Swimming Notes

Starting a competition: Breast stroke

When they say go:

  1. Go in water
  2. Push off wall
  3. Do one dolphin kick
  4. Arms push water down
  5. Start breast stroke


September 16, 2017

To mark the almost one year anniversary of me having braces, they made me get an x-ray as a sort of progress report. Then they took off some of my brackets to move them somewhere else, which would hurt more. They also gave me a rainbow elastic which is you hook the elastic on the bottom hook, then bring it to the top two front teeth, then hook it to the right bottom hook. It looks like a rainbow at least.

Camping Trip

September 7-8, 2017

My mother’s friend invited all her university friends to camp at her barn. It was a countryside type of landscape near Perth. We left at around 3:00 pm and got there at 4:00. There was a guy who had a volleyball so my brother made me and my sister play, and soon my dad also joined. At the end my arms and hands were red, but it didn’t really Then we set up our tent outside and then at 5:00 we started eating. There were people there that served homemade mashed potatoes, jiaozi, turkey, applesauce, and bread.

Then there was a skit thing where they introduced their family in their skit which was very funny. They had another skit where they had this landlord who took every single penny that the people who rented his houses had, but then he was robbed and he didn’t have a single penny. The people to rented his houses later earned more money, and gave some to him, and from then on they lived happy and rich. The last skit was a girl named Dana, and she told a story about her life how at one point she got depressed and started using drugs, but then she stopped later because she knew it was the wrong thing. It was a very depressing skit.

Then after there were skit kits that we could use and perform and written inside was a place, (e.g Graveyard) an object, (e.g Gun) and a problem you have to solve (e.g Zombies). My favourite one was there was a grandma at a family reunion and she was very crazy. She was shaking all the time (that was how they acted it out) and she wasn’t talking properly. One of the people at the reunion had an yellow umbrella and she put it over the grandma’s head, then  she stopped. After the lady took it off, and the grandma continued, so they stuck her hands onto the umbrella and so the grandma changed back to normal. After the skit kits they had a huge campfire, where the children did dangerous things like put huge branches with leaves and take them out. Eventually the adults did stop them. We also found sticks and they gave us marshmallows to roast. Then we went to sleep.

The night was very very hard to sleep through, in fact I didn’t sleep a wink. The wind was rough and the rain annoyed all of us. Eventually I did fall asleep, and luckily I got enough.

In the morning we had toast with butter, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, bacon, and juice.

Survivor Day

September 29, 2017

Survivor day is a whole school day where classes go against each other at five of the six stations possible. Each class has a team chant, song, name and poster. My class is 7C, and we had a few options. We could go with Pirates of the 7 seas (c’s), the 7C savages, or the 7 sea narwhals (those were the top three names). We all voted on the 7C savages. Our team chant was also our song, and it went to the music of Ulitimate. It went like this:

(intro of music)
We are savage and we’re here to play!
Watch us rock survivor day!
You will see we’re higher than average,
(Shaheem’s rap we can’t understand because we can’t hear him even if we’re right beside him)

We are savage and we’re here to play!
Watch us rock survivor day!
You will see we’re higher than average,

Then it is done. We were called down to the assembly at around 9:50, but before we went down Zachary came up with some bangers that we used. In the hallway, everyone was chanting their class name, so it was super noisy.

At the assembly, everyone did their chant. My favourite one was the 8D year olds. They had a mini skit where the funniest part was one girl imitated an old person and said, “All you youngsters think us seniors forget everything. But I found something we don’t forget! It is, uh… I FORGOT!” and everyone started laughing. Then Mrs. Wallace, the gym teacher told us all about Survivor Day. In order to win, you have to be enthusiastic, have sportsmanship, and have a good team name and chant.

Then it was recess………

The first station we went to was Everybody IT tag. It is similar to fireball, only without balls. If you touch at the same time, you do rock paper scissors shoot, and winner gets to stay up. Once the person that touched you is down, you can get up. I just stayed in the corner and defended myself, but sometimes I lost.

Then it was time for capture the football, where you try to capture eight footballs in total. You start with four, and you try to run into the other team’s side and take their footballs, one at a time.

