Winterlude 2016

February 15 2016 Family Day

My dad brought my family and me to the Winterlude. We got a imprint on wood, some cookies, and we took some pictures of the ice sculptures. A few of the sculptures melted and broke.

Then we went to the City Hall and got some timbits and some warm hot chocolate, courtesy of Tim Hortons! We also got some apples and bought two beavertails! Mmmmm delicious!

After that, in the afternoon, we picked up my friend Amy to go skating at the Centerpoint rink. We got some hot chocolate, timbits, and some prizes as well! Prizes were hockey sticks, sledding items, and snow ball maker.


Lion Dance 2016

February 13 2016

At TnT, Mr.So invited my sister and me to perform lion dance with a few other people. I was the back, she was the front.

After the 3o minutes of dancing(lion dance) my back was sore. We got paid 15 dollars!

Parliament Building Field trip 2016

February 2 2016

We had a field trip to the Parliament Building today. All the grade 5 kids at our school were going. Since we only had one bus, we had to be 3 in a seat. It was really squishy. I sat with my friend April, and my sister Rose. I’m in April’s class, and Rose is in the other.

When we got to the Parliament building, my teacher Mr.Claveau, told us that we were late, and so we wouldn’t get to do everything we were planning. All we got to do, was to go through the security checks, and we got to go in the library. It is the oldest place in the Parliament building, because it was the only place that didn’t burn down in the 1916 fire. On February 3, 2016, it will 100 years since the building went on fire.

We also met Anita Vandenbeld. She talked about her speech she would make. It was to protest that women should be paid the same amount of money men get paid if they do the same job. I think it is a really interesting subject, and I hope they agree on it!

After that, we got to go inside the library. We saw the Queen Victoria statue, and there was also information about the 1916 fire. It killed 7 people, but at least the Prime Minister didn’t die. The Prime Minister at that time was Sir Robert L. Borden. The library was saved because it was a metal door, and someone closed it. The fire didn’t go through the door, and so the books didn’t burn. If the books burnt down, all the rare books written by Canadian authors from years ago would all be gone.

After visiting the library, we went inside the Peace tower. We went in groups of 5 to 8. I went as the 2nd group. The view was wonderful! I saw the Chaudiere falls, and the museum of History—the place were we will go after our visit of the Parliament to see the IMAX Vikings movie.

If you went to the wall in the front, after you get out of the elevator, and look up, you can see the large clock that is placed on top of the peace tower. It was wonderful! If you looked down, people walking by look like ants! I also read some interesting facts that were on the wall.

Then I went back down, into the room with the books that have the names of people that died in the war. Each day, they would flip the page. It is a nice thing to do to remember the people who served in the war.

Then we got our stuff, and got into the bus. And again I sat with the same people. When we got into the museum, we put our stuff on hooks. Then we got our stamps, to show that we paid or something, and we got into our groups. I was with Ariyo’s dad with Ariyo, April, Nate, Corey, Shaheem, Alyssa, Diana, and Tyler.

We then got our lunches and went into the room to eat. I had my usual rice combo with peas, corn, meat, and egg, I had frosted flakes without milk, and peas with cucumbers.

After lunch, we went to the Vikings exhibition. I took a few pictures. Then we went to the Children’s museum. I watched a play made by Alice, Deniz, Nathan, and Ashlynn. I even took a video about it!

Then I toured the area. I saw a toothpick Eiffel tower, rode a camel, and a motorcycle! Then we headed over to the IMAX cinema to watch the movie. The movie was in french, but it talked about what the Vikings did, ate, and where they traveled. All they searched for was for food, richness, and glory. They also moved to different places to have good soil to grow food.

After the movie, we went back to get our stuff, and headed to school!