Amy’s lazer quest party

December 21 2015

We were invited to Amy’s birthday party. We played a round of Zap (squirt). Then we started playing. Both rounds were solo. But the first round, it was just Amy’s party. I won 3rd. The second round had more people. I ended up being 14th. We then headed over to the party room. I got 2 slices of pizza, ate some cake, and washed it down with some nestea. We got a 2 for 1 coupon. So the next time we came, we could play 2 rounds for the price of one.


Gymnastics Christmas Party 2015

December 21 2015

On Sunday, we went to OverBrook for training, as usual. But this time, it was at Overbrook CC. That was because there was more space there to have our Christmas party! So after training, we had our first contest right away. It was to roll the best carpet. We use carpets to train, so we have to take them out, and put them back in. My group won! I was with a pre-competitive girl, and two level 6 Interclub girls (I’m a competitive level 3). We won a candy cane and a pair of white socks for the next training days.

Then it was time for the gift exchange. I didn’t bring a gift. But how it works, is that a coach would read a story with the words left and right. When you heard the word left, you pass the gift you have to your left. When you hear the word right, you pass the gift to the person on your right.

Then we ate. There were cookies, noodles, pizza, muffins, brownies, fruit and vegetables, and more!  I took a slice of cheese pizza, ate some noodles, sampled some gingerbread cookies, and drank a cup of juice. I also got a few grapes.

Then there was the quiz. The coaches asked us 4 questions, and they would give you a candy cane. The 4 questions were “Why are we doing Rhythmic Gymnastics”,  “What kind of friend would you like”, “What kind of person would you not like”, and what would you do if you were last in a competition.

Then, we got into groups. The groups were separated by age. I was put in a group with my sister, my friend Alison, and my friend Kaylie. We were told to make a dance of 48 seconds. Surprisingly, we ended up being first. We even beat the group that I thought would be first!

Then we got to choose our prize and head home.

Museum of History K-Pop 2015

December 19 2015

My dad brought my mom, my brother, my sister,  my grandparents and I to the Museum of History to watch dancers doing K-pop. All this was on behalf of the Embassy of Korea, who also supplied Korean food. I really enjoyed the meat, the sushi, the noodles, and the fruit. They were all so delicious! Then, before going in, they gave us these glow sticks because it was a tradition to have them at K-pop shows. We sat down and enjoyed the show. My favorite show was the one with all the back flips and stuff. It was really cool!

During the short 15 minute intermission, I got some of the left over food that they gave out. Then, they restarted the show. The last one actually came from Seoul, Korea just to perform for this show! I was guessing that they would be the best group at the show because K-pop is from Korea and they came from Korea, but also that they got a “diploma” from a music University.

Pillar 5 Pharma Christmas party

December 12 2015

Today, my dad brought my sister, my mom, and I to the O’Brian theater for his company’s Christmas party. We first got popcorn and a drink, then we sat down to watch “The Good Dinosaur”. But I will not spoil it for you! Well, I will tell you a bit. The dinosaur’s name is Arlo, and the boy’s name is Spot. Spot protects Arlo, and Arlo saved Spot’s life in the movie. In the movie, Arlo’s dad dies, and he gets lost. He tries to find his way home, when Spot thinks his parents died. So their main goal was to find Arlo’s home. But then, Spot first finds his parents. Then they find Arlo’s home. THE END! I didn’t say everything though.

When the movie was over, we had Santa come. I waited and waited, till it was finally my turn. I got a present, that you can make bracelets with. Except, it is pretty complicated. And, sadly, the instructions aren’t in color!

Winter Reasons

December 6 2015

Hello everyone and I am writing this because winter is here! I have a lot of reasons because winter is one of my favorite seasons!

My first reason why I like winter is because it’s beavertail season! They are really tasty, sugary (who doesn’t like sugar?) and delicious! I really like them with lemon, because it adds some sourness, more taste, and so it isn’t too dry.

Secondly, is about the MARSHMALLOWS! They are this really enjoyable snack, and if you like robots, you can create your own with small, medium, or big marshmallows, with toothpicks or pretzels, and anything else to make your own creative edible robot! I got this idea from my Summer VBS, but I just ate mine because I was hungry, and I really like pretzels and marshmallows. They both are really tasty and delicious!

I also like Winter because, it will be CHRISTMAS!!!!! Christmas is a time where families get together to share love, presents, and also have a big feast! I like the feast part because my mom always makes tasty stuff, but sometimes they aren’t right for my taste buds. So it’s not my fault if I don’t like my mom’s cooking, it’s my taste buds that don’t like it.

My last reason why I like winter is the snow! Every year, my parents encourage the kids in my family, including my big brother, to go outside. My mom also helps us, and we make quinzees and sculptures. A few years ago, I was in on the news about the Confederation park making a sun sculpture! At my house, we make lions, snowmen, and forts! Once when we built a quinzee, we put my big toy rabbit in there, and that night, it snowed, so we had to bring it in to make it dry! But at least we know our quinzee is stable, and someone can sleep in there if it wont rain or snow!

Mayor’s Christmas Party 2015

December 5th 2015

So, after my hockey “Learn to Play” session, my dad brought my sister and I to the City Hall to wait in line to meet Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. We waited for about 1 hour till we got to Mrs.Claus. Luckily in line, an elf came to entertain the back of the line. He said “pass the time” and we passed this foam object that said “time” on it. That was a really funny joke! Another one was that he was juggling balls, and then he said “In my whole entire elf career, I have never dropped a ball.” And then he dropped it. So he asked me to pick it up, and I picked it up and handed it to him. He took the ball and dropped another one. So that went on till he finally held all of his balls, and asked me to shake his hand. Then he dropped all of his balls! So I picked them up, and he didn’t drop it!

We got to Mrs.Claus, and she gave us these delicious looking edible snowman figures that we could eat. We didn’t continue the line because all what Santa Claus gave were these baby books. So we found my dad who went in line for Beavertails and so I ate mine, and was it tasty!

Borden Ball 2015

December 4 2015

OMG OMG I am really proud of the score we got! Let me explain.

My sister Rose and I got in the Tier 1 girls Borden Ball team for Woodroffe, our school. On our grade 5 team, we had Adalia (right wing), me Cherry as the center, Rose at the left wing, Raneem and April as defence, and Ashlynn as goalie. But sometimes we would switch it up. In our grade 4 team, we had Amanda, Kate, Avery, Lyric, Rachanna, and Erica. And finally, in our grade 6 team, we have Talia, Sienna, Josie, Catherine, Elena, and Brooke.

We first lost to Knoxdale. It was probably because we weren’t ready and awake, so really, we lost. Our grade 6 goalie wasn’t too good. She let in basically all the goals. Adalia (she was goalie that time) let in about, three? And the grade 4 goalie, who is really really good, was only scored on once in the whole day, and that goal was only versus Broadview. We ended up loosing 9-7 to Knoxdale, which wasn’t that pleasant.

Then we got ourselves a break. My mom came just to see us. I told her we lost our first one, but we will try to win the next one. Turns out we tied. It was Broadview!!!!!!!! They are really good. We did interview people to see what they thought. Talia said that Broadview wasn’t the only ones who could win, and we actually tied them! We tied them 6-6. But our grade 6 goalie let in a goal that tied the score. We could have won if she saved it! Well, having tied Broadview is still good! Means we have improvement!

Our next game was versus Manordale, and Leilah was Manordale (she used to go to our school)! But we won 9-4!

As going to the finals, we played Meadowlands, and won 11-4! We still don’t know what place we came in, but I hope 2nd!