Chinese Heritage Center PK

May 27, 2018

Today I went to the Chinese Heritage center to perform a ribbon duo with my sister. It is a talent show that is judged by judges. We were first as we had training after. I think we did pretty well at that time.

After we went to training, we came back to the Chinese Heritage center to pick my mother up, and she told us we came first. We received a nice trophy and a water bottle as the prize.


ORGC Asian Heritage Month performance

May 5, 2018

Today at the Quebec City Hall, me and three other girls did a rhythmic gymnastics performance with ribbon. It all went pretty well, but one of the girls who had to arch at the end fell down so everyone laughed. It was very funny!


After the performance, there was food in the performers room. The organizer of the event also specially bought us some snacks!


September 16, 2017

To mark the almost one year anniversary of me having braces, they made me get an x-ray as a sort of progress report. Then they took off some of my brackets to move them somewhere else, which would hurt more. They also gave me a rainbow elastic which is you hook the elastic on the bottom hook, then bring it to the top two front teeth, then hook it to the right bottom hook. It looks like a rainbow at least.

Govenor General Sample Tastes

September 23, 2017

Today at Rideau Hall, the governor general had a lot of stands set up where you could taste a lot of delicious food. From honey samples to apple cider, we tasted a lot of delicious snacks and cakes. My favourite ones were the apple cake with butterscotch jam and the St-Albert’s cheese curds with cinnamon.

They also had a band playing and you could also tour the building, but since we already did it before we didn’t.

Summer Chinese School

My father registered me to go to Summer Chinese School. For the last day, instead of the normal tests and stuff, we had a party. We watched a movie called: “The door gods” and we also had chips, ice cream, and oreos. We could also play on our tablets or i-pads. I played Minecraft on my friend’s i-phone.

Woodroffe Graduation 2017

June 27, 2017

At school, it was our graduation. I’m graduating from grade 6, which is the last grade at our school, Woodroffe. First, we marched into the gym, where our parents were sitting. Everyone was clapping. Then we sat down on our chairs. Mme Monik, our Vice-Principal who is retiring, gave the introduction, then she called up Mme Megan, our principal, to say a few words. Mme Megan is our new principal at our school, but she already fit in. She gave us an inspiring speech and tips of how to continue in our journey through life. Next, Mme Monik starting calling up individual students for their graduating medal and certificate. They started with 6A, my sister Rose’s class, continued with 6B, my class, and ended with 5/6A grade 6s.

Then they started with the awards. Rose won the Academic Award. It meant that she had good grades in every subject, and worked her hardest. Deniz and Ahmed received the Sports Award, meaning that they not only participated in house leagues, but also played well and had very good sportsmanship. Next up was the Academic and Sport Award. I won that award and so did a boy named Cameron. It was to award the students that not only did well in academics, but also participated in sports and did a well job. There was also Best Improvement Award, Valedictorian Award, and Principal’s Choice award.

Then, my class performed two songs. Round dance, which I played bells, and Sonatina in G major, which I played the piano on, and the class assisted me.

After our performance, they started playing the Baby Pictures. Basically, all the students sent in a picture of them as a baby, and a picture of them in the present. Then you would try to guess who the baby was. It was very fun! My favourite one was the first picture, of Yoyo. It was him as a smiling baby with his dad. My picture was one with my Rose, my twin sister in it too. It was very obvious, because it was just us in the photo and we’re twins.

Then we started marching out to gym 2, where the refreshments were. There was lemonade, and vanilla or chocolate cake. I got some lemonade, which was very tasty, and some vanilla cake. I hated the icing so i just gave it to my mom.

After, it was picture time! We took a group photo with my fellow besties, and also with my teacher. Mr.Claveau, my grade 5 teacher that retired also came because he promised it, and so did Mme.Marielle, who was our student teacher this year.