Piano Recital 2016

Where: Steinway and Sons

When: May 28 2016 6:00 – 9:15

Why: Piano Recital

My dad brought me and my sister Rose to Steinway and Sons (In Orleans) for a piano recital. April, my best friend, and Emily were going to be there. Emily played first, but we arrived too late. So we waited till it was my turn. I played No Worries, and Ballade pour Adeline. Then Rose came up and played the four hands piano March Millitaire II. April’s dad filmed it (the order of April xd) and everyone said it was very nice. On the piano, you can barely hear the noise so you think the piano isn’t working. But it actually is. XD

Then we waited till it was April’s turn. To keep us busy, we looked at the piano books that the shop was selling. There was Style, Let her go, and even Happy with the minions! She played two songs that I don’t know the title.

The last piece was Rose’s. Because of the timing, we only played the other four hands piano that I don’t know the title. At the end, it was 9:15, time to go home. So we waved good bye to April and went home.


Qian Zi Chong Guan 2016

My sister and I participated in an event called Qian Zi Chong Guan. We studied 600 words in Chinese, and then on the competition day, they choose 100 words from the 600 words that you studied. May 28 2016 was the competition day. I think I might have gotten 10 wrong, but I will tell you once we get the results. If you get 90 or up (out of 100) then you get a prize which is either money or I-Pad. To get an I-Pad you will need to be the top three people to get the highest score. You also get a prize for participating. You get a 5 dollar gift card that you can spend at !ndigo, Chapters, or Coles.


My score is:


May 14 2016

Today, my dad’ s friend invited my family to eat at Mandarin. It is a new Chinese English buffet which is nearby T&T. When we got there, they said we had to have a reservation, and we didn’t have one. So they told us that we had to wait for three hours. So we went to T&T to go shopping. After about one hour, we finished shopping and returned to Mandarin. They told us we only had to wait for five minutes. Hearing the news, I jumped happily.

If you go there, I have two things to suggest. First thing, have a reservation, then, make sure if you are full, don’t even eat an extra grape or you’ll suffer the consequences !


Nature Museum Science Night 2016

May 5 2016

My dad brought my sister Rose, my friend Faye, her grandfather, and her sister Zoey, and me to the Museum of Nature for their Science Night. We visited many rooms, and learned many things. My favourite one was Jurassic Jeapordy. They chose three people from the audience, and played the normal kind of Jeapordy but it was dinosaur themed. The three contestants were Adam, Alester, and A       . A.       Won at the end. Each contestant won a coin, and the next place was a pin and the first place winner also got a fossil. Second place was Alester

Poutine Fest 2016

April 30, 2016

We went to buy some poutine at the Spark Street Poutine Fest 2016. Like last year, we searched for the Fritz Stone poutine, because it was only for 7.00 dollars, but it was the TV show Flintstone themed. We first bought one to see if we could finish it, but I knew we would, so we went to buy another one. I got one and my sister got another.  It was delicious! It had french fries with gravy and a touch of cheese!

Then we went home.