Halloween at School 2015

October 30 2015

At school, my class was chosen to make the year’s haunted house! I can tell you, it is really scary! The entrance has 3 people jumping and scaring people. Then it’s zombie ally! Where zombies haunt you! After meeting zombies, you get to eat at Blood Cafe where vampires serve you blood (fruit punch). After, it’s me! I’m a doctor with my assistant who cuts off my friend’s hand and takes some livers (spaghetti) and asks if anyone wants it!
After the operation, someone screams and throws a fake leg at the audience touring the house. Then, there’s FRANKENSTIEN (my teacher in a costume) who hugs you. That’s the part where most of the people are scared! After that, their’s the bad kid with a knife in his head (Someone in my class was lucky to be that) and the souvenir stand!
After the Haunted House was done, we went to the movie, and the dance!

Horseback Riding B-Day Party 2015

Sunday October 25 2015

My sister (Rose)and I were both invited to Alyssa’s Horseback Riding Birthday party. As you know, she is turning 10 years old, which is very important, because it’s a decade! April and Adalia were already there. April said that she arrived to the Riding School at 12:00, so she was the earliest, but she was bored! Because the birthday girl was late, we couldn’t wait for her to start. So we went into the equipment room to get helmets, and then we got our horses. Mine was named Buddy. He wasn’t really a good listener, but I still liked him! We walked our horses in a circle, and when Alyssa and the other late people got their horses, we went outside and finally, we could go on our horses. Buddy didn’t stop when I wanted him to, but at least he followed the horse in front.
Then the teenager helpers made us line up so we would have a turn to trot on the horse. I guessed that Buddy was a little mad, because in line, he bit the other horse’s eye. So they made him go out of line, but luckily I still got a turn to trot!
It was food time! But, for the horses first. Alyssa’s mom bought carrots for the horses. Since Buddy couldn’t get any for some unknown reason, Adalia was kind enough to let me help her feed her horse. Her horse was Tralala! What a funny name! I really liked that horse. It was really gentle.
Finally, it was food time for us! We got pizza, popcorn, fruit, vegetables, and drinks. Adalia was so hungry, she drank 4 box of orange juice! I drank Iced Tea. Then we had the pinata. I got pens, erasers, and of course, candy!!!
My dad then came to pick us up, so we got our loot bags, and headed home!

Despicable me 2

My dad brought me sister Rose, my friend Amy, and I to Cineplex theatres for Community Day, which was on October 24 2015. We chose to watch the movie Despicable me 2, which starred Minions! When the movie was over, we had to wait for my dad, who was watching Fast and Furious. I also saw Jake, who used to go to my school but went to gifted. I was just one point off!

Trick or Treating With the Mayor

Saturday October 24 2015

My dad brought me, my sister Rose, my friend Zicheng, his little sister Ziyi, his mom, and his little brother Ziheng to go Trick or Treating at the City Hall. Ziheng wore his dinosaur costume, and my sister and I wore our princess costume. Even the fact that we are in grade 5, but we still didn’t buy a new costume. We first lined up to get candy from the Costumed People. We first had to wait about 30 minutes, but we finally started to get candy. We first got rockets from Harry Potter, and then we got candy from Superman, Spiderman, or Batman.

We were also given starbursts from Inside out. Sad was there, but even in a photo, she was still depressed.  We also met the 3 princesses, Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella, who gave us candy necklaces. Then there was the crowd from Frozen. Olaf, Anna, and Elsa.

After them, the line headed outside to meet Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Tinman. Also the Minions who gave us bananas!

After the scary train, we met the mayor, who gave us a big bag of Papa Jack’s Popcorn. I got Dill Pickle flavor. Then we got Drinks, lollipops, and more candy. Decorated a mini pumpkin, rode a train, and went home!


October 20 2015

I participated in our school’s soccer team, and so I was chosen to go to the competition. Actually, everybody was brought to the competition, because the supervising teacher (Mr. Hume) wanted us to play, and we don’t need to win. Bringing 22 students to the competition, only 3 out of 22 children from Woodroffe were grade 5. Adalia(a friend in my class), Rose (My sister) and me, Cherry. The competition was close to Knoxdale public school, in a park. Since the parent volunteers who were bringing the kids in their car were full, Mr. Hume brought the three of us in his van. On the way there, we talked about strategies to win the game.

Then we got to eat. Elena bought Timbits and she shared them with the others! I took a chocolate flavor, and this muffin flavor (that’s what I’m going to call it for now)

We first went against Knoxdale. We tied 0-0. The next game was versus J.H Putman. We lost 2-1. But those were the only goals we let in. Playing against Broadview (they are really good) we tied 0-0 too! I was really proud because Broadview is really good, but they didn’t shoot any goals! Carmyn (our goalie) blocked the goals that they tried to shoot in.

