Fishing Camp 2017

July 5, 2017

My sister Rose and were registered for a two day Fishing Camp at Cass Hill Conservation. We get a free rod, hook, weight and all, free lunch provided, and an awesome spot to fish! For the first day, I didn’t catch anything. For lunch we had subway cater our food, and cookies for dessert.

July 6, 2017

This time, I caught four fish. The biggest one I caught was a Redhorse fish. The others were a bit smaller. For lunch, we had pizza and timbits.

We Day Canada 2017

July 2nd, 2017

At parliament hill, there was a special We Day organized specially organized to celebrate Canada and how Canadians helped around the world. There were performances from Lilly Singh, Hedley, The Barenaked Ladies, Chris Hadfield, and speakers like Margaret Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, Marc and Craig Kielburger, and even Rick Hansen! It was very fun.

Canada Day 2017

At Canada day this year, my family went to Major Hill park. We ate some ice cream that Chapman’s gave out. They put a cone and some ice cream, which you could have caramel or chocolate sauce on top. I chose not to.

Then we played a trivia game, where you spin a wheel for a topic that they ask you a question about, and if you answer it, you win a prize! The category was sports, and the question was: Which team won the most Stanley Cups? 1) The Canucks 2)The Rangers 3) The Bruins or 4) The Canadians. I chose Canadians and it was the correct answer! I decided to get a quiz pack, where it had questions about Canadian History.

After, for lunch, Rose went to get a beavertail, then we went to Rideau Center which was PACKED full of people. I bought a small poutine, and we also had trouble finding a spot to eat. We found an empty spot without chairs, but we had a table. Then the person next to me left, so we got a chair, and we also found another empty chair.

Then after lunch, we went outside and got into a traffic jam made out of people. Once we got out, we decided to go to City Hall. There, we visited their exhibition with a large quilt. It was very big but a nice ombre of all the colours.

Woodroffe Graduation 2017

June 27, 2017

At school, it was our graduation. I’m graduating from grade 6, which is the last grade at our school, Woodroffe. First, we marched into the gym, where our parents were sitting. Everyone was clapping. Then we sat down on our chairs. Mme Monik, our Vice-Principal who is retiring, gave the introduction, then she called up Mme Megan, our principal, to say a few words. Mme Megan is our new principal at our school, but she already fit in. She gave us an inspiring speech and tips of how to continue in our journey through life. Next, Mme Monik starting calling up individual students for their graduating medal and certificate. They started with 6A, my sister Rose’s class, continued with 6B, my class, and ended with 5/6A grade 6s.

Then they started with the awards. Rose won the Academic Award. It meant that she had good grades in every subject, and worked her hardest. Deniz and Ahmed received the Sports Award, meaning that they not only participated in house leagues, but also played well and had very good sportsmanship. Next up was the Academic and Sport Award. I won that award and so did a boy named Cameron. It was to award the students that not only did well in academics, but also participated in sports and did a well job. There was also Best Improvement Award, Valedictorian Award, and Principal’s Choice award.

Then, my class performed two songs. Round dance, which I played bells, and Sonatina in G major, which I played the piano on, and the class assisted me.

After our performance, they started playing the Baby Pictures. Basically, all the students sent in a picture of them as a baby, and a picture of them in the present. Then you would try to guess who the baby was. It was very fun! My favourite one was the first picture, of Yoyo. It was him as a smiling baby with his dad. My picture was one with my Rose, my twin sister in it too. It was very obvious, because it was just us in the photo and we’re twins.

Then we started marching out to gym 2, where the refreshments were. There was lemonade, and vanilla or chocolate cake. I got some lemonade, which was very tasty, and some vanilla cake. I hated the icing so i just gave it to my mom.

After, it was picture time! We took a group photo with my fellow besties, and also with my teacher. Mr.Claveau, my grade 5 teacher that retired also came because he promised it, and so did Mme.Marielle, who was our student teacher this year.


