Carlton University Chemistry Magic Show 2017

At the Carlton University on February 25, 2017, they had another Chemistry magic Show with hands-on activities. I went with my dad and my sister, accompanied by Zicheng, Ziheng, Ziyi and their mother.

First we went inside to do the hands-on activities. We made ice cream with chocolate milk and cold ice, which tasted similar to the real chocolate ice cream. Then we learnt about dry ice and how cold it is (-196 C) and the effect of it towards fruit and veggies. So when let’s say, a banana get put into a box with dry ice, when you drop the banana after, it will break, just like any other fruit we put in it. We also saw some toothpaste made for elephants, which us humans can’t use because it is toxic towards humans.

Then we went to get the tickets for the Chemistry Magic Show. But a million other people also had to idea to go inside early, so we were left with seats scattered all over the place. My dad found two seats next to each other so I sat there, and he also showed me that Ariyo and his family were there too. The scientists doing the presentations did a lot of blowing up stuff, setting fire to crepe paper, and some cool demos.

After the show, we went back to our car to go home. My ears were still ringing after


Triple-Ball Girls Tier 1

February 23 2017

Daaaang we’re doomed. My team is barely ready for today’s Girls Triple Ball tournament. We were all pretty sure that we would come last because last year the team was way better and they got last.

It happened a day after the boys had their competition and came back with a second place medal after losing to Knoxdale. We have exactly 14 people on our team. Me (Cherry), Rose (my sister), Deniz, Adalia, April, Alice, Sylvie, Laura, Lauren, Erika, Taisiya, Jaclyn, Grace, and Raneem. Our coach, Mr.Hume, brought me, Raneem, April, Laura and Sylvie to Confederation High School, where the tournament was taking place. Rose went with Grace’s mom, so we were on seperate cars.

When we got there, we had 13 more minutes till our first game would happen, so we quickly put on our Woodroffe jerseys, then headed to the gym to practice.

Our first game was versus Knoxdale, but the boys said that the girls team was much weaker. We worried mostly about Broadview because they had a really good reputation. The people on Knoxdale were really good, but we were better. We won the really close game with 26-24. In order to win, you need to beat them by two points and you also need to be the first one to get to 25 points or more. My friends told me that me and my sister played so well, our reputation depended on us. I literally laughed when I heard that.

Then we had a short break to eat a small snack. We were all very excited for the next game, and I was very glad we won our first game. Mr. Hume also told us that if you win a game, you get 1 point, which will determine your winning level. Either first, second, third, or last. So all the games we play would count.

Our next game was against Broadview, and we were all very scared. But after we saw them practicing, we relaxed a little and we started playing. We actually beat them pretty easily! Laura was psyching really well, but she told me that one of her friends were on Broadview’s team and that she couldn’t psych her. But when we only needed one more point till 25, she decided to psych her and then we actually won!

After the second win in a row, we had a lunch break, but we also had a group chat. We told each other that if we win the next game, we have a chance for first place, and for the semi-finals and the finals, if we win those two, we could come home with a gold medal and beat the boys that said we were bad and we sucked! I came up with a good comeback that if we come back with gold, I’d be like “Yep the girls triple ball team does suck. They suck at losing!”

We were then against Meadowlands, the game before the semi-finals, and they seemed to know more than the other teams about Triple-Ball. But we still won the close game! And luckily, we wouldn’t go against them in the semi and finals because they were third place after losing to Broadview, then  winning Knoxdale, and finally losing to us.

In the semi finals, we went against Knoxdale again. At one point, we were beating them by 10 points, so Mr.Hume told us to let them gain some points. But then they started tying the game with a chance of winning! But our friends did well and beat them by THREE points. Mr.Hume then made a wise decision and promised that he would never let that happen again, even if it were 24 to nothing, with us in the lead. We made the finals so now, we had to go against Broadview, but we were guaranteed a medal.

The last game was really really close! They had this much and then they would beat us. We started off winning by three, then they caught up and they were up by five. Luckily, we caught up and beat them by eight and won! We were all screaming our heads off, because it was our first gold medal in at least three years! Mr. Hume let me give out the medals, and we took an image while proudly wearing the medals for the yearbook! It was the first picture in about three years since we got to do the first place because we never won first in one of the girls teams!

At school, when we got back, we were like “Hi we’re back”! And they are like “Okay so what place did you come in. Last? I told you guys suck!” and then me and Jaclyn (Alice wasn’t at school yet because Grace’s car was late and she was on that car) we were like “Yeah sure, we suck… At loosing that is!” and then we showed our medals to them and the boys (because a lot of them said we suck before the tournament) were really jealous because they got second and they said we were really bad at Triple-Ball.

Family Day 2017

February 20, 2017

This year’s Family Day my dad invited my classmate Zicheng and his siblings Ziyi and Ziheng to go with my sister and I to the winter carnivals in Ottawa. The weather was really nice and there was no rain or snow, which made it a wonderful day to go outside.

We first went to Optimist Park in Vanier where we had a few eats from a table they had set up. I got a juice box and there were also some pens for the I-pad. Then a lady offered us to toss at least three balls out of 20 into a small basket and we could win a hat. While I was playing, if I didn’t get the ball in the basket, Zicheng and Ziheng would say “Aww that’s too bad”. I got my third ball into the basket with my last try!  Then Zicheng tried it and he only got two inside the basket. Then I gave him a taste of his own medicine and got him back by saying that it was sad he didn’t get three inside the basket! Rose (my sister) also tried and she got three in before her 15th ball! Then we got some big salted chocolate cookies that we called as salty as our enemy which I will not name or else he may get me back.

