Korean Festival 2015

July 18 2015, my family went to the Embassy of Korea for taste of delicious Korean food. But really, some of the food was delicious! I really liked the noodles and the meat! They also did a cooking class and a Tai Kwan Do demonstration! My favorite part was that not that they only had a fighting competition but that they also had a dancing competition!  I also enjoyed eating the snacks they provided. They even showed a traditional Korean wedding! The bride’s dress was very beautiful and colorful! But the bride can not show her face. A real Korean wedding would take about 3 days, but since the festival was only for one day, they made it short. But they did include everything important. Then I ate some more  yummy food and went to the Asian Market. My sister and my Chinese school principal’s lion dance troup did a lion dance performance. Then we went to my mom’s friend’s tent to buy lamb kabobs (these were also delicious!). Then a person named Andy and his friend went onstage (by the way I do not know him.) and sang Chinese songs. But really their voice is very good! Then we went to a water filling station to drink some water, then went back home!


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