Dentist May 2017

May 16, 2017

Today I went to the dentist because two of my brackets fell off. It was the top, left, farthest brackets that came off. The orthodontist fixed it, but also changed the wire and changed my power chains.

Image result for power chain<—- This is a power chain

And she took off about half of it and changed it into the normal ones.

Image result for normal braces <—— Normal Braces


Ottawa Children’s Festival 2017

May 11, 2017

At school, we have a free time bus. We earned 2 hours of free time, and with it, we got tickets for the Ottawa Children’s Festival. We took the OC transpo to the Ottawa University, and played at the park for a while. Then we walked to the theater to was a play.

The play was called I on the sky. Tickets were 10$. It’s about a woman whose husband, father, mother and sister died. She’s the only one left, and she has to deal with life. I really liked the play because it was mostly about body language, and it really was inspiring.

Then we took the city bus to the war museum. We walked around and bought a lot of food to eat. I got a pretzel, a slushie, and some churros. We toured the place and noticed that there was a Luminarium, which we also had tickets for. It was 5$. From the outside, it looked like a bouncy castle, and its width looked like a castle courtyard. We also found an activity where they had a wall made out of lego, and we could also make things out of the billions of lego they had. Since the line was long, we didn’t go inside. Alice and I also went to a exhibit about poverty and justice.

Then it was time for us to go inside the Luminarium. Turns out we were wrong. It was a large structure, not jumpable, for relaxation and mediation. It was actually really comfortable, and in some parts of it, it had sounds that were meant for you to relax. There were many cool designs on the ceiling too. The whole Luminarium was powered by air.

After our turn was the turn of the other half of the grade 6’s (it was a grade 6 field trip but because of our free time, we got to go) and so Alice and I walked around. I also got an ice cream with two scoops of Cookies ‘n Cream on a waffle cone. Then Alice bought some shortbread that we shared. We bought it because the lady gave us a sample and it tasted good.

Woodroffe Basketball 2017

May 1, 2017

My sister and I had to wake up early to be able to go to school early,because we had a basketball meet. We were to go against Knoxdale, Broadview, Meadowlands, and Carlton Heights. Our coach was Mr Millen, who really wanted us to have fun and win, and he was not disappointed when we lost. Our team had three shifts. The first shift was the most powerful. It was:

Deniz (center), Alice, (left) Me (right), Rose (right defense) and Suhur (left defense).

Second shift was:

April, Grace, Erica, Mariana, and Adalia.

Third shift was:

Emily, Sylvie, Raneem, Kate, and Jaclyn.

We lost Broadview and Meadowlands, tied Knoxdale, and beat Carlton Heights, But we were tied for third, so we went against Knoxdale a second time at finals, and we won! So we came overall third. I scored a lot, and assisted a lot, but I think we all did very well.