Ottawa Rhythmic Gymnastics Club 2017 Summer Gymnestraeda

June 25, 2017

Today at gymnastics, we had a performance at out club. I had four routines to perform. The first one was called Enchanted Forest, which was made by my Friday coach, Iana. The second one was a duo, with my sister Rose. The last performance before the 15 minute intermission was a dance choreographed by Keiko, my Sunday coach. It consists of three apparatuses. Ball, which I chose to do, ribbon, and clubs. I did ball with Jaqueline, who used to be a provincial, Eva, Helen, little Alison (we have two Alisons in our club, and both of them are little) and Claire. It was called Columbus’s Egg (XD), and it is one of my favourite routines.

During the intermission, I bought myself a cupcake. It had strawberry icing on top even though it was white. I found it very sweet and tasty. But this year, our club didn’t have the silent auction. Last year I liked the emoji keychains that they auction off.

My last routine, which was performed second last, was called Circle of Life. It is my other favourite routine. Of course, it’s the song from Lion King. The routine was originally Mikayla’s, but people liked it so much, the provincial coach, Olga, decided to make it into a group routine for all the Competitive Groups. They really liked the dance line that was in the routine. It was funky but cool. Whenever Mikayla performs it, everyone does the dance line with her. We wore these Hawaiian skirts, with a lei that circled around our bun.

After the show, every gymnast went on the carpet and we took a group photo. During that time, they handed out roses, and presented Sing, our head coach, and Keiko a photo of the club and the frame had notes and signatures that gymnasts made. But what was funny was that after the show, Keiko’s broke so they had to make another one.

Then we went home. 🙂

Ongals K-Comedy

June 16, 2017

My father brought me to Shenkman’s Art Center for a K-Comedy performance. They are called the Ongals. It was very funny. They were dressed up as babies, and they played with their toys, but then they would add tricks, and sometimes pranks. My favourite part was when they had a volunteer go up, and then one of the Ongals had a whip. So they put a stick to the volunteer’s mouth, and the Ongal was going to try and whip it broken. He had glasses on, but to make it more “cooler”, he took them off and put a black cloth around his eyes. They also put a cloth around the volunteer’s eyes, to make it more scarier. When the Ongal was going to hit it, the other Ongals removed his cloth, the whipper whipped the stick, and then the other Ongals put his cloth back on. But the volunteer thought he actually did it, and so he was very happy. But you can imagine the audience’s laughter!

Carleton Sports Day 2017

June 7, 2017

As our graduation field trip, all the grade 6s at Woodroffe got to go to Carleton University for a sports day! On the bus I sat with Alice and Chloe. Then when we got there, we were separated into three groups. I was put in a group with Grace, Ariyo, Wyatt, Yoyo, Sylvie, Lily Reedman, Madeleine, Deborah, Nathan, Danika, and other people that I forgot.

We played TCHOUKBALL, LACROSSE, RUGBY, FENCING, and went swimming. My favourite part was the all-you-can-eat healthy buffet. My counselors told us to drink water and eat a vegetable before eating dessert. I drank a cup of lemonade with ice cubes (ice cubes=water, lemonade=lemons+water) and I took a cupcake, some potatoes, some chips, some carrots,tomatoes, and I had atleast 3 cookies & cream ice cream cones. They were very tasty!

My favourite sport was swimming of course. I got to go on the rope, where you swing then jump into the water. I also went on the diving board which I did a front flip and a pencil jump on. Laura, the gymnast in grade 6, did a back flip and it was super cool! I also went down their slide, which was pretty small but it went very fast so it was also super fun! Last but not least, I went down the first tower. You could jump, but you had to do a pencil jump or it would hurt. It was so high, I was really scared, and didn’t want to go off. But I did it and the scary part is that you never know when you’ll touch the water because your eyes are closed! Then, it was time to leave. We were late a bit but it was a really fun and tiring day!!