St-Albert Cheese Factory

Dear Aidan (my friend who loves cheese),

I recently went to St-Albert Cheese Factory in St-Albert. St-Albert is about 45 minutes from Ottawa. It is further from here to April dad’s home. You know, I wrote this letter just for you because you really like love cheese, so yeah. Nothing much. My dad brought me to the St-Albert Cheese Factory because we had a fishing camp near by and it wouldn’t hurt to take a look there. At the visitor’s view center, we got to see the workers at the factory make cheese! It was really cool. You could see them make the cheese, cut the cheese, and even put the cheese in the plastic! Then we went to their small restaurant located close to the entrance to buy some of their classic cheesy, delicious poutine. Jealous much? Well that’s not all. Rose also ordered a cheeseburger with fries, and the fries were huge, and the cheese was melted which made it more good! The poutine’s fries were also big, delicious, and cheap! It’s tasty when it’s warm and cold! Especially the cheese.

Jealous now? Heh I’m evil.

Your evil friend,



Fishing Camp

August 24 2016

Today at fishing camp, we signed in as usual, and went fishing! After a few minutes, I caught two fish! One was a pumpkin seed fish, and another was a sun fish. There were both small fish, but my first two fish in less than an hour! Rose also caught a pumpkin seed.

After around what was one hour, we head back to the gazebo for a presentation from the Fly Fishing Group. They talked about how to fly fish for a while, and then they said they had two activities planned for us! So we split into two groups, 6 people in each, and one group went to learn how to cast with a fly fishing rod, while the other group made the thing you put as bait with a hook. Then we got to try to cast with a fly fishing rod, and one of the rod’s hook was caught on the telephone wire! Luckily, the string on the rod was made out of rubber. But all we had to do to get the hook off the wire was just pull it a little and there it went off.

When we got bored of it, we got to go fishing, but I didn’t catch any fish. In fact, those were my last two fish I caught for the day. Then both groups started fishing when we got to go for lunch. We had pizza for lunch — pepperoni or cheese. I took pepperoni, and also two oatmeal raisin cookies.

After lunch, someone named Sam caught a big fish! Apparently it was a big huge redhorse fish, or was it a silver horse fish? It was so big we had to use the net to catch it! After he got his picture, we let it go back into the water quick because those types of fish aren’t that strong. But it was really cool!

When it was 3:00, my dad came to pick us up. We got a taco box with everything needed for fishing! We also got to keep our fishing rods, and then we left!

Fishing Camp

August 23 2016

Our dad registered my sister Rose and me for a two day fishing camp. We first signed in and got name tags, then we talked about poison ivy, wild parsnip, ticks, and water safety. Then we got our fishing rods, and had to put the string through the holes and put the hooks, bobbers, and weight on the string, put on our life jackets, and tally-ho to the river.

When we got to the river, there was a boat with people from the South Nation CONSERVATION area (Brent, Kiersty, Molly (the teachers) were also from there) and they said they looked in their turtle traps and found a snapping turtle! So we cooked the turtle and ate it. Just kidding. They caught turtles to record them and measure them. The snapping turtle is the hardest one to record because it tries to snap you. But they eventually did everything and let it go back into the river.

Then we started fishing. I didn’t catch any fish. But hopefully on the second day I do! There was a fish that someone caught, and the fish swallowed the hook and it was inside his stomach! The fish was bleeding very badly. We got it back in the water, but we pronounced it dead when a few minutes later he was floating upside down. 😦   It was really icky. The same icky as in putting worms on your hook by yourself. :/

For lunch, they got us some sandwiches from SUBWAY!!!! You could have a sandwich with turkey, ham, chicken, or with just cheese. Then you put whatever you want on it. The choices were lettuce, tomato, green peppers, mayo sauce, and mustard. I took

The smallest and biggest fish were both caught by Rose. HEY don’t say that she’s better, it’s the fish that won’t eat my wormy. The worm did look juicy too. 😀 HEY, I didn’t eat the worm. Though if I were a fish, I would fall for the trick.

Like a normal beginner, a lot of people (like me) had tangles with their rod. So Brent and Kiersty helped everyone untangle them. For a lot of people, the tangles were either really hard to untangle, easy or tangled with someone else. Sometimes it was so hard to untangle that Brent had to use his pocket knife to cut the string and re-attach the string and cut the extra string off the knot so the knot part wouldn’t get tangled when we reel the string in.

