RCM piano test

At a church, I had a piano test for level six. The test representative’s name was Sylvia, but the tester was named Susan. Both were super nice. First I started with technicals. There were scales, major, minor and melodic. There were formula scales and chromatic scales. After was the triads, broken and solid, major and minor. There was also arpeggios, major, minor, dominant, and diminished.


Then she moved on toEtudes and Repertoire. After the two Etudes and the three Repertoire songs, she started testing me on my ear training.


Summer Chinese School

My father registered me to go to Summer Chinese School. For the last day, instead of the normal tests and stuff, we had a party. We watched a movie called: “The door gods” and we also had chips, ice cream, and oreos. We could also play on our tablets or i-pads. I played Minecraft on my friend’s i-phone.