Deniz’s Birthday party

April 9, 2016

My sister and I were invited to our friend Deniz’s birthday party at Extreme Trampoline in Kanata. We registered in and got some red socks with some white parts that are there for safety reasons. We got to watch Hotel Transylvania 2 till it was time to jump! We got to go to the dodge ball court, foam pit, and the main jumping area, and the basket ball court.

My favorite place was the dodge ball court  because I love dodge ball. We were going to jump for 1 hour and then eat. It was really tiring and sweaty. Alice and Silia were injured but luckily it wasn’t that bad. There were a total of 9 people not including the Birthday Girl.

For dinner, I ate 4 slices of pizza, two slices of the cookie cake (a soft cookie with whipping cream around it), and some water. I was really full. Deniz didn’t open her gifts in front of us, but we got our loot bags. Inside our loot bags, there was a minion pen and notebook, minion glasses, a chocolate bunny from Perdy’s Chocolatier, and a Surprise bag from Ardene. Inside my surprise bag, I had some white socks, some blue socks, some sunglasses, some glow in the dark DIY bracelet elastics, and a scrunchie.

Then we went home!


Canadian Aviation and Space Museum

Wednesday April 6, 2016

My father brought my sister Rose, my friend Faye, and me to the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. Before entering the theater, we looked at the birds of prey that patrol the airport.

The presentation had three presenters. The first one was Dr.Bridget Stutchbury from York University who talked about the evolution of birds. The second one was Robert Erdos from the National Research Council who has also driven a lot of aircrafts. The last presenter was Robert Langlois from Carlton University who talked about this machine:Atlas Mockup