On the way back, since our dad bought St-Albert poutine we ate poutine!! 😀 It had french fries, cheese curds, mayo sauce, gravy, green peppers :/  (eww) and meat. The meat tasted good. But it was a pretty small box for 5.99$. (Or was it 6.99?) My dad also bought a salad. 🙂

Baseball Match

August 11 2016

At baseball, we went against the blue team that were called the Yogurs (something like that). I’m pretty sure we won, but I’m not sure. I was first base like usual, and got a few outs. Last time I was MVP. This time Zoey was MVP because she hit twice as much as she used to. She would usually be the first out, but this time she wasn’t, which was a big improvement so I think she deserved it.

Coding Camp Party

August 12 2016

At coding camp, for the last day, Kyle ordered some pizza for us to eat. We also got some water, sprite, crush, pepsi, and more to drink. Obviously I took the hawaiian pizza. Hawaiian pizza has cheese (obviously) sauce (that too) bacon, and pineapple. It was very good and fresh! So go to pizza pizza and order you pizza today! Just kidding. You can also go to dominos pizza and Georgie’s pizza (I think that’s what it’s called. Sorry if it isn’t.) and much much more so your choice. I ate two slices of hawaiian pizza and drank some sprite and water to wash it all down. Then we got to explore and play other people’s games. You could also continue making your own game.

I have a bunch of awesome games if you want to play them search Kewlgirl88 and click on the projects you want to see.

Alice’s sleepover

August 6th 2016

We finally arrived at Alice’s house. We put our presents and played Minecraft Hunger games with Alice and Grace! Grace was the first one there. Then we went to the park and played 4 square and two rounds of Mothia. After we got bored so we went back to Alice’s house and met Deniz. Then we went inside to watch a bit of the new movie “The secret life of pets”. After about 1 hour later, we went to make a craft. Alice bought masks and we got to decorate them with feathers, flowers, and string/ribbon. Since the normal liquid glue dries very slowly, we used glue guns instead. I accidentally touched the hot glue with my left finger, so I went to wash it with cool water. Alice also had a dog, a pug, to be precise. His name was Nelson or Nellie (Grace called the dog that!).

After making the masks, we ate dominos pizza. There was actually Hawaiian pizza! I ate two slices of Hawaiian pizza and drank water and Sprite, and then we waiting a while so we wouldn’t be too full to eat their homemade cake. During that time, we played on our electronics again! Alice’s mom called us to eat the cake. But before eating it, we got to decorate it! I added a cherry, and put dibs on that slice of cake. Eventually

Baseball 2016

August 4th 2016

At baseball, we played against the blue jays. Not the real adult team (I would like to) but against the team with the blue jay shirts. I was right outfield at first, and didn’t catch any balls but a few to get outs, and then I was “promoted” to first base. At first base, the kid pitcher (there was a coach pitcher that pitches the balls, and the kid pitcher that can catch the balls.) threw me a lot of balls to get outs. I got the 3 outs in at least 2 innings! At the end, I was sure we either tied, won, or lost by ONE. And then we got to eat watermelons! And surprisingly I was MVP of the game! So coach John gave me a fruit punch Gatorade!

Dungeons and Dragons at the Library

July August 3rd 2015

Wow! Can’t believe it’s August already! On the first Wednesday, we went to the Nepean Library for a program called Dungeons and Dragons. It’s actually a game. You choose a character, and then you name it. I got a Human Cleric. It can pray and heal which is very good. Due to the lack of people, (only 4 players and the DM (Dungeon Master)) we got two people to play. So I also got a Mountain dwarf fighter. It is a very fun game! You get to battle, explore, and even sleep! Sometimes you got to talk to the animals you meet, and they might give you information so you don’t die. At the end, the DM gave us a heads up for next time telling us that we might meet some even more dangerous animals!!!

Archaeological Dig

August 1 2016

We went to Moore’s farm to dig for facts about an old cottage. We first dug a square piece of the ground, and started searching. We found nails, wood, glass, bottle caps, even metal! It was really fun and dirty! They let us use shovels, dirt pans, and other stuff. Some people found glass bottles, and a lot of people found nails. The Ottawa Citizen even came to take some pictures of the volunteers helping out.  At the end, we got a dinosaur and a puzzle.