Last Day Before Holidays

December 23, 2016

One more day till Christmas Eve, called the AKA the last day of school before the holidays. For this special day, we first had our normal music class, practicing our songs like Old Macdonald Had a Farm, and Come Follow. We also got the Principal Mrs.Megan and the Vice-Principal Mme. Monik to come listen to our songs. They congratulated us on our effort and also thanked Mr.Hume, our homeroom and music teacher for teaching us music well.

Then we headed down to the gym for our annual sing-along Christmas songs. Then it was time for recess, and we played outside. After the break, we did some english work and then read books. Then we played soccer outside and I scored three goals!

After the soccer game, we went inside and watched “Le grenouille et le baleine” which was a movie in french, but we didn’t finish it. Then it was gym so we played dodgeball and my team won three times!

Then it was time for secret santa after our second break. We got our gifts and a boy named Tyler had me and he gave me a Scratch and Sketch book where you have a piece of wood and you scratch the paper and under it, there is a mix of colors. I gave my person (a girl named Alice) the eight o’clock chocolate mints which apparently she adored!

Then we played songs on youtube like whip nae nae, and I also made them listen to 青春修煉手冊 which is a song in chinese by TF boys, and their reaction: “How old are these boys?!” 🙂


BordenBall tier 1 Woodroffe

December 21 2016

It was finally the day I’ve been waiting for. Today was the tier 1 girls bordenball meet. I’m on the grade 6 shift (obviously because I’m in grade 6) for Woodroffe Avenue Public school. On my grade 6 team, there was Rose (Rosie), Adalia (Dilly), Deniz (DenDen), Raneem, and Laura, who was our goalie. On our grade 5 team there was Kate, Erica, Avery, Lauren, Taisya, and Rachauna, our goalie. On our grade 4 team we had Dana, Sydney, Isra, Carys, and Anita and Stella who kept rotating as goalie.

Our first game was against D. Roy Kennedy. They had really tall players, but we still won by about 5-3. Then we had out break, so I ate some chocolate and drank some water.

Our next game was versus Carleton Heights. In soccer in the last few months, they beat us, so we craved revenge. And guess what! We did! We beat them by a lot! Then we went to use our break we had.

But we actually didn’t have one. Mr. Hume noticed right before we left the gym to our eating room that we had another game, which made three games in a row! So we played against Knoxdale and had a really legit game! We were loosing 5-4 and it was the last 20 seconds. But then when there was 5 seconds left of the game, Raneem got a pass and scored the goal that let us tie the game! We were so happy we jumped and screamed and hugged our coach, Mr. Hume and did a bunch of group hugs!

After the mini-party, Mr.Hume thought it was our break, but then he noticed we had to go against Agincourt. So we quickly ran to our court. Again we were tied 4-4 and there were 3 seconds left. Instead of Raneem though, Rose got a pass and scored and let us win in the last second! We screamed and hugged Rose!

This time, we actually got our break. We ate our lunch, and after the break, we went against Broadview. We lost against them this time. 8-2. Most of the goals were let in by the grade 5s because they didn’t have good enough defense. But we didn’t let that make us lose our last game!

This last game was against Meadowlands. Apparently their tier 1 team went to the tier 2 competition, so most likely went against their tier 1 team. It was really easy to win 7-1 but just for not to make them feel bad, we started dropping the balls so that we wouldn’t score, but we’d make sure they wouldn’t either.

Well that ties up bordenball for this year! I had great fun. We came in either 2nd or 3rd place, but I don’t really care. The reason why I love bordenball so much is because it’s like soccer but with a bunch of handballs. Can’t wait for next year!


Performance for Sisters

Saturday December 17 2016

At our rhythmic gymnastics, we had a performance for sisters, were we performed our Winter Bells group dance with other provincials. Old ladies came to see our show. The show lasted about one hour, and the provincial girls performed their individual routines.


December 3rd 2016

We went to the museum of history for a K-pop celebration. First we lined up to sign in, and then we ate some korean food like sushi, donuts, and a roll with some very healthy stuff in it. We also got glow sticks while the performance. The show was people dancing to famous K-pop songs, while showing how K-pop began to become popular. There were songs from Wonder Girls, to Arirang.

Mayor’s Christmas Party 2016

December 3rd 2016

After swimming, my dad brought my sister Rose, my friend Zicheng, his brother Ziheng, and his sister Ziyi and me to City Hall for the mayor’s Christmas Party. We first got in line to see Mrs and Mr Claus.  We got a hat and mittens from Santa and his wive. We also saw our friend Nancy (who is in grade 1) and her little sister.

Then we went outside to get in line for free beavertails, which are really really really delicious! I love beavertails with lemons on them. It gives them a better taste. We waited about 30 minutes to get them. While in line, we split into two groups. One would first go to get maple taffy on snow and marshmallows, while the other would stay in line. When that group came back, we would switch so everyone would get a chance to taste the food. There was also hot chocolate that our dad got for us. We each all got two tasty warm beavertails and ate them inside because the outdoors was cold. Then we went to go to K-pop. To be continued…