Chamber Fest 2015

July 29 2015   1:00

Today my dad brought me and my sister to City Hall because the Chamber Fest was there. They were a string quartet but they also did rapping and pop. They played many wonderful songs, and different types. Mexican, Pop, Rock, and Classical. I liked the Mexican one best. The string quartet was also very funny! XD Then we went to the library. (Continued in the next post!)


Baseball At The Library

July 29 2015 2:00

Today at the Carlingwood library (the one across my school) at 2:00 Faye’s (my friend) mom brought me and my sister with Faye to the library for an event called “Out of the park”. We were about 6 minutes late but luckily they were waiting for more people to start. Turns out that we were the last ones to arrive. Emily (an other friend that Faye knows) was there too. She is very addicted and obsessed with a stuffed cupcake snowball named Flakes. A women from the Nepean Museum came to talk about baseball and crafts we could do. She first introduced us about the history of baseball. It was invented during the Civil War, and was played very frequently. Then we did a cross word about baseball, and a word search. After if finished, the Nepean museum women told me to make a baseball flag. I wrote my name with the stickers they provided, and this is how it turned out:

I used a red triangle flag

GO CHERRY written in the center of the flag

I used stickers and put NO.1 after the GO CHERRY

Put stars on the sides of the triangle flag

Used number stickers and put 2015 on the back

Then I made my own baseball card. For number of home runs in 2015, I put 90000/ A lot! Then I borrowed some books and went home!

Code Party

July 28 2015 6:00

My parents brought my sister and I to the Southway Hotel for a kids can code party. My dad found out an online invitation and When we got there, we had to put on name tags. Then my mom had to complete a form to confirm that we were present. I spotted Faye, our friend. 🙂 We went into the room with Faye. We found a spot for my family and Faye to sit. Faye’s sister Zoe sat on her mom’s lap across from our row. Then we took a few egg sandwiches and tasted them. Mmmmm, were they tasty! 😀 Then Faye’s mom found notebooks and pens we could take. My mother told me to take notes with them. Since there was still time, we played hang man. See if  you can guess this:

Category: Food

I     _i_ _e   e_ _ i _ _ _ s_ s _ i!    Answer will be provided at the end of this awesome post! XD LOL XD

Then Erica (The hostess) introduced everyone who sponsors the event, and even Mark Taylor (The Ottawa city Councillor )and The Embassy of USA came! Which probably means this event is very special. Then I asked my dad why was this event in a hotel. He explained that it was maybe because they had a lot of money. Because you have to pay for the time, the refreshments, the microphone, and you also have to buy the 3-D printers and computers, and rent or buy projectors. I then took a random glance at my notepad. I guessed that the hotel’s motto was “Southway. Unchain your Expectations” because it was written on the notepad on the middle. Then a person started talking about a 6 year old boy who was born without a hand. They wanted to help but didn’t know how! So they chose 2 choices to pick. Do what can work, or learn what can. So they held a contest to see who made the best fake hand that would work on a real human being. Two Ottawa University students used a 3-D printer and printed a hand with fingers that could actually move! I’m not sure how he controls the hand but whatever it is, it works! YAY! 😀  Then an other guy introduced  Scratch. It’s a website where you don’t have to remember stuff like HTML and CSS and is very useful for people who don’t like remembering things but want to try or do coding. If you like remembering stuff, try codecademy. It’s a site where you learn different types of code language such as JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, and CSS. JavaScript is for movement, html is for words but can also be used for pictures and movement, and CSS is styling your HTML code. I suggest you or/and your child do coding and start with HTML and CSS. These two code languages are learnt together because CSS styles the HTML code, and with no HTML, there would be no CSS. But it isn’t the same way around. You can also style your HTML in your HTML code, using specific code. If you feel like it, start with codecademy. But the easiest (In my opinion) is Scratch or codecademy. After we saw the video about scratch, we had a djembe drum     demonstration. Then we could wander around, eating the refreshments, and check out the djembe drums or the website Scratch. Then we went home.    😀

Answer: I like eating sushi!

