Baseball Summer 2017

August 24 2017

My sister and I came to baseball just on time for the play offs. We won our first game, but today was the game to decide whether we would play for gold and silver next week or for bronze. I got to play rover for the first three innings, and I started batting after the next three innings. My job as rover was to catch the balls that the batters hit very far. We play 6 innings in total with 5 strikes and no balls, because your coach throws the ball for you to hit but another child plays the pitcher to catch the flyballs if there are any.

We played a really tough game. For example, the first three batters would be out before touching the first base. At one innning we got some sort of jinx,


Solar Eclipse 2017

August 21, 2017

We went to Carlton University because someone was handing out solar eclipse glasses and letting everyone check out the solar eclipse, and this year Canadians could see 61% of it happen! The next time it will happen is in 2040. The sun looked like a gold sphere, with a black circle going in front of it. It was slightly to the bottom, which was the reason we couldn’t see the full eclipse.

Gracefield Open Doors 2017

To get the Gracefield from my house, it takes 1 hour and 29 minutes, according to Google Maps. They had a open doors, and my family never went to camp before, so we decided to check it out. When we finally got there, they gave us a program of what would happen during the open hours, 10am to 4pm. First we had our lunch, that they gave us. There were hot dogs, chips, and drinks. For dessert they had gelato, the flavors vanilla and strawberry. The strawberry flavour had a really strong taste, and the vanilla was super classic, the taste was just inside.

After lunch, we explore the whole camp. They had a beach, a sand pit, a tent place, a rope course, an archery station, and other cool stuff! We explored their beach, and then went to the rope course. You had to walk on the rope and balance on it using the trees the ropes are attached to and the ropes that are hanging from the trees or from the rope above the course. Speed is also important, but you first need practice.

We got to taste some Inuit food, like moose meat and wild berries smashed to create a jam. There was also this bread that was slightly fried, which tasted pretty similar to the one I normally eat, though it was drier. It started drizzling after so we hung out in their tent before heading back to check out their planned activities.

We could canoe on their beach so we rented a canoe, some life jackets, and paddles for free. It was our first time canoeing but we watched people do it a bunch of times. It required a lot of strength, which made me super tired but it was fun! I was in a boat with my sister, and my dad. We gently bumped into the shore sometimes but we managed to control it easier as we learned how to use the paddles more efficiently.

RCM piano test

August 19, 2017

At a church, I had a piano test for level six. The test representative’s name was Sylvia, but the tester was named Susan. Both were super nice. First I started with technicals. There were scales, major, minor and melodic. There were formula scales and chromatic scales. After was the triads, broken and solid, major and minor. There was also arpeggios, major, minor, dominant, and diminished.

Then she moved on to Etudes and Repertoire. For my Etude songs I had “Dancing Scales” and “The Gears of a Wheel Watch”. For my repertoire songs, I had “Aria in G Major”, she started testing me on my ear training. She tested me on my sight reading, chord progressions, clapbacks, chords, and intervals. After the last interval, I was done!


Summer Chinese School

My father registered me to go to Summer Chinese School. For the last day, instead of the normal tests and stuff, we had a party. We watched a movie called: “The door gods” and we also had chips, ice cream, and oreos. We could also play on our tablets or i-pads. I played Minecraft on my friend’s i-phone.

Alice’s Sleepover 2017

July 28-29th

We went to Alice’s house at 6 pm, and the first thing she did was hug us to death. She was going to Broadview, so it was the most likely last time I would see her. She gave us a tour of the house, and she had an outdoor salted pool, an outdoors fire pit, and a secret room where you pull a book then push the bookshelf to a room that her step-father uses as his office. He was a lot of computers and he even has a 3D printer!

We were the last ones to arrived except for Grace, who had to come late because of some reason. Alice had invited Deniz, Adalia, Grace, and me and Rose. Then we went to the nearby park to wait for Grace to come, because we didn’t know when she would arrive. We played on the swings until the pizza came, so we ate the pizza and then play in the living room. We played on her keyboard, and played chess while spamming texts to Grace asking her why she wasn’t there. She eventually arrived at 7:30 telling us that her parents literally TOOK HER OUT TO DINNER after waiting for her father to come home. So then we went to changed into our swimsuits and went to play in her pool. Her pool was FREEZING COLD! It wasn’t heating, but everyone just jumped in. After I was cold, so I went out after Rose and Adalia had.

