Clowning in The Library

July 28 2015

My dad brought me and my sister to the Rideau library for a program to be a clown. 😀 But get this: It was a REAL clown. 😮 Not in his costume or anything, but Scott the clown was here to teach us how to be a clown and things about the clown. Before a show, a clown would warm up his imagination, his body, and voice. How we warmed up:


A tickly thing in our thumb that gets to our whole hand, then the the arm, and the whole arm. Then it ends. But WHOA! It’s goes in your other thumb into your whole hand, then arm, then your whole arm and up! Then with the feet, and the bumm, stomach, and head.

CAUTION: Careful at the head part. Child might hurt their neck by shaking it hard.


You sing ah, ah (higher) and louder, staccato, and legato, and maybe even different tones. Like ho, hi, hay, li, la etc…

CAUTION: If you sing high, then switch quickly to low, you or someone else may harm yourself.


The leader (In this case it’s Scott the clown) thinks of something to do, and shouts it. Then everyone including the leader does it. When the leader wants to switch, he or she stops what their doing and shouts it out loud.


Leader: Let’s build a birdhouse!

Everyone else: LET’S!!

Everyone can do silly things while playing. Like using the hammer and accidentally hit your thumb!

CAUTION: If your pretending to be mad, DO NOT hit or kick anyone.


Then we started being a clown. Scott said to be mad, embarrassed, etc. Then he said to pretend we farted when we weren’t supposed to. (At a meeting, marriage, etc)  I pretended to blame it on someone and when their fighting about who farted, I walked away! It was very amusing! LOL XD Then we pretended that the smell was the most nice smelling, and the smell that was VERY DISGUSTING!  But then we realize that it’s the worlds smelliest fart so were very joyful! 🙂 YAY!  After that, we sat in a circle and Scott gave us a real latex clown nose! It was the adult size so it was very challenging to fit it on our noses. But I managed by squeezing the opening towards the inside and put it on. My dad took a picture of me and my sister with the clown nose on our nose! We looked very professional! LOL!! Then we went home!


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