1st: Balence on one foot while skating, stopping, and skating backwards

2nd: Skating in a circle, and passing pucks

3rd: Skate in bubbles

4th: Practicing to skate backwards, and played soccer with hands

5th: Skate on one foot, and  one person pulls other person on their knees, bellies, feet.

6th: Same as 5th, and practicing to keep the puck and shoot.

7th: Learned to stop with both feet, and shoot pucks, and to turn.

8th: Pass and go, jumping on both feet, going around cones, sliding under a stick, and passing and shooting.

9th: Shooting, gliding, and sliding on our bellies!


Call Of Peace 2015

October 8 2015

My dad got 2 tickets to see my mom’s show. There was also Martial Arts, dancing, singing, and plays. It basically talked about war, and they also put on O Canada and the National Anthem of China.

In my mom’s group, there was Ding Tao Lao Shi’s daughters, and one of them (Cleo) were chosen to be in the 2020 Olympics!

I really liked the performance, but there was a lot of blood, and I DO NOT like the sight of blood. It’s disgusting!!!

MakerSpace Program 2015

November 8 2015

Erica (a friend of my mom) invited my family to go to the Maker Faire at Lansdown park. Erica said that there would be a bus waiting for us to pick everyone who would have time to come to the event. We went on the bus, and arrived at the park. Then, my mom bought a ticket, and we went in. The fee for kids under 12 is free, so luckily we don’t need to pay.

We saw a lot of cool things, and we also made a thing that would flash, and we could attach to our shirt. We also saw the Roblox station (it’s my favorite online game) and they gave us pins, and a code that we could redeem for 100 robux! I was sooo happy, I couldn’t wait to redeem it! We also saw robots, and there was this goggles you would wear, and you would see the world in minecraft, like you would see the world! It was really cool and creative!

We also got silly puddy from the Library Station, and also cards from different coding places.

Halloween 2015

October 31 2015 (what other days does it happen?) 😕

I finally didn’t need to go trick or treating with a friend, or a parent, but I still brought my mom to carry the candy we get. I still carry my own?! So it’s fair enough. We went left from our house to get candy. First treats! Then we got candy from that street. I really liked their decoration, but the houses on Hare and foxcrest avenues were really cool! 😮

One of the houses were sooo scary that my sister and I didn’t even dare to go ring the bell! Imaging we were the first people to get candy from that house, because it was so scary that the children ran away! 😱  It was scary because they had these “dolls” that looked real, and I guess I thought that they would pop up and scare us. I was really happy that we got lots of Coffee Crips because those are my favorite! But I do like starbursts, and lollipops, and also Tootsie rolls, and Nerds, and laffee taffees, and loads of stuff! 😍