Baseball Game

August 29 2015

Me and my sister both play baseball, and for the end of the year party, our instructor named Kyle gave us tickets for the baseball game. It was the Ottawa Champions vs the Rocklanders. But for some reason, it was against the Garden State Greys. An email told us to go to a room, and my mom told me that this was a VIP room. When everyone from my baseball team and the other teams arrived, the president of the Ottawa Champions, and the First Base instructor for the Ottawa Champions came. They gave us baseball cards, and told us to find very specific cards. Whoever had them, would get baseball cards signed by the Ottawa Champion Players! Then we got hotdogs and drinks, and watched the game.

The Ottawa Champions won 4 to 3!!!!

My mom brought me closer to the place where they played, and a player gave me a used ball! Then my mom gave me a pen to get signatures from Sebastien Boucher, the pitcher, and the back catcher!  Then we went home!



Auguest 29 2015

Today my dad brought me, my sister Rose and my brother Kingsong to CodeDojo. It is a club that teaches people to code. There were two choices. Web development, and video games. I chose to do video games. We went on Scratch, and made a new game. It was when you had a sprite, and make it jump over another animal. If you want to try my game, click here for the link. Then I played different games that other people made. Then I tried doing Web Development, and we were supposed to do Codecademy. But since I had a hard time doing a question, and he couldn’t help me, he told me that I could continue playing Scratch, so I did.

Then we went home!

I am a Archaeologist

Today, my parents brought me and my sister Rose to a historic site. It was called Pinhey’s point. They showed us how they would find objects, and their goal was to find out how people lived years ago. They found a wall, and they think it was about 200 years old, because they found a coca-cola bottle that was that many years old. Then we got to try digging stuff and finding objects. I found broken plates and cups, and my sister even found a blue crayon and a toy dinosaur! It was really fun!

Closing ceremony

At the Carlingwood library, my mom brought my sister Rose and me to the Carlingwood library for the closing ceremony of the summer reading club. My friend Faye and her little sister Zoe was there too! Emily was there, but she’s mean to me. So I don’t like her. But I still am nice to her anyways. We first played a “gameshow” called “A minute to win it!”. But only for one of the games, they would time you, and the limit of time is sixty seconds.

Finally, I got chosen to play. But guess who I was against! ROSE! A sister vs sister game. We had to use cups to stack a mountain. Rose won, and got 3 smarties boxes as a prize. But she gave me two boxes because she had one at home and it would be fair for me to have two too!

Then we got cake. I got chocolate. So did Rose, Faye, Zoe, and Emily. It was delicious!

For our crafts, we used a wooden mixing spoon to make a person, but on the other side, it was a monster! LOL XD

Then we got to choose a book to bring home, and then went home!

Science unschool

Today at the Centerpoint library, my mom brought me and my sister Rose to that library for an event. We started with a balloon and rub it on your hair which creates friction. Then they gave us paper, and the balloon actually lifted up  the paper!

With a comb, comb your hair, and try lifting up the paper again! Then we got to learn how lightning and thunder works.

They also gave us 3D glasses, and we saw cool stuff.

Then we made sand that can make a statue or anything, and goo!

Then we went home!


As I was on the blue jays team (not the professional team), we went against the KID TEAM St Louis Cardinals. But really, THEY ARE GOOD! They hit the ball very hard so that it goes into the grass! I was really impressed. I bet they were trained by professional person!


Obviously we lost, but only by 2 points! I was very happy because at the end, we got Popsicle!

VBS St Paul Church 2015

August 15 2015

my dad brought me and my sister Rose to VBS. The theme was Dive In (The sea or ocean). When we got there, we got name tags. The lady’s name was also Rose!  We first played hot potato with a stuffed frog.  Then we did an Ice Breaker. You would have a half of an ocean creature and you would have to find the other half. The person with the other half would say their name and you would say your name to know each other. I got a half of a pink fish and I think (i forgot) I also got a I forgot sorry.

Then we got into our groups. I was with Alexis, Deandre, Rebekah, another girl, another girl, and Rose. We were the older kids group. Our leader was named Tim. After, we went to the Saturday School Kitchen for our lesson. It was why Jesus died on the cross and how he came back to life. We learned it at the other VBS school last week. Then we did activities for the sayings in the Bible and we went to the back down for game. There was big janga, but I played the other game where you have sticks, and 3 holes. You get into 3 teams, and each team pulls one stick at a time. You try to get the sticks to go into the other holes when they fall down. But if they fall into your hole, it doesn’t count as a point.

At snack time, I ate brownies, watermelon, some frutopia juice, and some green grapes.

Then we went upstairs for crafts. We made a message in a bottle. We filled it with colored sand, shells, and rocks. Then you would put a verse from the bible inside. Then you would put the cork to cover the hole on the top, and attach a picture of a sand dollar.

Then we went home.


August 12 2015

For the second day of code camp, we started with doing scratch on the computer. I made a game where you have to get a princess and a prince to their castle. Scratch is a website for people who want to code and just started. You can make anything! Rose made a maze, you could make a game of Mario or a game to figure out how to escape a room. anything!

Then we went downstairs to watch videos of other people using code to make cool stuff! Robots, an app to clean the world, and more! When I grow up, I would want to make an game app!  It would be a game not a interactive game.

Then we played Goldieblox. It’s where you have to build a tower, and put a dog on a target. Then if you hit the second target with a ball, the dog falls into the water. It is very amusing and fun! I really like the part where you build it, because it teaches you architecture.  After that, a teenager built a lego mindstorm that the camp bought. We had to get into groups of three to help each other build the parts. My group had to make the battery holder part. It was very simple. When the robot was finished and activated, it was very awesome! I really liked how it could be attached to a cell phone so you can control the robot. It was very amazing and cool. But, the most surprising thing was the price. It was (to )


August 13 2015

My dad brought my mom, my sister, my grandparents, and me to a baseball game. But it was the Canadian deaf Society who paid for the tickets but they got them for free because they were a sponsor. We also got to choose our seats. So we picked the 2 row. It was the Ottawa Champions versus the Garden State Greys. I noticed that they threw the ball very fast! They also had good aim.

The Ottawa Champions are very good at catching. Proof: When one of the Greys hit the ball with the bat very high, they would always catch it, which means their out! Another thing I want to point out, is that when a Greys was at first base and one was batting, the first base catcher got the ball, threw the ball to the second base, they caught the ball and got 1 person out, then threw it back to the first base, and in total, they got 2 people out! Before the batter hit, there was already one out. So I thought that it was very interesting! It is a very efficient way also a very quick way to get someone out!