Painful Braces

Braces: The last thing you would want to have. Or atleast, that’s what I would. Sadly, us kids have no decision. Like me. It was a lot less painful before the braces, when we had our appliance, (A.K.A Carrier two Appliance). But the name doesn’t matter, does it? When you see braces, you know it’s braces. WHY? Because it’s voted and known as the most painful orthodontist (A.K.A The dentist) so you would pretty much know everything by now, except the precise and the specific detail.

If you don’t want to hear about my painful life with braces, you might as well go somewhere else. I bet someone smart would do so. Go read some jokes if you want. Here’s one link.

So after my looooong boring introduction, you’re STILL reading? Go away! There’s nothing interesting here. Unless you want a painful, scary, throbbing, devastating factual story? Fine. Don’t say I warned you.

So it all started out when we went to our dentist dentist NOT the orthodontist, but the children’s dentist that does your teeth cleaning and X-rays for them to tell other dontists to use. They took our X-rays and were like “They’re teeth HAVE to be fixed. We’ll send them to either one of these two orthodontists”. So we ended up with our orthodontist, the dentist. Before getting us the braces, they gave us the appliance, which was less painful because it wasn’t hurting our whole mouth. Then three months later, they HAD to decide to give us the horrible, aching so-called “treatment”. You’re probably wondering why I put these quotation marks around it. It’s because, it’s so painful it’s more called a torture. It does work, I’ve seen it work. TBH, I’ve seen it work, PAINFULLY.

So let me get to the present. These “things” on my teeth are PAINFUL, they are ACHING, they are THROBBING, SORE, and HURTING. You can barely smile because your teeth are touching and they HURT, so bad, you want to tear them off and throw them away, saying ADIOS to them too. Devastatingly, I can’t. While I’m writing, even when my teeth aren’t doing anything, my poor teeth are literally CRYING because of the torture. Nowadays we can’t even eat POPCORN!!! We can’t because it will break our brackets, but I’d actually rather break them. Hey, no pain no maim.

I seriously can’t wait for my teeth to get used to them. Actually, I take that back. I can’t wait to get my braces off! Anyways. Getting the braces ON, wasn’t THAT bad. They put this thing for your cheeks to get out of the way, and for your tongue to not get the teeth wet so the glue can stick. When they braces were on, I got to choose the colors. I chose screaming pink and extreme green. Putting them together looked like watermelon! After the one hour and a half, one of the dentists gave us a lecture on brushing, flossing, and handling broken brackets and other broken stuff, and telling us what to eat and what not to.