Loving Silent Tears Musical

September 26 2015

My dad brought me, my friend Amy, and my sister Rose  to Centerpoint theater for a special screening of “Loving Silent Tears”. It is a musical by Master Ching Hai. She is a vegitarian because if you eat meat, you are basically apreciating the fact that humans kill animals. I do like meat, but I won’t judge that.

The play, was about God, and it had lots of singing and dancing. The musical also had a woman taking a train to everywhere, which is what the Captain says. Then there’s a rich man who has a girlfriend who steals his money that he wins from gambling, then dates someone else.

So then, the Captain, the women, and the man are thrown off the train. The woman and the man then fight, and then the Captain calls the train to pick them up. The captain is very funny!

At the end, the train comes and pick them up, and the ex-girlfriend becomes the man’s girlfriend again.

After the musical, we ate vegetarian food, which was very delicious!


40 Years of Francophone

September 26 2015

At the school Knoxdale, there was a BBQ for the 40th year of Francophones(my parents also brought my friend Amy to the BBQ). We first lined up for the food. But it took long, so Amy brought me and my sister to the playground and she knew the area well because this is her school.

After a while, my mom came to bring us back in line because it was almost our turn. We all got hamburgers, juice, and chips. Then we played a treasure hunt. We had to find clues, and figure out the secret sentence. Then when we found it out, we got a prize. I got a Doddle Board, Amy got Old Maid cards, and my sister Rose got markers for school.

Then Amy and I went on a bouncy castle obstacle course. We basically tied the game! It was very fun.

We then played this game where you are attached with a suit, and a rope is attached to the suit. They put a black disc, and you try to reach it. They keep on putting it further till you can’t. The rope makes it harder to reach the disc.

Then Amy and I got apples, so we ate them. We both thought that they were very tasty and juicy!  My sister showed us her awesome pin,and we both liked it. So we made one ourselves. Mine said “I love sports”.

Then we went home.

Bai Du All You Can Eat

September 19 2015

My dad’s friend’s son named Duan Yang and his mom brought us to Bai Du restaurant. We ordered many different foods. But some of the meat, we had to cook, which I thought was amusing and fun!

My sister and I ordered Watermelon Juice and Apple juice, cucumber sushi, cow spare ribs (that we had to cook), rice mixed with carrots peas, and meat, and for dessert, chocolate ice cream, and vanilla ice cream. Very delicious.

My dad also made me eat mango sushi (I took out the mango because it was sour) and the avocado and cucumber sushi and obviously I took out the avocado because I don’t like the taste. My mom ordered peas, and I adore peas so I ate that too. The peas had salt, so I removed that.

Duan Yang was the person who tasted if the meat is raw, and once it wasn’t so he spat it out! It was soooo funny! I once asked him if the meat shiskabob was spicy. He said it wasn’t, and I looked at him suspiciously, and then he nodded yes! Meaning that he was trying to trick me!

I also saw the washroom where you wash your hands. That was very fancy. There was a blue flower shaped plate and the tap was very pretty! I really like the chandeliers too. I guessed that the restaurant was very rich because it was next to Walmart, and Walmart is very popular.

Then I ate my dessert, which was vanilla ice cream. Then  I still wasn’t full so I ordered another vanilla ice cream. When I finished it, I still wasn’t full, so Duan Yang helped me order another sushi. I ate five, and my sister ate one. But she didn’t like it so she gave it to my mom.

Me: 5 sushis

Rose: Half a sushi

My Mom: Half a sushi

Duan Yang and his mother were both surprised that I could do that because I ate that much.

Then Duan Yang paid and we went home!!!


Fall Kickoff BBQ and Bike Rodeo

September 19 2015

My sister and I brought my dad to our school on Saturday because our school had a free BBQ. We also brought our bikes to do the rodeo. I took a bag of chips and a hamburger. I was full after half a hamburger so I ate my bag of chips (it was Doritos).

Then I did the bike rodeo with my friends Kaitlyn, Sylvie, and Madeleine and I took another bag of chips and ate them.

Kaitlyn wanted to do some monkey bars so we both went to the Junior Yard and played on that structure. It was very fun. Then Mark Taylor was speaking on the microphone, saying thanks to the Crossing guards and stuff like that. Mayor Jim Watson was also invited, but I don’t think he had time to come, because I didn’t see him at the BBQ.

After the speech, Kaitlyn and I went on the bouncy castle. That was very amusing! There was cake but I saw that it was from Costco and I don’t really like Costco cakes so I didn’t get one. I also got a light for my bike, and a wrist band that you put on when your walking at night outside. It is supposed to reflect when a car’s light is shining on it, so that the driver knows that your there. I find it pretty smart!

Ariyo and Nathan was also there, but what was really weird, was that our principal and none of the teachers were present! I mean, they weren’t the ones who made this event, but this is their school!!!

Anyways, I also got a Crush (the soda drink). Cherry flavor! Which is funny because my name is Cherry! But it can be Cream soda. I’m not sure… But I didn’t drink it because I want to save it for something.

So that’s it for now. See ya!

Tree climbing

September 12 2015

My dad brought my sister and I to Dominion arboretum, central experimental farm where there was a Tree climbing race. Each climber has 20 minutes to throw their rope and climb. It’s what makes the contestants want to be fast so the audience wouldn’t be bored. First up was a women named Jessica. She did take time throwing her rope up (During this time, I took out a Banana Strawberry lollipop! FYI it tasts reall). When she succeeded, she put on her safety equipment, and started climbing. She got to the blue tape on the tree, which was the 3rd one from the bottom. Then a truck came, because her rope was tangled. So they untangled it, and the person who was on the truck even rang the bell attached to the tree so basically he won! Except it was basically cheating because he didn’t even touch the tree! But it didn’t count anyways because he wasn’t a contestant.

The winner of the competition will go to UK for the finals! I’m really curious of who will win. Because I am writing this post after the competition, so the people who stayed and watch the whole competition know who won.

And, I do want to know, if someone wins, what do they win. I guessed a trophy, or a medal. Maybe even nothing!

Then we went home!

VBS September 2015

On the first Saturday of September, my dad brought me my sister Rose to St Paul Lutheran Church for VBS. We first got our own name tags, then watched other people play Twister. Mary Ann, a girl, challenged Pasteur to play. Pasteur decided to give it a try, and he actually won! It was because if you fall, you lose, and Mary Ann fell, but Pasteur had very easy moves! Then a helper named Sarah did a skit with Mary Ann and his brother Christian. Mary Ann was Jesus, and Christian was the devil. The devil was trying to make Jesus sin, but he knew the whole bible, and defeated the devil.

After the skit, we had snack time. I got cheese, goldfish crackers, green grapes, and juice. It was all tasty!

We then got into groups. I was in the pink group with my sister Rose, Mary Ann, and Christian. We had a worksheet were we colored scuba divers, and we had to color a submarine the same color. To know what color, the scuba divers had people wanting to sin, and the submarines had God’s word that forbid them to sin. Then we played hang man because there was still a few more minutes.

Then we got to paint a canvas with a cross with a bible sentence. Mine was pink, but I really liked Rose’s canvas. It was very pretty!

For lunch, we ate chilly and garlic bread. We also got ice cream!  I got vanilla and chocolate.

Then we played games, and went home!