Family Fun Day

My dad brought my sister, Amy, and me to St Paul Highschool for a family fun day. We each got 2 hotdogs, and played games to earn tickets. The tickets were used to spend on prizes. I got popcorn, cotton candy, and that’s all I got. I played a bean bag toss, knock the cans over, and pop the balloons. There was also put the nose on the clown, with you eyes blindfolded.  That was the hardest game. The cotton candy was really tasty.


Radio Amateur Canada

June 25 2016

My dad brought my sister and me to St-Paul Church to have a look at radio signals. They used batteries and radios, and satellites to deliver a message to USA.


June 24 2016

My dad brought my sister Rose, my friend Faye, and me to the Microsoft office for a talk about coding. The talker’s name was Micheal, and he was a programmer. The talk was basically about JavaScript, how a game worked after being coded out. The talk was very “interesting”. There was also coffee. At 5:30, we left to go shopping.

Soccer Banquet 2016

June 22 2016

For our soccer program, we got to have a soccer banquet. We got raffle tickets. They were to be picked during dessert. For dinner, we had hot dogs, chips, and drinks. We got a choice from beef hot dogs and chicken hot dogs. I took beef. For my second hot dog, I took the last beef hot dog! My sister also wanted beef hot dog but she had no choice but to take a chicken hot dog or not. For dessert, we got the choice of ice cream sundae or freezie. I chose ice cream sundae with gummy worms, when my sister chose a jumbo orange freezie. My tongue was frozen after. For the draw, I won a bubble container. So did my sister. But we gave them to Nancy and Margaret- two little kids, because we were too old for them.

My favorite games

June 19 2016

This will be an update of my favorite stuff. I will keep on informing my future self about me, and I will see the changes. My favorite game is Roblox, and my username is CherryPlaysRoblox1 (it used to be AvaMint). I also like My favorite song is Shake it off. I like pop music, and my best friend is April. I speak French, English, Chinese, and a little bit of Spanish.

I like playing soccer, bordenball, triple-ball, baseball, dodgeball, and doing gymnastics. I like dodgeball the most though.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Summer 2016

June 19 2016

As usual, we always have a performance. This time was a summer performance. We had two dances: All that Jazz and Halo. All that Jazz was a group ribbon routine, and Halo is a group ball routine. All that Jazz was 9th, and then after the intermission was Halo. The intermission had some Silent Auctions, and a bake sale. I got a fruit cup with strawberries, grapes, and blueberries. I also got a bag of cheetos-my favorite kind of chips. My favorite dance was a duo ball and ribbon routine, choreographed by the two dancers themselves. I also liked a ball duo by two girls from the provincial group. At the end of the performance, we got roses, and we took a group picture.

Track and Field 2016

Wednesday June 15 2016

I made the Track and Field team for Long Jump and 800 meters. At 9:30, I did my Long Jump. I got 2.82cm and 2.99cm. It was not that of a best jump– my best jump is 3.2cm. Then I got an orange flavored freezie. It kept me refreshed. I also went with Adalia to play a little bit of catch with a tennis ball.

After a few hours, It was my 800m (at 12:30) 800 meters is two runs around the track. It is very tiring. That’s why I didn’t want to do 1200. I got 6th place, taking the last ribbon available. There was a downside to the 800 meters. You’re legs will hurt so much you probably need help walking. Sylvie, the other girl doing 800 meters with me was 5th. She beat me at the last second. My sister, Rose, made the team for relay, 100 meters, and ball throw. Sylvie (my friend that made 800 meters with me) made 100 meters, relay, and 800 meters. The ribbon from 800 meters was my first ribbon. So it’s kind of a piece of history! My mother never throws out history stuff like our first ribbon, or a picture we took years ago.


My grandpa passed away Friday June 11 2016 in his sleep. We had a funeral for him at Hope Funeral. We bought flowers and candles to put as decoration. Following the tradition, my mother put a red blanket on the dead body so he would stay warm in the after life. We all bowed three times, and then we would look at the lifeless body. My grandmother cried. The body looked sad. After the funeral, they put the casket in a car so that the body would be burnt. After a while, we sent everyone back home. We would pick them up after a while to go to a restaurant to eat.

We went to Hai Huang, a chinese restaurant to eat. Without ado, my mother ordered Fried Rice. She knew we would want to have some. We also wanted vegetable rolls. So we ordered one for each twin. It was hot but delicious! My sister also ordered sweet and sour pork with pineapple. We also ordered noodles, greens (for our healthyness) and fish, and more greens. At the end, my brother still wanted some plain rice, because their rice is really good. For dessert, we got red bean soup. It is really sweet and delicious!

The soup was just made, but after it’s cold, I don’t like the taste. When we left, we got fortune cookies.

My first birthday party!

My first birthday party was on June 11, 2016. It was from 4:00 to 8:00. I invited Nate Feure, April Liu, Arthur Long, Grace Inoue, Aidan So, Zicheng Wang, and Amy Huang. We also invited Adalia but she didn’t come. We first watched Ben Pao Ba Xiong Di because Amy was here first (she likes those kind of videos)April came next. She watched the video with us.  So we watched funny videos and then played tag outside. We went to Kingsmere park to play soccer. Nate came. Rose’s team won.  We then started playing ripping name tag and finding the purple rectangle items. My team won first. The second round, we tied.

Then we ran back home to eat. Nate was first, then it was me, then it was Amy. We tried beating the car, but the car won. We ate pizza and chips, and drank fruitopia and five alive. Grace was so thirsty that she drank at least 3 cups of juice!

For gifts, I got a 25 dollar roblox gift card from Aidan. April gave me a apple sharpener and a DIY eraser kit.Amy gave us a soccer ball and Monopoly board game. Grace gave us a 10 dollar roblox gift card, and Water Marbles, Arthur gave us two dolls and two stuffies, Nate gave us a 25 dollar Indigo gift card, Zicheng gave us a 10 dollar roblox gift card.