Technovation @ Shopify

March 21, 2018

Today we went to shopify, and we learned how to make a pitch video, and some more about marketing. Also, a quick long note, there was also mac and cheese balls, which were really good!

So first, we had a presentation about a woman named Kimberly who started Funcakes, and how she started her business. Believe it or not, she actually rents the cakes. They are made of styrofoam, but the outside is real.

Then we had a presentation about making a pitch video, so making sure the video isn’t boring, and that the audience knows about what we are making or what our app is.

We also started making our logo, but that’s a secret…


D.I.Y Ice Cream

Want to know how to make ice cream? No machines needed!

-15ml of sugar
-A tablespoon of salt
-A tablespoon of white milk
-2 Ziploc bags
-1 teapoon of vanilla extract
-Chocolate syrup
-Ice cream toppings

-A container of at least 750ml
-A spoon
-Gloves or mittens

Here we go!

  1. Put the sugar and chocolate syrup or jam in the first ziploc bag
  2. Pour the milk into the same ziploc bag
  3. Add the vanilla extract
  4. Mix well
  5. Put the ziploc bag inside the 2nd ziploc bag
  6. Make sure you remove all air inside the two ziploc bags, and close shut
  7. Put the ziploc bags inside the container
  8. Add snow inside container until full
  9. Pour salt on top of the snow
  10. Close the container and mix until snow melts away
  11. Remember to add extra salt if snow not melting quick enough


Toronto University Tour

March 15, 2018

Today we went to Toronto University to have a tour of their campus around King’s College. I seem a bit young to consider universities, (keep in mind that this was my father’s idea) but as the tour guide said, the early bird gets the early worm!

Our tour guide’s name was Nish, and she is an undergrad student who will graduate this year. She explained that she loved Toronto University and hoped to share that love with us by becoming a tour guide. The funny part was she said she had two reasons why she was a tour guide. The first one was because she was being paid, the second one being her love and enjoyment she experienced during her years at U of T.

We toured many places, my favourite being one of their many gyms. It was a building consisting of, of course, a gym, but also a physiotherapy, and a massage place on top of the gym. And, of course, a study spot where you can watch the students play gym while doing your work on a countertop.

After the tour, we went to Sidney hall to eat. Being me, I chose the 5.99$ poutine which was very delicious, except for the aftertaste of flour?!

Kanata Cup 2018

March 10, 2018

Today, we went to Kanata to compete for the Kanata Cup. I was going against my own twin sister, Rose, for level 5 ball. My routine is very simple, so if I catch everything, I’m guaranteed at least a medal.

We arrived at Kanata at 1:30, so that we had time to stretch and to practice until 3:20, which was the time of our competition. Jeniffer and Arielle were competing for level 4 rope, so they had arrived earlier. We started stretching and then after we finished, we practiced our ball techniques that didn’t require high ceilings, because our training area had a low one. It is only until our carpet time, where we are given 5 minutes on the carpet to review with our competitors, and then we have 2 wide strips of carpet to practice on. When time finally came, we went into the gym and practiced on the carpet. I was going second, so I hadn’t had much time, but the person that was going first hadn’t had any either.

It was finally my turn. My coach reminded me to smile, and then I went on. I was so happy because I didn’t drop anything, so I had a chance at a medal. Because Rose was supposed to go after one more person, I stayed and watched her from the entrance to the carpet, and I saw that she did really well. She ended up being first, and I tied with someone else for third. It was really good though, since we had a group routine and no one was going against us, so I was guaranteed a gold, and so bronze was good because I got a different colour. For my score, I received a total of 4.000. Rose had gotten 5.200. My difficulty was very good, but I have to improve on execution.

For group, we actually caught our exchanges and our individual throws, except for some fumbles, and we got a score of 1.500. It’s actually pretty good for a group of 4 people doing ribbon, as it is the hardest apparatus.