The next station was Charades, that was pretty easy. We always guessed the word, and so did the other team. We even finished early, so we had 15 minutes to play outside. We also got some bananas to eat.

After it was Lava Walk. You are given a limited amount of supplies, and try to get to the other side without touching the ground. It was super fun, because you needed a strategy and sometimes people would fall, which would make it even harder to win. When we won, the other team still had a handful of people to get across, so because of the sportsmanship part (or not) we cheered them on.

Then it was lunch time. My mother ordered a hot dog and a chocolate milk for Survivor Day from the school, and it was really delicious!

The last station was four corners soccer. We had two corners and the other class had two corners. In each corner there is a cone you have to protect, and there are four balls on the field. You try to kick the cone down with the ball to win, but we didn’t keep track of points.

Then it was the second assembly. All the classes did their chant again this time, and then they announced the Survivor day winners. Third place went to a grade 6 class, Second place went to another grade 6 class, and the first place announcement went like this:

“First place goes to 7D!”
You couldn’t really tell if it was 7 B,C, or D. We thought we heard B, but 7D and 7B started cheering, then noticed it was 7D. But then Mrs. Wallace said she made a mistake, because 7D was right before the real winner. That was when we thought the 7C Savages had hope, and it was actually us, the 7C Savages who won Survivor Day. Our prize is an ice cream party that will be held later in the warmer months. YAY!

Govenor General Sample Tastes

September 23, 2017

Today at Rideau Hall, the governor general had a lot of stands set up where you could taste a lot of delicious food. From honey samples to apple cider, we tasted a lot of delicious snacks and cakes. My favourite ones were the apple cake with butterscotch jam and the St-Albert’s cheese curds with cinnamon.

They also had a band playing and you could also tour the building, but since we already did it before we didn’t.

Bug Day 2017

September 9, 2017

Since my father’s English ain’t that great (psst don’t tell him I said that 😛 ) I thought it was BARK day, but apparently not. So when I got there I was super surprised. We got to see plants and bugs, but not just those that are icky, we saw even ickier ones. We saw moss, and also bacteria that grow on wheat and barley, and similar plants like those.

Thousand words contest 2017

September 9, 2017

At the Capital Chinese School Auditorium, they gave out awards for those who did well aka meee! I got 90.0 exactly as my score. So I won a trophy with my chinese name engraved on it and I also got a 100 dollar prize! With it, I’m most likely going to buy some gum, even if I have braces, some candy, and maybe some delicious Starbucks.

The event was from 2:00 to 4:00, but after 4:00 in the cafeteria there are refreshments like cake and snacks.

Baseball Game 2017 Finals

August 31, 2017

This time we were playing for gold or silver. The team we were playing though, had no girls and most of them looked older than 13 (the age limit to play in the intermediate team) so it is pretty obvious that we would lose. We lost 10+ to 0 but we had some very fancy plays like the time Ella, a girl on our team caught a fly ball and she was playing left field!

So yes we did lose and we got silver, but Kyle, the umpire and the organizer of the baseball league told us that he would have the rules of atleast two girls on the team and have to be in the age limit for all the levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of the baseball league. After the game we had cake with whipped cream and berries on top, and we also got gatorade. I got the fruit punch flavour. When we got back, there was also food in the kitchen. It looked like a slice of pancake and it had strawberries and whipped cream on top too, similar to the cake.

As a reward for playing baseball, they also gave us tickets to see the Ottawa Champions play baseball!

Pride Parade

August 27, 2017

Our head coach Sing invited all gymnasts to come to participate in the Pride Parade. We arrived there at 12:30, when the parade starts at 1:30. We were supposed to walk with the sign that said Canada Rhythmic Gymnastics. We also had ribbons that we would do little tricks with while walking.

At one point, Nina and Gabby decided to do some tricks because a few people wanted us to show them. It was very funny because all of a sudden everyone started screaming their heads off. It was very cool!!

At the end of the parade there is a street with tents set up with information booths about the LGBTQ community and the companies that support them. A lot of stores like Independent had the rainbow flag displayed on the doors too.