Swimming Classes

Swimming notes.

While doing breast stroke, you have to glide. Your arms have to be straight, and you legs are symmetrical.

Eggbeater, knees are bent to make circles as large as you can, and feet have to be flexed.

Scissor kick, knees stay straight and you swim on side. Knees don’t cross. They touch/meet and then they go back and you keep doing that.

Back crawl: Feet have to kick out of water, and your palms face outwards. Bend your arm and pull the water behind you. The flags at the pool signify 5 meters before touching the wall, so count how much strokes before your head hits.

Fliping in water: Don’t open your mouth, and blow bubbles through your nose.


Braces 2017

April 18 2017

Today, my sister and I went to our orthodontist to tighten our braces. The data/chart of the colour:

1st time starting from January: Pink and Green
2nd time from March: Purple
3rd time from April: Metallic Purple

With braces on for the first day, it hurts a lot and you can barely eat. Mostly I’d recommend rice, soup, or really soft bread that you barely need to chew, and for the next days some soft snacks could help.

Deniz’s Sleepover

April 15, 2017

My sister Rose and I were invited to Deniz’s sleepover/birthday party. When we got there, only Grace, Sylvie, Lily, and Alice arrived. We gave her our presents, which were a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a rare 2015 pack of coins. We dropped off our sleeping items upstairs and then Adalia arrived. Enough people came to start, so we started searching for eggs in Deniz’s room and the bathroom. The group with the most eggs win. I was with Alice, and since we were an un-even number (Deniz’s hid the eggs so she couldn’t find them), Lily had to be a single group. Grace and Adalia found the most eggs. Lily came second, Alice and I came third, and Rose and Sylvie came last. Prizes were the eye masks for when you sleep, notebooks, and chocolate for the grand winner. I got a Tsum Tsum decorated notebook.

Then we went downstairs to eat, and Olivia came just in time! But before, Deniz opened her presents. She was very happy to receive the chocolate we gave her! But Adalia topped that off by giving her every single Maynard candy! Deniz was very generous to share some with us.

For dinner, we had cheese pizza, but since Lily was vegan, she had made her own vegan pizza. We also had drinks and I drank some Brisk. After finishing our pizza, we got to decorate two cupcakes which I only ate one of! Deniz and her mom had made the cupcakes and they were quite delicious!

After dinner, we headed upstairs and talked for a long while about random stuff. We also played truth or dare

Law Day 2017

April 4, 2017

At school, two lawyers came to talk about their job. The next time that they would come, we would roleplay being in court. The story of the role play:

Vlad and his son, Chad, have just come from Buckstahoeey, where you could borrow something from your neighbor without asking. When you took something, it would be polite for the owner of the item to protest. Vlad’s new house, had a pool. He wanted Chad to feel just like all the other people so he asked Chad to borrow a hose from their neighbor, Jerry Redcap. Jerry saw Chad taking his hose and went outside to protest, but then Chad pushed him gently, not knowing that he fell.

Minutes later, the police came by just to check to make sure everyone was okay, it was part of his shift’s job. He saw that Chad was a teenager with a purple mohawk so he was suspicious. He asked the neighbors and sure enough, Jerry told the police officer that Chad had stolen his hose and he had pushed him and he fell. Edna Mudpie, the other neighbor always does her gardening and by chance saw what had happened. She didn’t see Chad and she didn’t see the reason why Jerry had fallen, but she still knew a bit. Chad was handcuffed and since he nor his father spoke english, he didn’t know why he was taken into custody.

Then the lawyers told us the people who would be in court too, like a Judge, 12 people as the Jury, a lawyer for the government and a lawyer for the criminal. They gave us an idea of what those people do. For example, the Jury are the people who chose if the criminal is a criminal or if they are innocent. Everyone part of the Jury, or all 12 people have to agree that the person is innocent or if the person is a criminal, or else they keep the court going until they are all satisfied. The judge is basically the referee of the whole thing. They decide if a question the lawyers ask the witness or the criminal is useful or if it has nothing to do with the subject. If anyone has a piece of proof, the judge decides if it is a useful proof that can be used against or for the criminal.

I would like to be the lawyer for Chad, because I have many reasons why he is innocent. He doesn’t speak English for one, so he wouldn’t understand anything. In his old neighborhood, he could also take things and borrow them without permission, so it is a normal reflex.

Swimming Classes

(Each Saturday)

At swimming classes, our teacher first makes us stretch our muscles. Then we start swimming. Our teacher would separate the movements so we learn better. (NOTE: My lesson was in Chinese)s:

Breast stroke:
~Practicing our feet (shou fan deng!)
~Practicing our arms (bao jia seng!)
~Doing the breast stroke (the head goes at the deng and seng part)

Front crawl:
~Arms with legs
~Ketchup (Catch up) front crawl with board
~Ketchup front crawl without board

Back crawl:
We haven’t learned the whole thing yet because the lesson isn’t over these are just notes:
Kicking on your back with your arms as a pillow and make your legs kick outside of the water (you need a flat back). Once your knees can kick out of the water for a long period of time, you can start doing the arm movements. Make sure an arm is in the water and the other is out. They should only be in the water for less than a second unless you are tired. If you are tired you can kick slower and your arms can move slowly but they have to be moving or you will sink and it will be harder and more tiring.

Lifeguard Saving Program Dovercourt

March April 2, 2017

At Dovercourt, we have a program where you learn the skills of being a lifeguard. Since today was the last day of the program, we did a bit of fun stuff too. First, we started off with some swimming, to make sure we knew our front and back crawl correctly, then we did some breast strokes. After, we reviewed the dangers and the rules of the sauna, while we relaxed inside. Then we went inside the hot tub and reviewed the rules of hot tubs and if someone is hurt inside a pool.

Now the fun stuff. We did:

~Sitting inside a tube while our instructor spins it and we get dizziness but fun at the same time
~Going on a boat while a fake storm went on and the boat tipped
~Walking on “ice” (it was really walking on mats)
~Getting our reports cards

I passed! I was on beginner, then now I’m officially a rookie! Next level is the Bronze Star.