After almost finishing our cookies, we went to Overbrook Community Center for their Winter Carnival. We first went inside curious what they had there. Inside, they offered popcorn, and we made some crafts. We made a snowman out of marshmallow (body), sour keys (scarf), candy corn (nose or hat), pretzels (arms and feet), and some icing for the buttons, and the face of the snowman. After we ate our snowman, we got some hot chocolate with some marshmallows inside. Then they started serving lunch, which were hotdogs, beef or chicken. I chose beef, because it’s the one you normally have.

Lastly, we went to Jules Morin park in Lowertown where we went on a bouncy obstacle course. We did that a few times and then we also ate some donuts and timbits and also got some more hot chocolate. They had powdered donuts and brown glazed donuts. I took the powdered donuts because they are most tasty and sugary. I didn’t take any timbits because the donuts were already sweet enough for me. Enbridge was also there to supply some hotdogs, but I only took one since I was almost full from the others.

This year’s family day’s carnivals were really exciting and entertaining, and the food was really delicious, and I hope that next year the food and events will be the same!

Dovercourt Lifeguard Saving Program

February 19 2017

At dovercourt, we take a program where you learn everything about lifeguards and being one.  We practiced our dives, head over water (where you clap the water) jumps, somersaults into the water, and swimming. We did the breast stroke, front crawl, back crawl, eggbeater, and scissor kick. We also learned that when a lifeguard, you have to walk around to find victims. At the end, we got to go inside the boiling hot hottub.


-Head out front crawl
-Egg beater
-Head out jumps
-Scissor Kick
-Sitting somersault into water
-Surface feet first dives
-Leg up treading water
-Lifeguard ABC’s:
A: Airway (check their pulse)
B: Breathing (If conscious, get victim to breath two long and big breaths. If not, CPR)
C: Circulation (Check if cut suroundings has blood surculation (pinch fingers or toes)

-Getting in a hot tub quickly 😛


The first few steps of being Canadian can be read in the following paragraphs:

Ahhhh, I’m finally feeling so… Goooood. I’ve finally re-done the steps of being Canadian this year, so I am officially a real 99.9% Canadian. If you’re wondering, that 0.01% is part genius 😉 The first few steps of being Canadian:


It’s a have to. There are much things to do, from ice sliding to eating beavertails. At the Winterlude, there are ice sculptures you have to take pictures of. They’re are so creative and beautiful!


Simply good! At the Winterlude you can get some, they’re the least 4 bucks, but they’re really good! My favourite one is called Sunset Kilaloe. It’s a beavertail with cinnamon and sugar, and you can add a lemon with it. You squeeze the lemon and it tastes so good!!!


You probably know. 😉 Fries with gravy and cheese curds, then the cheese melts and it tastes so cheesy, warm, delicious, Mmmmmmmm.

Be Canadian:

Don’t you dare sing the USA anthem or else you are NOT CANADIAN AT ALL (unless it’s not for real it’s for showing off your singing skills or something like that) and don’t say a-booo-t say about (courtesy of Lilly Singh 😉 )

So, to conclude, I am Canadian because I went to the Winterlude at Jacques Cartier Park in 2017 and ate poutine and I did not sing the USA anthem so I am officially a 2017 Canadian!!

Winter Carnival 2017

February 16 2017

Ahhhh grade 6, the grade where you do literally everything for the teachers, and it’s actually fun! This winter, you can also be the carnival leader, so I was one with my awesome friend Raneem. We were team number 17, and we had 12 kids from other grades. We had 8 activities, and we did them in this order:

  1. Parachute
  2. Hot chocolate
  3. Tube sliding
  4. Tug of war
  5. Triathlon
  6. Potato Sack Race
  7. Caterpillar Race
  8. Sled Race

At the end of the carnival, there was a dance party and I went with my friends to do some really weird dance moves that laughed our heads off.

Skating At Rideau Canal

February 14 2017

With the kids in grades 3-6, I went to a school field trip to Dow’s Lake to go skating on the Rideau Canal. We could only go up to Bronson by ourselves, but with three parent volunteers, 6A, 6B (my class) and 5/6A were able to go the whole way, only up to 2.3 km left (we started at the end of the canal). It was very tiring, but my friends Alice and Grace and my sister Rose and I were able to stay with the pack, going there and back with a few rest stops. We were all very tired when we got back and started eating our food because we were so hungry!

Dovercourt Learn to Become a Lifeguard

February 5 2017

At Dovercourt, they had a program called “Learn to Become a Lifeguard” where they have real lifeguards whom teach you techniques about Lifeguarding. Our coach’s name was Dawson, and he first asked us to show what we knew so far. So we did eggbeater, back crawl, breast stroke, side kick and he also asked us to glide underwater as far as we could go. We also did some strength tests like treading water, eggbeating :egg: , and seeing how long we could hold our breath for. During the “tests”, he also gave us a few tips so we would learn a few things too.We also did some jumps like diving that I’m improving on.

There is this jump to make your head stay out of the water. You jump, and when you land in the water, you hit the water in front of you and then your head will stay out of the water. But sometimes, the water will splash you because you hit the water, but you can atleast still watch your “victim”.

Sun Yat-Sen

February 5, 2017

My father brought me and my sister to a play about Sun Yat-sen, the Provisional President of the Republic of China. He lead a rebellion group because he didn’t like the effort of the Qing people.

The play had many tears and joy, but mainly jokes. It was really interesting.

At the end, there were small snacks like brownies, chips, and fruits.