Then we changed into our pajamas and went outside to roast marshmallows. I made three good ones and purposely burnt my last one because it looked like a torch if you put it on fire. Then we ate cake at 9:30. NINE THIRTY!? Ya. She also opened the presents. We gave her 24 kinder eggs. Her step-father also gave us a Ouijas board to play with in the basement, where we were sleeping. We got bored because it wouldn’t move. So we started talking all the way till 11:30, then planned to steal the candy from upstairs that Grace and Adalia had given to her for her birthday. We stole the candy at 1 in the morning, and started watching movies and tv shows on netflix. She had a tv in her basement! Two actually! One for the x-box and the other for the wii. We played on the wii in the morning, but now we watched Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn, and also Sanjay and Craig. At 4 in the morning, we watched the first movie of the Hunger Games, and then we went to sleep while Grace and Deniz stayed up. After one hour of sleep, Deniz and Grace started trying to make us wake up saying that “one hour of sleep is enough!!” and mixing water and shampoo together to put on other people’s legs. But we ignored them telling each other that they will fall asleep, and we will annoy them then. 🙂

I had three hours of sleep when I gave up on trying to fall asleep, and I watched some tv while other people slept. That’s when I noticed at 8 in the morning, Deniz finally fell asleep. I took a picture on her cellphone so she wouldn’t forget. She even said she would stay up and pull an all nighter, and that we had to wake up at 9 so we could do something all together. You know what she did? She skipped breakfast and just slept until she had to go, and even when her dad came down, she was still sleeping.

For breakfast we had pancakes with syrup, and then went back to the basement to play on the wii. We played Super Mario Smash Bros Brawl and Super Mario Kart. I like using Kirby and Peach. 🙂

Then we went home.

Toronto Trip Going Home

July 24, 2017

Today, we ate muffins for breakfast and then packed our suitcases because we were leaving. First we went shopping at supermarkets, where we bought mangosteen, dragon fruit, and other stuff, but those two are worth pointing out 😛 .  and then we went to meet my uncle’s friend. We went to this Banquet Hall to eat our lunch, but I didn’t like their food there because it tasted too fancy and icky. Then we continued our shopping at Costco and other supermarkets. Then we started going home.

Toronto Summer Trip 2017

July 22, 2017

We left for Toronto at 8:15 in the morning. It took about 1 hour to get to the 1000 islands for a boat tour around the islands. There are actually 1800 islands, but it depends on the qualifications of different people because some might say if it is separated from any other land, it is an island. Others might say an island must have atleast two trees. Some might say it needs one tree. So they just called it 1000 islands just to be safe. On the tour, we passed Boltd castle. A man named George C. Boltd was a millionaire, and he decided to use his money to build a six story house with over 100 rooms for his wife, Louise. But during the construction, Louise suddenly died, and he left the place due to the sadness of his loss. More about the history here.

Then we went for lunch at the EnRoute station. The place was very crowded, but we were very lucky to have found a parking spot. We bought KFC food because the other lines were very very full.

When we got to Toronto, we first went to my dad’s old classmate’s friend’s house to eat our dinner. We had chinese food bought from some chinese people operated store, and some mango and iced tea to drink. Then we went to Cherry and Rose’s house, which is my dad’s old classmate’s daughters. My sister and I were named after them. They had adopted a dog, and the dog kept licking and smelling us, but it was a very smart dog. It would listen to instructions well, like if Cherry’s mother put a treat in front of the dog, and said: “Wait”, the dog wouldn’t eat it until she said “Go”. The dog would also bark to warn them that he has to “go”, and then they would let him out to do his business.

We finally went to my mother’s friend’s house, which was where we were staying at.

New Brunswick Trip || Day 2

July 17, 2017

Today, my father brought us to Hopewell rocks, which was where the Bay of Fundy was. The Bay of Fundy has the highest tide in the whole world. It was $25.50 for a family (two adults and two children) and with a student (my cousin) for $5.50, an adult (my uncle) for $8.50 and a senior (my grandmother)for $7.50  We went there when it was low tide, so we were allowed to walk on the sand. Then we left to see the Confederation Bridge. It took about 1 hour to get there, but it was worth the view. It was a long beautiful blue bridge, from where we were. After taking pictures, we went back to Hopewell rocks, and arrived there at about 7:00 pm. At that time, is was at high tide, and we couldn’t even see the sand where we were standing! It was super cool. Then we drove a 2 hour drive back to our hotel.

New Brunswick Vacation 2017

July 16, 2017

Today, in the morning, we took the car to New Brunswick’s St-John. When we got to St-John, went to Hartland’s longest covered bridge in the whole world. We did have to walk the whole way, but it was worth the view. The bridge was only a one lane bridge because it is 100 years old, and in that time, there were only horse-driven carriages, which were less wider. Then we headed to Reversing Falls during its high tide. It was very cool. After, we went to where we were staying for three days, Best Value Inn.