Quebec City Trip 2017

July 15, 2017

Because my uncle and my cousin came to Canada, my father decided to bring my grandmother, my uncle, my cousin, my sister, my mother, and me to Quebec City and New Brunswick.

We went to Quebec City’s city to check out their city. We saw artists selling their masterpieces, we saw restaurants, and also went by the Quebec City festival.

The best thing we did was go to Montmorency falls. It costed 12.05 to park a mini-van, but everything else was free, except for the concession stand. We didn’t go above the falls, but below. There were a bunch of mini falls too, and we took pictures of them. A lot of other people also built some inukshuks. I had crocs on so I went feet-in into the cool water.

At the end, we bought a small blue raspberry slushie to let my cousin, HongMing, taste.


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