Baseball At The Library

July 29 2015 2:00

Today at the Carlingwood library (the one across my school) at 2:00 Faye’s (my friend) mom brought me and my sister with Faye to the library for an event called “Out of the park”. We were about 6 minutes late but luckily they were waiting for more people to start. Turns out that we were the last ones to arrive. Emily (an other friend that Faye knows) was there too. She is very addicted and obsessed with a stuffed cupcake snowball named Flakes. A women from the Nepean Museum came to talk about baseball and crafts we could do. She first introduced us about the history of baseball. It was invented during the Civil War, and was played very frequently. Then we did a cross word about baseball, and a word search. After if finished, the Nepean museum women told me to make a baseball flag. I wrote my name with the stickers they provided, and this is how it turned out:

I used a red triangle flag

GO CHERRY written in the center of the flag

I used stickers and put NO.1 after the GO CHERRY

Put stars on the sides of the triangle flag

Used number stickers and put 2015 on the back

Then I made my own baseball card. For number of home runs in 2015, I put 90000/ A lot! Then I borrowed some books and went home!


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