Basketball 2018

March 1st, 2018

Today was the first basketball competition. We’d have to get first in order to advance to another tournament. Us, the putman puma’s, were very excited. Our first game was against D.Roy Kennedy, and thank goodness we won, by a couple of points. Then we went against Pinecrest, which we won again. Then we had a break where we ate our lunch, but not a lot so that we wouldn’t get cramps.

Then finally, we went against Merivale, which we lost. But what was funny was that 3 teams were tied for first. Merivale lost to D.Roy Kennedy but beat everyone else, D.Roy Kennedy lost to us but beat everyone else, and we lost to Merivale but beat everyone else!

Shopify Technovation Meeting

March 14, 2018

Today at Shopify, we learned how to prototype our app, how we deliver our app, and how to connect with those that are using our app (users).

First, we went to eat food! There was cookies and meat, and also other types of dessert.

Then we received a presentation about customer values, key activities, your business plan, and prototyping our app, which was my favourite part. During the presentation, we got to discuss how we would deliver our app so that we can earn users, and also how we would earn money. After we got a UX phone, where you insert a piece of paper into it and draw on it, so that you plan out how your app will look like.

Winter Activity Day 2018

February 27, 2018

Today we went to Mount Pakenham to snowboard, ski, or do the WOW program. I did snowboarding with Adalia, Daniyal, Caitlyn, Zachary, and Jackson. Since we are snowboarding for the 2nd time, we decided to go do the star test right away in order to be eligible to go on the ski lifts. We all passed on the first shot, compared to last time… Heh…

Then we went on a ski lift and decided to go down the Snow Runner hill, which was the 2nd hardest our of the 3 hills we could go on. But to be honest, it was really fun, and somewhat easy (sometimes). At the end, there is this pretty steep hill that looks hard and dangerous, but it’s the best part of the whole mountain. I went down that one a couple of times, until my lesson.

My lesson was at 12 o’clock, which isn’t great because we have to leave at 1:40 and return our rentals before 1:30, and I also didn’t eat yet so I had to eat, which meant I couldn’t go down any more runs. So after the lesson where we learned how to turn swift turns, I went inside the lodge to eat! I bought poutine, a cherry slushie, a cherry airhead, and some fries. 🙂


February 21, 2018

We went to IBM this time to learn about the budget and how we use and spend our money. You need to know whether your app will have a one time download purchase, in-app purchases, have donations, or have advertisements. We chose advertisements and donations, because our app is an app to show cheap recipes, and you wouldn’t want to pay to access to those information that you have to spend money on to save money. We also started our survey so that we know what others would expect and to learn information that we might not know to help grow our app.

Winter Activity Snow Day

February 15, 2018

As a school trip, we went to Mount Pakenham for a trip. I decided to try my luck with snowboarding. Lucky for me, my class got to go on a coach bus, which was an advantage over the normal buses with storage. Once we got there, I got my rental items, and went to my lesson as a beginner.

First, we learned how to attach our boots with our snowboard. You first attach the larger strap, and push the black lever until you can’t push it anymore. Then you do the same with the second one. Then our instructor also taught us how to climb a hill and snowboard with one foot.

Then we moved on to a large hill to practice controlling our snowboard. After we mastered it, we could “audition” for the star. The star meant you can use a snowboard well enough to snowboard by yourself. After many tries, I finally got my star, so then I had to go to station 7 to learn how to use the lift. Since the instructor didn’t have a helmet, we had to go with a random adult that knew how to ski or snowboard properly, and I was stuck with a boy from my school and his father. But I managed to get to the end of the lift, and I went down the easiest hill.

After, I went inside to buy myself a delicious poutine, and I also bought a slushie because it was boiling hot in my fluffy coat.

Technovation Thinking Workshop

February 4, 2018

We went to design thinking workshop to help think about our problem. We did an empathy list where you have four categories. Think, Do, Feel, and Say. So you write down what a user that will use your app think, do, feel, and say. Then in the center you draw them, and give them characteristics. It’s easier to think of the problems they could have, and that way you know you should find a solution.