Pride Parade

August 27, 2017

Our head coach Sing invited all gymnasts to come to participate in the Pride Parade. We arrived there at 12:30, when the parade starts at 1:30. We were supposed to walk with the sign that said Canada Rhythmic Gymnastics. We also had ribbons that we would do little tricks with while walking.

At one point, Nina and Gabby decided to do some tricks because a few people wanted us to show them. It was very funny because all of a sudden everyone started screaming their heads off. It was very cool!!

At the end of the parade there is a street with tents set up with information booths about the LGBTQ community and the companies that support them. A lot of stores like Independent had the rainbow flag displayed on the doors too.


Baseball Summer 2017

August 24 2017

My sister and I came to baseball just on time for the play offs. We won our first game, but today was the game to decide whether we would play for gold and silver next week or for bronze. I got to play rover for the first three innings, and I started batting after the next three innings. My job as rover was to catch the balls that the batters hit very far. We play 6 innings in total with 5 strikes and no balls, because your coach throws the ball for you to hit but another child plays the pitcher to catch the flyballs if there are any.

We played a really tough game. For example, the first three batters would be out before touching the first base. At one innning we got some sort of jinx,

Solar Eclipse 2017

August 21, 2017

We went to Carlton University because someone was handing out solar eclipse glasses and letting everyone check out the solar eclipse, and this year Canadians could see 61% of it happen! The next time it will happen is in 2040. The sun looked like a gold sphere, with a black circle going in front of it. It was slightly to the bottom, which was the reason we couldn’t see the full eclipse.

Gracefield Open Doors 2017

To get the Gracefield from my house, it takes 1 hour and 29 minutes, according to Google Maps. They had a open doors, and my family never went to camp before, so we decided to check it out. When we finally got there, they gave us a program of what would happen during the open hours, 10am to 4pm. First we had our lunch, that they gave us. There were hot dogs, chips, and drinks. For dessert they had gelato, the flavors vanilla and strawberry. The strawberry flavour had a really strong taste, and the vanilla was super classic, the taste was just inside.

After lunch, we explore the whole camp. They had a beach, a sand pit, a tent place, a rope course, an archery station, and other cool stuff! We explored their beach, and then went to the rope course. You had to walk on the rope and balance on it using the trees the ropes are attached to and the ropes that are hanging from the trees or from the rope above the course. Speed is also important, but you first need practice.

We got to taste some Inuit food, like moose meat and wild berries smashed to create a jam. There was also this bread that was slightly fried, which tasted pretty similar to the one I normally eat, though it was drier. It started drizzling after so we hung out in their tent before heading back to check out their planned activities.

We could canoe on their beach so we rented a canoe, some life jackets, and paddles for free. It was our first time canoeing but we watched people do it a bunch of times. It required a lot of strength, which made me super tired but it was fun! I was in a boat with my sister, and my dad. We gently bumped into the shore sometimes but we managed to control it easier as we learned how to use the paddles more efficiently.

RCM piano test

August 19, 2017

At a church, I had a piano test for level six. The test representative’s name was Sylvia, but the tester was named Susan. Both were super nice. First I started with technicals. There were scales, major, minor and melodic. There were formula scales and chromatic scales. After was the triads, broken and solid, major and minor. There was also arpeggios, major, minor, dominant, and diminished.

Then she moved on to Etudes and Repertoire. For my Etude songs I had “Dancing Scales” and “The Gears of a Wheel Watch”. For my repertoire songs, I had “Aria in G Major”, she started testing me on my ear training. She tested me on my sight reading, chord progressions, clapbacks, chords, and intervals. After the last interval, I was done!


Summer Chinese School

My father registered me to go to Summer Chinese School. For the last day, instead of the normal tests and stuff, we had a party. We watched a movie called: “The door gods” and we also had chips, ice cream, and oreos. We could also play on our tablets or i-pads. I played Minecraft on my friend’s i-phone.