide explained about how travelers used the forest, and disasters. The forest never had any wildfires, but they think they are ready for one. Because they have lakes around the forest, and a pump for more.

After the ride, we went into line for food. In the line, we found Nancy, and Margaret. Nancy goes to my school, and Margaret is her sister. They are both girls, and I think that they both are smart.

For lunch, we got corn, Lays (chips) and a choice of Sprite, Water, Or Diet Coke as a drink. I chose coke. Then I took a look at the animals “Little Rays Repiles” brought as a presentation. Then we went home.

Fun Haven Party

October 4th, 2015

My friend Diana’s birthday was today, and my sister and I went to Fun haven to celebrate. We were late, so  we got our bracelets, gave the gift, and chose a stuffed animal!? I guessed that a few things have changed since the last time I came. The party went upstairs to eat. I ate 2 slices of cheese pizzas, drank some apple juice, and slurped in the ice cream swirl. The pizza is really cheesy!!

For the ice cream, I put candy. We had the choice to put 2 different kinds of candy. I chose the candy that looked like dentures, and sour candy. It tasted really good! Then Diana opened the presents. She was really excited when she saw the present we gave!

Then we got our card. It had 250 tickets (to buy stuff) and 10 dollars (to play games). As for our bracelet, it would let us play Bumper Cars, Lazer Frenzy, and the Playground for free! It really pays to be a guest at a birthday party.

I was disappointed that we were so late that we couldn’t play lazer tag, because that’s the reason why I like to go to Fun Haven. But that’s life!

For our loot bags, we got a stuffed animal, a certificate for it, and a Fun Haven Bag. I tried the game where you use this “hand” to get a ball. But the “hand” at the last second. So

Fishing, and 2 Birthday Parties!

Today was June 11 2015 and it was the day for my first time going fishing! Faye’s mom (who is my friend) gave my mom 2 fishing rods. But we only used one because the other one didn’t a pole float and hook. We got a worm and a hook and started! My sister went first. But still no luck. But I was busy eating hot dogs! When I was done, Rose can back to shore and gave me the rod. She came back because she was hungry. My mom gave her a hot dog and orange juice from the people who hosted the event that bought the juice from MacDonalds. I didn’t know how to fish. So my mom asked a gentleman to teach me. He told me when I was walking in the water, I should keep the hook with the worm attached out of the water. Otherwise the worm will die. Then he taught me how to cast. There’s a button on the handle and you press it so the string doesn’t release more string. The you swing it till the rod it in front of you and release the button. But you do all that in a row, FAST. I can make it go far away!  My mom was very excited that I could do that! Then I caught one fish! But it escaped before I got it out of the water on my way back to shore. After a about 25 minutes, I CAUGHT AN OTHER ONE! It was small, but who cares? So they asked for my name because I caught one and I got a medal! Then I let it live. I ate an other hot dog and we went to Zicheng’s birthday party. We ate jello and food, then we played his X-Box. When it was 5:50, we ate the cake and left for Grace’s birthday party. When we got there, I played with their dog. Then Grace introduced everyone to everyone. After that, we headed to a park that was near her house and played Man hunt, I WAS IT! Jack was the winner! We played a few more times and then went back so Grace could open her presents. But GET THIS! Henry gave the exact same bugs bunny coin! But we also gave 25 cents Canadien flag ones. One for herself, her sister, and her brother. So when I told Grace that it was also for her sister and brother, Lily (her sister’s name) shouted “HEY GRACE PASS ONE OVER HERE!”. So Grace gave her one. Then we ate the chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins which was delicious! We watch the movie Maze runner but it was violent so her mom said we should watch “My neighbor Totero”. But man, was it funny! For our loot bags we got Trident gum and milk chocolat. We could get how much we wanted and because I loved that chocolate so much, I took a handful!

April’s Birthday Party

April’s birthday party wasn’t a normal party. She is a funny person and her birthday is in April. Her birthday party was at Rainbow Cinema at Orleans. We were 30 minutes late but luckily the movie Sponge: Sponge-bob out of water started at 4:30. When we got there, we had cake, but since before we went to the poutine fest and bought some, I was full, so I gave my part of the cake to Grace. April and Alyssa wanted the strawberry, so I said to cut it in haft. So April said Alyssa gets the leaf part and she herself gets the strawberry part. But since it was just a joke, she cut the strawberry in haft, and took only one part. Then Grace smudged cake on her face. April’s dad thought it was funny so he took a bunch of cake and smudged it on April’s face saying “Birthday tradition!” Everybody laughed. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt so I tried to stop. At 4:29, we took our seats and got our popcorn, candy, and drink. We watched the movie and after it, we went back to the room and April opened her presents. The reason why April invited us was because she went to Lily’s birthday party and opened the present we gave her. And she really liked it and so we came to her birthday party and gave her the same thing. In our loot bags there was a balloon. Alyssa filled hers with air and let all the air go out. April’s dad told us to hold the edges of the top of our balloon which made a cool sound! So we did it all together and it sounded very weird. Then my dad came so obviously I had to go. But I found it very fun and funny! 😛 April is very funny, so if you see her, I suggest to quickly get something that will stop you from laughing because she will make you laugh very hard.