Clowning in The Library

July 28 2015

My dad brought me and my sister to the Rideau library for a program to be a clown. 😀 But get this: It was a REAL clown. 😮 Not in his costume or anything, but Scott the clown was here to teach us how to be a clown and things about the clown. Before a show, a clown would warm up his imagination, his body, and voice. How we warmed up:


A tickly thing in our thumb that gets to our whole hand, then the the arm, and the whole arm. Then it ends. But WHOA! It’s goes in your other thumb into your whole hand, then arm, then your whole arm and up! Then with the feet, and the bumm, stomach, and head.

CAUTION: Careful at the head part. Child might hurt their neck by shaking it hard.


You sing ah, ah (higher) and louder, staccato, and legato, and maybe even different tones. Like ho, hi, hay, li, la etc…

CAUTION: If you sing high, then switch quickly to low, you or someone else may harm yourself.


The leader (In this case it’s Scott the clown) thinks of something to do, and shouts it. Then everyone including the leader does it. When the leader wants to switch, he or she stops what their doing and shouts it out loud.


Leader: Let’s build a birdhouse!

Everyone else: LET’S!!

Everyone can do silly things while playing. Like using the hammer and accidentally hit your thumb!

CAUTION: If your pretending to be mad, DO NOT hit or kick anyone.


Then we started being a clown. Scott said to be mad, embarrassed, etc. Then he said to pretend we farted when we weren’t supposed to. (At a meeting, marriage, etc)  I pretended to blame it on someone and when their fighting about who farted, I walked away! It was very amusing! LOL XD Then we pretended that the smell was the most nice smelling, and the smell that was VERY DISGUSTING!  But then we realize that it’s the worlds smelliest fart so were very joyful! 🙂 YAY!  After that, we sat in a circle and Scott gave us a real latex clown nose! It was the adult size so it was very challenging to fit it on our noses. But I managed by squeezing the opening towards the inside and put it on. My dad took a picture of me and my sister with the clown nose on our nose! We looked very professional! LOL!! Then we went home! music IDs

Cinema skrillex=130777688
FUS RO DAH=130776150
Cant touch this=131122314
Troll anthem=130803007
First Of The Year=132251996
Fox say=130797915
nYAN CAT=130786686
Not afraid=131149175
derp song=131556035
Look at me now=131146361
Keyboard cat=133346243
Sparta remix=131954732
Harlem shake=131154740
Epic sax=130775431
Bad boys=132007810
still dre=131026820
Only girl in world=134580833
Da funk=134637058
Bon Fire=133014061
I love it=135996929
Jar of dirt=134601625
Spin me round=135210187
Gummy bear=135791872
Shrek Theme=132603176
Candy shop=135212455
Lets get it started=138134680
See me trollin=138143795
COD Zombies=138768166
Human After All=130959332
Arab money=136505903
Gangnam Style=130844430
Durka Durk=130776787
Wrecking Ball=130783238
Party Rock Anthem=130776004
Oops, I Farted=130798484
May I Take Your Hat Sir=130765520
Not Afraid=131149175
Life Alert=130768088
The Ugly Barnacle=130852648
Holy Grail=130926000
Slow Down=131223517
Can’t Hold Us=135410229
The Monster=137482657
Bacon Pancakes=131241738
Let Her Go=138087152
My Little Pony=138285252
Counting Stars=138130725
Moves Like Jagger=135847821
Plankton Song=130783719
BEE DO BEE DO!=130844390
Adventure Time=138077587
Right Round=135210187
Crazy Frog=132947307
Hall of Fame=136242893
Dumb Ways to Die=132247469
Apple Bottom Jeans=138184193
Oh’ Kill Em=139222895
Jingle Bells=138131814
I Like “Tortles”=135306272
Campfire Song=138185519
Lazy Song=138310274
Peter Griffin=138084550

