Mayor’s Halloween Party 2016

September 29 2016

Dressed as a baseball and an emoji, my father brought my sister the emoji, my brother the skeleton, and me the baseball to City Hall for the mayor’s Halloween party. We first lined up for the trick or treat terrace and waited in line for about one loooong hour. When it was finally our turn, we received  candy from Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Dory, Nemo, Minions, Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and some Star-Wars characters, and finally, we got a useful flashlight from two women. Then we waited in line for some more candy, and some candy and gear from police officers, and some more candy! We then headed inside and got some hot chocolate with small raisin oatmeal cookies, with fortune cookies. Then we watched a movie and got popcorn!


Physics Show

October 19 2016

My father brought my brother, my grandmother and me to Carlton University for the Physics Show. They had many hands-on activities such as watching light (what the light is made out of) surface, and more. The one I liked the most was the electricity one. It showed static and lightning and other stuff like that.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Halloween Party 2016

October 28 2016

At gymnastics, we bought two tickets to see the movie Hotel Transylvania 2. We watched it before but I love re-watching movies so my father agreed to buy two tickets for my sister Rose and me. First we had one hour of training, and those who brought their friends went with Coach Kristin. After the one hour, Iana, our coach, gave us a rice krispies bar and two packs of Nuggets. Then we put our costumes on and while we were walking around the gym dancing, the coaches decided who had the best dance moves (Lydia and a person with a black suit that covered her face so I’ll call her unknown), who had the best costume (Vlada as Michael Jackson) who had the cutest costume (a girl dressed as a rainbow unicorn) and who had the most imaginative costume (Elizabeth). Then we went into the meeting room and watched the movie with some popcorn and a drink and there was also a bake sale and a guess jar for cheetos and nibs.

Soccer Tournament 2016

October 25 2016

My sister Rose and I were chosen to participate at the soccer tournament where 5 schools go against each other and compete and see which school is better at soccer. The people on our team were Dana, Emily, Olivia, Erica, Kate, Rose, Cherry (me), Ashlynn, Deniz, Sylvie, Sydney, Stella, and Carys. Here was our scores:

Meadowlands: 3-0 (we lost!!!)

Manordale: 3?-2? (we won!!!)

D-Roy Kennedy: 5-0 (we won!!!)

Agincourt: 7-1 (we won!!!)

Carleton-Heights: 3-2 (WE LOST BY ONE POINT! If we won, WE COULD HAVE BEEN FIRST!)

We ended up being third. Carleton-Heights being first, and Meadowlands being 2nd. But weirdly, only first place and second place get medals. We were pretty much, I’ll say, heart-broken. But I would agree because we had to play a full day of soccer and got nothing in reward. It’s like winning a war but not getting any money in return for participating in the fighting. But I liked that we got 3rd because it’s better than being last, and last year we got 5th so I’m really proud of what we did. Dana was probably the girl’s soccer team’s MVP because she was the one who scored the two goals at the last chance we got to tie, but then the tier two goalie (Ashlynn) let a goal in and they won. It was a really tight game.

Maker Faire 2016

October 16 2016

My father brought my brother, my sister Rose, and my friend Zicheng to the 2016 Make Faire. We got lollipops, cookies, and fold outs to make paper planes. At the end, we got caught into making a building that makes the ball move. So we started in a cup, it rolled down and fell into a small tube, and it ended up in a big cup to finish it off. It was pretty hard to make, but at least we finished it!

After that, my dad came to pick us up and we went into the Lindt shop. They gave us a sample of their new Pumpkin spice chocolate. It was basically milk chocolate with a little taste of pumpkin spice. It was very delicious! My dad promised that the next time we went here we’d buy something.

Blue Jays Baseball Filming

October 15 2016

My baseball team of the Boys and girls club were invited to be filmed to advertise. So we went to a very nice field and they filmed us doing different things, like pretending to steal a base, someone doing a home run and sitting back down, etc. It was very fun and exciting! For lunch they ordered cheese pizza from pizza pizza, and we also had juice boxes and muffins and granola bars. Paul, the film man asked me and a few other people to pretend to steal a base. To do that, we had to shuffle three times, then sprint when he says GO.

Milestones Restaurant

October 2 2016

Since my father’s friend came to visit Ottawa, we brought him to Milestones at downtown. I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with a side of fries and some ice tea, and my sister ordered two mini hamburgers with some fries and chocolate milk. The grilled cheese was warm and delicious! My parents ordered mushroom soup, some jasmine rice, and some other tasty food items. At Milestones, they  had 3 televisions in the room which we could watch while eating.

For my first experience at Milestones, remember to order some grilled cheese if you are 12 or under, because it is really tasty, and scrumptious.


October 1 2016

At Centerpoint theatre, we watched the K-Tigers perform their Taekwondo. The K-Tigers are a group of people from Korea that have mastered Taekwondo. The show was very nice and funny.

There was my favourite part where there was a little kid (we’ll call him Mini Tiger)from K-Tigers group and an adult (We’ll call him Big Tiger). So there was a part where someone held up a small mat and Big Tiger kicked it hard. So then the someone held it high for Mini Tiger to kick, but then Big Tiger signaled him to put it lower. Then Mini tiger went to the someone and moved it higher, and then he started doing the kick. So he ran up to the someone, kicked his knee, the someone fell on his knees and then Mini tiger kicked the mat. It was really funny!!!

They also showed their moves like jumps, kicks, and they even combined Taekwondo with K-pop to make it look more like dancing! They also used K-pop songs while dancing and kicking.