September 24 2016:

Swimming at the boys and girls club pool started on September 24. The instructor taught us brush stroke, and a bit of front crawl. We also used a board to help us.


Baseball Competition 2016

September 24 2016

There was a baseball competition (to see who can throw the fastest, run the fastest, catches the most balls, etc…) at the boys and girls club. First we waited for enough people to come, while feasting on Timbits. Then we played Diamond in the gym, where you protect a ball and the other team tries to steal it. And once a side succeeds, you switch sides. Once everyone came, we went outside and started the competition by seeing who can run the fastest around the bases. Rose won for the girls. The next one was the accuracy for throwing at a target. Rose won that one too. Then we went to go swimming.

After we came back from swimming, we did the one of who could throw the fastest, and could catch the most balls. I won the Catch Champion trophy!!!! (If you win you get a trophy or a medal if you didn’t win anything.) After that, we went inside to get cake and our trophies! Rose got 2 trophies and I got one! I am really proud of myself! Then we got a bag with a poster of the blue jays, a blue jays hat and a shirt, and a baseball used by the blue jays. I am a big fan of the blue jays but I also like the Ottawa Champions (I have a ball used by them from a game I went to).

Taste Wellington 2016

September 17 2016

My father brought me to Wellington Street to take samples of food, and items. My favourite one was from Thyme And Time. It was a piece of bread with cranberries in it and on top there was a cream that tasted like honey. We tasted other food like hotdogs, pizza, even perrogies!

Next year, I’m going!

Zootopia Night movie

September 16 2016

At Iverness park, there was a movie screening of Zootopia. There was popcorn and water, but it was also a chilly night. It’s a really funny movie you should watch if you didn’t.  Even if your an adult, WATCH IT! It’s one of the funniest movies I’ve ever watched. I’d rate it 4.5, just like the newspaper does.

Orthodontics Appointement

September 15 2016

The big day! That was the day where we got our appliances in our mouths. We, is me and my sister 
Rose. The appliance was a Class 2 Carrier. They used glue to add it, and a light that you shouldn't
look at if you don't have the right protective glasses. Anyways, they also put this thing to keep 
your mouth open during the whole 30 minutes, and to keep your tongue out of the way. To glue the 
glue on, you had to have dry teeth, so they kept on drying your teeth with a wind.

After a few hours with the appliance on, your teeth start aching. You also have to put some 
elastics to move your teeth. You also need a retainer so your bottom teeth don't move (ours were
just on the top teeth). You can't eat with the elastics on, meaning taking the elastics off, eat,
and put new ones on.

Queen Elizabeth Ride

September 10 2016

My father brought my grandparents, my sister Rose, and me to ride the Queen Elizabeth boat. It was 100% powered by electricity, so it doesn’t pollute. We first arrived at the Rideau Canal, and went on the boat, and found a seat. When the boat started moving, we had speakers talking about energy and electric cars and stuff that is eco friendly.

But the boat went pretty slow. You can peddle on a bike and that goes faster! (Bikes go faster than the boat) but the talks were interesting.

At the end there was a draw, but we didn’t win. As prizes, there were LED lights, Monoxide detectors, and more.

Luxmanan’s Arangetram

September 10 2016

My father brought my sister, my mother and me to Algonquin Commons Theatre for the Lebanese festival. They played their instruments and then at 8:00 they had food for people to eat. There were Spring Rolls, dried spaghetti (it looked like that) and brownies.