Chamber Festival Music

July 25 2015 my whole family went to the National Gallery of arts to listen to Jazz. We were very late so we didn’t hear him introduce himself so I don’t know his band name and stuff like that. But he did play some songs that he composed. At three o’clock we went in the National Art Gallery’s Auditorium to learn about Haydn’s life. He was separated from his family at the age of five. That was when he started learning to play the violin. After the MC told us about Haydn’s life, he played a piece composted by Hayden and told us how come it was weird. He started with something that would have been an ending, and he repeated that but added a few different things. Either an extra time, an octave or a different tone. He asked the audience if it was funny. Because Haydn put the end in the beginning! Then at the end of the performance the MC did the “The End” part again! LOL XD XD :p

Emerald Plaza — Nature Calls

July 24 2015 my sister, dad, and I went to the Emerald Plaza Library for a special event called: “Nature Calls”. We made bird feeders with cheerios and put them on pipe cleaners. Then Emily (The assistant ) said that it was too quiet so she put on some music. I made 3 bird feeders. Then we moved on the the next activity. The minions versus the purple minions that we called Pinions!


I was on the minion team with an other boy and my sister. We won all the games:

Pine cone throw:

Each player gets two pinecones. You try and throw them in the basket at a time.

Catch the seeds:

You get a butterfly net and an other person on the pinion team gets on too. Someone throws the maple tree seeds and the two people try to catch as many seeds before they touch the ground.

Last game was called Disc throw:

Each team stands in a line. One team on the back side of the hula hoop, and the other in front. The first person gets a disc to try and throw inside the hoop, then they give the disc to the next person.

Then we got to make tic tac tow minion versus pinions! They gave us rocks colored purple and yellow and we had to draw a minion and a pinion on them. Then we got to bring them home! After the program, we stayed for Wii. We played Super Mario 6 I think. But it’s a 4 player Wii game and you get to chose which map and which level. Then you try and find a flag and touch it meaning that you succeeded. But if everyone dies then it’s game over.

Tree investigation

July 19 2015 we went to a place which I kinda forgot but we had a guide and he was going to teach us how to identify different sorts of trees. We learnt about the:

Japanese Spruce

Black Spruce

White Spruce

And more!

Bye bye sorry for the  shortness of this but I don’t really know what to write about. 😦

Japanese Hot dogs 2015

July 19 2015, my whole family (including my grandparents, both of them) went to the City Hall, after going to the tree observation. We got tickets for hot dogs but my dad also bought the Japanese noodles for 3$. Please comment if you bought Japanese noodles for less money so my dad will regret buying it! I didn’t really like the noodles but it was pretty good tasting. The hot dogs had ginger, this kind of white smudgy that kind of looks like wet rice and seaweed!! OMG seaweed is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (× it by 1999999999, 9999999999 9999999, 999999999999999999999999999999999999) delicious. But let’s hope you have the answer to this question please:


Please explain in a comment because it’s probably the only way thank you!

Anyways, the ginger was spicy so I took everything out except the seaweed and the hot dog itself and ate the seaweed singly and ate the hot dog like a plain one. Then we got a lollipop from two people. I got green and my sister got orange. It was very tasty!

Reminder: My dad owes me a big lollipop because I got the needle first.

Anyway, after getting the lollipop, I brought my sister to the tea festival demonstration and how you do it. But you have to make the visitors satisfied so everything has to be clean and spic and span! After the demo we went back to the van and went home. :’)


Korean Festival 2015

July 18 2015, my family went to the Embassy of Korea for taste of delicious Korean food. But really, some of the food was delicious! I really liked the noodles and the meat! They also did a cooking class and a Tai Kwan Do demonstration! My favorite part was that not that they only had a fighting competition but that they also had a dancing competition!  I also enjoyed eating the snacks they provided. They even showed a traditional Korean wedding! The bride’s dress was very beautiful and colorful! But the bride can not show her face. A real Korean wedding would take about 3 days, but since the festival was only for one day, they made it short. But they did include everything important. Then I ate some more  yummy food and went to the Asian Market. My sister and my Chinese school principal’s lion dance troup did a lion dance performance. Then we went to my mom’s friend’s tent to buy lamb kabobs (these were also delicious!). Then a person named Andy and his friend went onstage (by the way I do not know him.) and sang Chinese songs. But really their voice is very good! Then we went to a water filling station to drink some water, then went back home!