Dragon Boat Festival

It was thee 2015 Dragon boat festival. But before we got to go there, we went to Dow’s Lake. Because a company that makes submarines were showing them. Then we went to the Dragon festival. We got to drink sparkling water. Then we saw a little bit of the race, and some kind of trick show. My last and favorite show was the stunt show on a bicycle. We even got his autograph. The guy’s name was Chris Clark and he even scared people by going fast then stopping like one inch in front of them. After we got his autograph, we span the a wheel. I got a bag as a prize, and my sister got a bag and a hand sanitizer. Then we went home!



Centerpoint event

Today which is June 23 2015, my dad, my sister and I went to Centerpoint to do binary. It’s where you have 5 pieces of paper in rectangles and you fold them in half. On one side, you write 0. On the other, you write the numbers 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 but ONLY ONE NUMBER ON EACH PAPER! Then you put the number 1 under the number 1, 2, to 16. Picture:

Gymnastics Dance 2015

I did a dance at my ORGC club. We did ball and rope. It was very fund. I wore a silver sparkly skirt and a flower band in my hair. I had my hair in a pony tail. I also watched other gymnasts do their dances. I think Cleo (my student teacher on Sundays because Kiko who was my normal teacher on Sundays was somewhere else. But my Friday teacher named Brihanna does’t have a sub unless she’s at a competition.) had the best dance of all of them. At the end, Brihanna and Sing (the “principal” of the gymnastics club) gave every gymnast including my group and me and rose. They were all pink and very beautiful! Then we took a group photo and went back home.

Finding out codes

Ever tried finding out codes? Well, one thing for sure, it’s pretty complicated. Especially the cipher code.

There’s a lot of keywords:


How much times you move the letter A to the right


The sentence used with codes in code language NOT ENGLISH!!!

And last but not least, Cipher:

The name of the object you use.

Anyways, at Centerpoint June 22 2015, me, my dad, and my mother and I went to the Centerpoint library because of a program that teaches you how to decode codes, and how the computer organizes data. So to start, chose 4 random numbers from 0 to 9. Then you write them in the circles. Now, you put the numbers on the circle above the numbers. Now you compare. The bigger number goes to the right, the smaller number follows the left arrow or line. Then, at the last stage, the numbers should be in order. But a computer does it way faster. Like, 100 times faster, They can do it in 1 second when humans, probably 40.


So this is a cipher wheel. To decode,you first spin the wheel to the right how much times it says on the key.

Then you take the first letter of the word in the code sentence, and you find it on the top, then look on the bottom to find out what letter it means. BY THE WAY! I’M NO SPY! I just learnt it from students from Carlton university. I’m just a innocent little girl! To write a code, you do the opposite. So ya!


Centerpoint Vertual Ventures

Date: June 15 2015

Today my sister, my dad and I went to Centerpoint because we registered for a Electricity engineering. We made circuits,  the simple ones, series circuits, and parallel circuits. What are these? Good question:

Simple Circuits:

You have a battery, attach a wire, and the wire is going to be connected to a bulb for example.

The copper wire is an example of a wire you would use for the circuit. The wire HAS to go in a circle, like the picture above.

Series Circuit:

A series circuit is an other example of a circuit.

So you see a battery,but there’s 2 other new things. A switch, and an other light bulb. The wire powers the bulbs, but you have to turn the switch on so the light turns on.


Parallel Circuit:

The parallel circuit is the most hardest circuits ever. If a wire isn’t attached to a light bulb, then the whole process shuts down. The wire has to go in a circle, and it has to be connected to every light bulb your using.

So in this case, there’s a switch, but there’s 3 bulbs. The wire is the black line, and it’s connected to all of the 3 bulbs. The switch, (which is turning on and off) is activated the bulbs, which allows the bulbs to light up.