Our win game was shot in Meadowlands. 3 nothing. Kailey was the only person that shoots goals, but I assisted the last one! Adalia was really proud of me! I told her that she was really good defence. I was a striker. A striker is the person how if they get scored on, they start with the ball, and that person is the one to take the ball away from the opposite team.

At the end, Mr.Hume said that we were tied 3rd place with another school. I have no clue what that school is, but I hope we get 3rd and I also do hope that the top 3 teams get medals!!

On the way back, we went in Mr.Hume’s car. And when we got off, he said “I don’t like anyone leaving anything in my car unless it’s a diamond or gold block!.” 😀 xD

We then went back to school to get picked up by our parents, but my sister and I were supposed to walk home.

Hockey 2015

October 17 2015

My dad brought me back to hockey. We put on our equipment, and then went on the ice. They taught us how to skate in a V shape, and to skate backwards in a bubble, and forwards in a bubble. Then we finally got to use our hockey stick to practice passing the puck. Back and forth, back and forth.

Then, we played real hockey vs a few kids on the red team( I am on the white team). I scored the first point! It was because the puck stopped right in front of the red teams net, and one of the coaches were looking like they would take the puck, so neither of my team, or the other team wanted to take the puck. After a few seconds, I figured that the coach wouldn’t take it, so I just skated there and shot it in!

My dad was laughing hard  because that goal was easy to get in. I was laughing too! Then after a while, we played hand soccer. It’s when you don’t have a hockey stick and you use that to hit the soccer ball and to hit it, you have to lean down. So it’s like your an old lady leaning down playing soccer, and doing a bunch of hand balls! I didn’t shoot any goals ( what do you expect? I’m not a pro here!) because it was really hard. All of the coaches were helping the red team, probably of the reason that they were kind of losing…

That was a tiring day!

Cross-Country 2015

October 13 2015

My dad gave me permission to go to the Cross-Country meet. So I handed in the form before the due date.

On the day of the meet in the morning, I went into gym 1 — where the runners were supposed to meet to get organized. I was in Tyler’s dad’s group with Ariyo, Sylvie, Wyatt, Raneem, Cameron, Kaitlyn, Tyler, and Max. My sister however on the other side, was with Madeleine’s mom’s group. The bus I went on had to pick up another school. Luckily it wasn’t Broadview, because they would have bragged about how they would win. The school was W.E. Gowling Public School.

The first grade to run was grade 2 girls, then boys. Then grade 3 girls, then the boys. And on and on like that till grade 5. Kaitlyn was really nervous. Sylvie went in the front row because she is really good at long distance. At the end, she was 9th and got a ribbon. I was 39. I beat my record by 40! I used to have 73 or 74. It was about less than 40. Next year, I will do Cross-Country again, and try to get a ribbon. Kaitlyn was 38. I did try to beat her, but she was really close to the finish line, I was about 4 metres away from her, and I was pretty tired. I somehow find the energy to sprint at the end, even if I’m tired! That’s how I was 39, and not 40!

Hockey Experience

October 10 2015

My dad has registered my sister Rose, and me, Cherry, for the “Learn to play hockey” at the Richcraft Arena (Sensplex). We already got our equipment, so we first signed in and got our name tag (to put on our helmet) and went into the change rooms to put on our equipment.

My sister and I were put on the same team, so we both got white jerseys with the Senators logo on. Then we got on the ice. I kinda fell, but it was comfortable! Then we were taught to skate on one leg, and use the other one to push yourself.

Then we finally got to use our hockey sticks to practice shooting. After a while, we got into teams. Sometimes, we would miss hitting the puck, sometimes we would trick them by that! But, I was lucky because I shot a goal! It went through legs, then into the net!

Dingerz Batting and Pitching Centre *Grand Opening*

October 3rd 2015

My dad brought my sister and I to the Dingerz Batting and Pitching Centre for the Grand Opening. He was lucky to get spots, because only the first 200 people to register would be able to have access to the party.

I first took chips, and looked at the TV. It was a Blue Jays game. I play baseball, so my dad is trying to find somewhere to buy a cheap, good quality, baseball glove.

I then looked at other kids at the Batting and Pitching room. They have these machines to help you improve your skills, and there are also staff to give you some tips. At 11: 00 AM, Mayor Jim Watson, President of the Ottawa Champions David Gourlay, and the President of Ruthian Baseball Brian Beehler all came to cut the ribbon. There was also prizes but I didn’t see where to collect them.