Emerald Plaza — Nature Calls

July 24 2015 my sister, dad, and I went to the Emerald Plaza Library for a special event called: “Nature Calls”. We made bird feeders with cheerios and put them on pipe cleaners. Then Emily (The assistant ) said that it was too quiet so she put on some music. I made 3 bird feeders. Then we moved on the the next activity. The minions versus the purple minions that we called Pinions!


I was on the minion team with an other boy and my sister. We won all the games:

Pine cone throw:

Each player gets two pinecones. You try and throw them in the basket at a time.

Catch the seeds:

You get a butterfly net and an other person on the pinion team gets on too. Someone throws the maple tree seeds and the two people try to catch as many seeds before they touch the ground.

Last game was called Disc throw:

Each team stands in a line. One team on the back side of the hula hoop, and the other in front. The first person gets a disc to try and throw inside the hoop, then they give the disc to the next person.

Then we got to make tic tac tow minion versus pinions! They gave us rocks colored purple and yellow and we had to draw a minion and a pinion on them. Then we got to bring them home! After the program, we stayed for Wii. We played Super Mario 6 I think. But it’s a 4 player Wii game and you get to chose which map and which level. Then you try and find a flag and touch it meaning that you succeeded. But if everyone dies then it’s game over.


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