So you learned a lot about circuits. To make some, buy the electronic kit (that’s what it’s called I guess). 😀



Macskimming 2015

Day: June 8 2015

Why: Field Trip


So today me and my class went to Macskimming to learn about animals and habitats. My guide’s name was David. Our cabin was the 3rd trail. Man, there was a lot of mosquitoes 😦 ! Luckily, I brought bug spray. 🙂 But before we could put it on, we had a little bit of our dinner. I ate one of my apple pieces and half of my rice. Then David asked if anyone spotted any dinosaurs. I thought he was just kidding, but he actually hid some toy animals. So we went outside and tried to find them. I only found 4. Then when we passed the boundary, my guide asked how much everyone found. Some people found 7! Then he made us form a search group with a parent. I went with Mme Kelsi (the student teacher that promised to come back after her time with us to teach us was over). In my group was Sami, me, and Deniz. I was so glad Deniz was in my group cause she let me use her umbrella! David told us a clue to find more. Look up, down, behind, JUST EVERYWHERE! We made a plan. Mme. Kelsi would count, Sami would look up, me right, Deniz left. As a total, we found 12! I thought the person (couldn’t remember 😕 ) Then David said we would go deeper into the woods. When we got to our destination, he gave us some cups. He told us to put insects and animals that we found. But wow it was raining badly! We caught centipedes, millipedes, salamanders, and frogs! Then we played Owl and Squirrel. My teacher was the owl, and we had to find a pine cone. Just to see that we know stuff, he asked us which tree it came from. We found it out. So we put our pine cone around his feet. Then we go hide. After 20 seconds, he tries and spot people without moving. But he can turn. People hid behind the tree behind him. I had to hold an umbrella and I didn’t get caught! Then when like 1 minute passed, we run to get our pine cone. I got mine in 10 seconds! So a bunch of people won! Then we went to a pond. We went with a parent that had a bucket filled with water. Then David gave us scoops. My group got a bunch of tadpoles and Deniz even found a frog egg! If you put them in your hands, it tickles! Then went back to our cabin to eat. When we finished, David explained how to play Predators and pray. For 30 minutes, you try to survive being a omnivore, a herbivore, or a carnivore. I was a herbivore. I teamed up with our class’s fasted person, Ariyo. I was the only girl in our team though! We go 6 lives. The lives were little wood chips. If a omnivore or carnivore touched us, we lose a life. So we have to give them one. Then David gave everyone a paper. We had to hole punch the food and water station. They were wood placks with a style of hole punch. Then we had to find the mate station. I survived and only lost one life! That was because Ahmed found me and I had a cramp. I also got all of the food and water punches. And I even found the mate part. Then we went to pack our stuff and went on the bus to school.

Open doors ottawa 2015

Today (June 7 2015)me, my sister, my grandparents, and my dad went to the Central Experimental Farm. But at breakfast, we had tofu. I asked my dad how do you make tofu? Well, he didn’t answer my question. All he said was “I don’t know. The best thing to do is to ask a question, and try to answer it yourself. “We learnt about diseases that make the plants that people grow rotten and bad to eat. One of the diseases that we learnt was very bad. But people in India would eat them anyways. So the people that got sick threw up a lot and got really sick. NOW WAS LUCK! The next stop: How do you make tofu! You use soybean, soak it, mush it, and heat it.


      The end

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Then there was a poster with oats on it and on the table was snacks with oats. The poster said to eat a lot of oats. I took oatmeal and cinnamon. My sister took the cookies, and the rest of my family took the same thing that I took. At the exit, we got a sunflower. Me one, my sister one, and my grandma one. She gave me hers though. After that we went to see flying objects and the canola oil.



Open doors 2015 Ottawa

June 6 to 7 2015 was doors open. Me and my family except my mom (cause she was a little sick) first went to the Canadian Blood Services Center. Have you ever wondered what happens to your blood when you donate some? Well, that was the place to learn. We went at the 1:00 tour. Our guides, Rage and Stephanie explained each steps and Stephanie even gave us some true or false questions. I only got 1 wrong (there was only 2). Then after the tour my dad took the test to see what kind of blood he was. After that we went to a moskque. The owner showed us around. Then we ate cookies and drank the juice they had. A few days ago, on our door handle, we found a Baskin Robbins coupon so we wen to Baskin Robbins. To 12:00 to 4:00 it was buy one waffle cone get one free. I got vanilla and my sister got Bubble gum. My, the ice cream was delicious. I saw that there was a lot of people that went to our school. That was a fun day! But also tasty! 😀