Bike Rodeo

May 27, 2018

Today we went to the Bike Rodeo near Walmart, where we did obstacles on our bikes. It seems easy but is very hard. At the event, they had a barbecue, free bike tuneups, bike clothes giveaways, and a lot of fun stuff.


Carlton University Science Fair 2018

May 16, 2018

Today we went to Carlton University to look at a huge science fair. There were two rooms, one for the student’s science fair, and the other for company information stuff. We went to the one with company information stuff, where people from Parks Canada, Students on Ice, CFIA, and more put on displays for others to learn more.

The second room had science fairs made by students. Topics differed, from crypto-currency blockchains, to planting plants in groups of 3-8.

Longfields Badminton Competition 2018

May 15, 2018

Lucky for me, I made the badminton team this year. We went to Longfields Davison High School for the tournament. I was partners with my sister, Rose, and we were both on court 4. As a coincidence, our old friend April, who goes to Fisher, was also on court 4. Sadly, we (also coincidentally) didn’t go against her, as there were 7 teams but we could only play a maximum of 5 games. We loss to D.Roy Kennedy and to Longfields, but won against Pinecrest, Merivale, and Meadowlands. It was a very fun day!

Technovation Live Pitches 2018

May 12, 2018

As this nerve-racking day approached, I carefully practiced my part in the live pitch. My team, the rainbow unicorns, made an app named Recipeazy. Users can download the app on an android device, and make an account to view cheap, easy, and healthy recipes, and, if they wish, they can also contribute their own. We, (Me, April, and Rose) were very excited, as this was our first live pitch.

Our pitch started at 1:20. It went pretty well, and when the judges asked questions, I find we answered them decently enough. At 3:00, the presentation in the auditorium started. We learned the jobs of three women who are in STEM, who were interviewed by one of the senior division winners of last year. Then, they announced the finalists, and we were lucky enough to be one of them, from the junior division. So that meant we had to pitch again, but unlike last time, we had a large crowd. It did go well though, and we ended up receiving third!

Kiwanis Festival 2018 (DUET)

April 24, 2018

Today was another nerve-racking day. It wasn’t as bad as the day before, as I was already use to the environment, but the threat of forgetting how to play still hung over my head. I did try making myself more confident. I knew I had practiced a lot, and also if, by any chance, we fail, 50% of the blame would be on my sister, Rose, the person I would be doing the duet with. The song we were playing is Sonata in B Major, by Mozart. It’s a very nice and energetic piece.

We ended up being the 4th to play. I would rather be 2nd, because that way I wouldn’t be first, but I wouldn’t be last, and I could get over with it quickly. I don’t think we did anything very bad. We got 2nd out of all 5 groups, which is very good, with a score of 92! The 1st place ensemble received 95 points.

Kiwanis Festival 2018 (SOLO)

April 23rd, 2018

Today was a very nerve-racking day. I can’t say that I succeeded, as I ended up not reaching top 3, but I think I did a very good job. If you don’t know, the Kiwanis Festival is a competition for piano playing. I was entered to play twice. A solo, Sonata in G major by Beethoven, and a duet with my sister, Sonata in D by Mozart, which is a four hands one piano piece.

The competition was held at St-Mark’s church. I was going against 6 people. I did pretty well on my piece, but still, there was much to improve. My opening chord was not the sound it had to be, at one measure I speed a little, one part my right hand had to be more obvious, and one part had to be more staccato. If you weren’t top 3, you didn’t know your rank, but I got 85 points.

Putman Pride Day 2018

April 13, 2018

(NOTE: It was friday the 13th)

Today was Putman’s first pride day! The whole event was organized by Equality Alliance (EA), a club organized by teacher Mrs. Leblanc. I was very excited, because not only did we have fabulous shirts with our Putman pride flag on the front, but we won a grant from a SpeakUp project, so with that money we invited the Canadian Center for Gender and Sexual Differences (CCGSD), but since they came for free, we bought a ton of large Costco cakes with the letters of PUTMAN printed in rainbow. We also held Change for Change, a small contest between classes for who could bring in the most change. The winner class would get an ice cream party.

We started the day off with an assembly where Jeremy Dias, the founder of CCGSD told his story, which was very entertaining because his mother was very strict but funny person. Lucky for him, his parents accepted him as gay, but sadly, his schoolmates didn’t. His story was mainly about people bullying, but the worst thing was his teachers, even his principle, did nothing about it. Soon later, he sued the school and won his lawsuit, which is the 2nd largest lawsuit (or something like that) ever won. With the money, he founded the CCGSD, and his school got upgraded.

After the assembly, we had recess, and then we had workshops. The classes who didn’t have the workshop had a wellness class. My class did some meditation and drew some Mandela Zentangles, which were very fun. After it was our turn for the workshop, and luckily, we got Jeremy Dias instead of the other volunteers. He answered our questions for the rest of the hour.

Then it was lunch, where EA had a potluck. There was bread with butter, meat, cheese, chips, fruit, and other junk food. It was super fun and delicious to eat!

Finally, for the last block, we had another assembly, where we presented the larger version of the flag, and then had many slideshows and speeches. Since it is Friday the 13th, something had to go wrong. The video, which was one of the best parts, wouldn’t play, so that was the bad part. But the nice part was that we got cake!

Adobe Technovation Workshop

March 28, 2018

Today we went to Adobe to have a presentation about our market plan. Since we are in the junior division, we didn’t need one, but the information they included was important. They talked about making a market plan, and the components needed, so like, the money you earn, and the money you spend, how you’re going to populate your app, etc.

They also had drinks we could have. :p

Technovation @ Shopify

March 21, 2018

Today we went to shopify, and we learned how to make a pitch video, and some more about marketing. Also, a quick long note, there was also mac and cheese balls, which were really good!

So first, we had a presentation about a woman named Kimberly who started Funcakes, and how she started her business. Believe it or not, she actually rents the cakes. They are made of styrofoam, but the outside is real.

Then we had a presentation about making a pitch video, so making sure the video isn’t boring, and that the audience knows about what we are making or what our app is.

We also started making our logo, but that’s a secret…

D.I.Y Ice Cream

Want to know how to make ice cream? No machines needed!

-15ml of sugar
-A tablespoon of salt
-A tablespoon of white milk
-2 Ziploc bags
-1 teapoon of vanilla extract
-Chocolate syrup
-Ice cream toppings

-A container of at least 750ml
-A spoon
-Gloves or mittens

Here we go!

  1. Put the sugar and chocolate syrup or jam in the first ziploc bag
  2. Pour the milk into the same ziploc bag
  3. Add the vanilla extract
  4. Mix well
  5. Put the ziploc bag inside the 2nd ziploc bag
  6. Make sure you remove all air inside the two ziploc bags, and close shut
  7. Put the ziploc bags inside the container
  8. Add snow inside container until full
  9. Pour salt on top of the snow
  10. Close the container and mix until snow melts away
  11. Remember to add extra salt if snow not melting quick enough