ORGC Provincial Qualifiers 2017

March 26, 2017

This year, at Ashbury College, the Ottawa Rhythmic Gymnastics Club hosted the 1 Provincial Qualifiers. All provincial gymnasts would compete against each other to win a medal. My mom was a volunteer, and she helped out with the food. Groups from Kanata all the way from Montreal came to compete. The judges mostly were the head coaches of the groups that came. Parents and children could also come and watch if they were a volunteer or if they bought a ticket.

The competition had a lunch break, because it went from 10 to 3 o’clock. Because of that, they separated the competition into two divisions. The younger kids and then the older kids. Before the lunch break was the awards for the younger division. Then it was the intermission. During the intermission, you could go to the Rhythmic Cafe, where they sold small snacks, or browse the gymnastics store where you could buy an apparatus or a gymnastics bag. If you didn’t bring a snack or lunch, the lunch break gave you enough time to go to the nearest store.



Doctor’s Appointment 2017

March 16, 2017

News for you, I’m officially shorter than an average 12 year old girl. At least I have the normal weight, which is most important. My mother is kind of disappointed that I’m short, even though I have her height, but it’s better than the weight part. Here is the information:

I’m 143cm tall (Yes, I am a shorty but I’m still good at sports and stuff :P)

I’m 74 pounds (I think is was pounds I’m not too sure)

And yes, I am below average for tallness but I have average weight. WOOP!!!

Kanata Cup 2017 Interclub

March 11, 2017

Today, my mother brought me and my sister to Briarwood Public School for the annual Kanata Cup competition. We were to perform two routines, our individual (me with hoop and my sister Rose with rope both for level 4) and a group rope routine. We went against Kanata and the Pirouette RG group.

When we arrived, we were both very nervous. We went to do a quick stretch with oversplits, then took our apparatus to practice our routine. We were a bit early, so we didn’t put on our costumes until we had 30 more minutes till it was our time to compete. I took a few glances at the other people practicing and noticed that the girls that were competing against me were really and obviously older than me. That made me even more anxious. But I tried to relax myself and it worked.

I was the second last to compete in the hoop individual division. Before my turn, we had time to practice our throws and masteries that required a high roof, due to the one in the practice room was low. I had practiced everything, so when it came to my turn, my nervousness turned down and I was ready. At the end of my routine, I dropped my trap, but luckily it was the only thing I dropped.

Then we also had a duo, which we completed successfully, knowing that we would come first unless we were disqualified because we were the only ones with a rope duo! All the other groups didn’t have any duo or trio routines. The other duo groups were all first except for the group duo called Waves and the group trio called Dynamic. Waves were first and Dynamic was second because both routines were the same level. But just for fun, the group called Grace (Crystal and Nathalie) decided to have a personal competition with us and to see who would get a better mark. It turns out that we won and beat them by about almost one point.

I was really hungry so I went to their concession stand. Their foods were too overpriced (One bottle of yop for 2 dollars when you could go to the nearby superstore and buy one for one dollars. I was guessing that they were trying to make a profit) so I asked my mom to buy brownies. But instead, she bought double chocolate muffins! I would rather having brownies but the muffins were already good enough. I was really hungry. Lunch was the last food I had and it’s been about three hours since.

It was finally the walk in, for the awards. Crystal, one of my friends and one of the gymnast was the leader, and she led us all around the carpet and sat down. Pirouette RG and Kanada RSG then followed our line but sat down in their own row.

Then they gave the awards. I won first place for both routines, individual and the group duo. Rose won first too for her individual rope routine! It was really exciting. But the best part was that, this year, we won the Kanata Cup again! We got medals and a lot of pictures. As we walked out, we all looked really proud .

Me to We Bake Sale 2017

March 9, 2017

Today at school, was a very exciting day. It was pretty much a normal day, except it had two things. Hot dog day, which only the little kids were routing for, and the Me to We bake sale, which the grades 5 and 6 were happy for. The student volunteers could have permission to leave class for a certain time period to help the Bake Sale and the parent volunteers that were there too. I donated some brownies bought from Costco, which were 50 cents each. Surprisingly, it was all sold out at the end of the day.

My teacher, Mr.Hume already I helped the table that contained my brownies. Beside it were some cookies and some cupcakes, with a muffin of 1.00. The rest were 50 cents. The large cookies that were there really annoyed me, because they smelled really nice and looked crunchy. Even if my braces were hurting my teeth, I still bought one. Like I thought, it tasted delicious and it wasn’t that crunchy. I sold a few brownies, and a lot of cookies, the one I bought too.

Rhythmic Gymnastics In-House Competition

March 5th, 2017

The fifth day of March, meaning the In-House competition of ORGC. Today was supposed to be different, because everyone had to have their hair in a bun, and their costumes in their bad, and their apparatus ready.

I had two routines I was going to compete in. An individual hoop routine, and a duo rope routine with my twin sister, Rose. Our training and stretching time was normal, but we had only one hour of stretching. After over-splits, instead of doing lines to practice our balances and turns, we went ahead to prepare our routine for the competition. But we were only competing against the girls in our club. The judging part was simple. They got some coaches and a few advanced gymnasts that were in the National level to come be judges for our competition. There would be many prizes, for example:

  • Overall Champion
  • Best toes
  • Best turns and balances
  • Best dance lines and music ability

There was a lot more, but those were just a few. The parents started coming in to watch the competition, and Sing, the head coach, started the competition with the free routines. Then they had a small test, taking the girls that Olga, another coach trained. During the test, they would ask the girls to do a few technicals, from bridges to jumps.

Then it was finally my turn. I was really nervous, but got over it as soon as my music came on. I only almost dropped my throw, but caught it before it touched the ground, after taking a small step.

When everyone went, after my duo routine with Rose, the judges went to discuss who won and the prizes went to who, while Sing showed us how to walk in before the competition. She put music on and she used my music for my routine! I did have a feeling she would for some reason…

When the judges were done, they came back in after Olga went to get them, and I got overall for the individual and duo routine!!! I was really happy for that, and that made me more confident for the Kanata Cup that would come this Saturday. More info coming soon!!!


Movie Filming Workshop

February 28, 2017

Today at school, a guy came in to teach us a little about recording and making films.

He brought a lot of his equipment and he is an amateur so his equipment is always cheap and efficient to use. He told us that filming while putting the camera on your shoulder is a bad idea, because it will be bad quality film watching. Your hand will jiggle the screen, but unless you want that effect, you don’t want to film with your hand. Instead, you could use a trolley, or a chair, even a controlled car could work better. Than he showed us a control keyboard that controls the two cameras attached and the transitions you could use that controlled what the camera shots were. So you could mix both of the angles of the camera together with some cool effects the keyboard had.

Then he let us make a stop animated film. Everyone in my class got to draw a line or add up to the line we had on the whiteboard one at a time, while he took a picture of it. We learned that 12 pictures is equal to one second of movie film so we took 84 pictures so the movie was seven seconds. Then we got to do a bigger movie where we get separated into groups, then each group does a 12 picture activity that gets put into a one second shot of the movie, and then we combined all the pictures even the drawing stop animated film, and put them together which made a seven second film! It was short but cool! Then he said he’d send the film to our teacher so he could send it to us so we could watch it over and over again.