Bread is life!

Bread is delicious, right? You may not like all sorts of them but you like them. Maybe not if you have allergies though. But on May 30 2015, one day before the last awesome day of May,   we went to T&T. Not necessarily T&T but close to there. It was beside goodlife fitness. Why did we go there? Not because of bread tasting or anything like that. Just guess. But HEY! You may not be able to because I didn’t really give out some clues. And it’s for the opening of that place. But anyways:




Our Chinese school principal invited my sister and I to do a lion dance performance with Aidan and other people. We were both in the same lion. I was in the back and my sis was the front. Then after that we went to T&T and bought stuff. OKAY! LET’S GET TO THE BREAD IS LIFE! So after we went shopping at T&T we went to centerpoint to watch a movie called 27° C Loaf Bread. It’s about a person named Wu Pao-chun and his dad died when he was young. His mother struggles to to feed the family with the income from her job on a pineapple plantation. He eats it so much that he hates it. It’s ether too sour or salty. One day at school, a girl that always shares her candy but not her red bean bun goes down the slide with Wu. Her shoe is untied so she tells Wu to hold her bun. While she ties her laces, Wu takes a bite of her bun. He finds it delicous and takes an other one. The girl finds out and just let’s him have it. But in the inside, she’s mad. So Wu promises that he will make her one and give it to her. Then he tries his best and becomes world’s best bread maker. You should see the real movie it’s very sad and happy.


How to make a good dance

Hello friend! My mom told me to write this so I can play computer. But it is helpful. Cause today I will tell you how to make and perform a good dance. Follow them step by step and if you enter a competition, you’ll win (I hope).

1. Big movements

If you have tiny movements, people may find it boring. You can have some, but make sure you add a couple of big ones.

2. Different moves:

If you do the same movements over and over again, it’ll be boring. Repeating them is okay, but do some different moves that don’t repeat. Ex: Grape vine x3 backup, jump, disco dance, Grape vine x3, backup, jump, and instead of disco dance, do like maybe turn and wave.

3. Energy:

You want to pretend you have so much energy that the people watching you want to dance with you. Usually big moves show a lot of energy but small ones could do the same.

4. Synchronized:

If there’s 2 people or more dancing the same dance, try and do it  at the same time. If you’re supposed to do it at a different time, that’s okay, but one shouldn’t be faster then the other(s).

5. Safe

If you’re going to do a head spin on your head, bad idea. You could badly damage your head. If you’re an expert at it, then sure! Go ahead. But you can’t just say: “Oh, I think I’m an expert”. You’re teacher has to approve it.

That’s all of my tips, and thank you for reading it! Bye!

Canadian Tulip Festival 2015

When: Mai 13 2015

Time: 10:00

Where: Dow’s Lake

Why: Workshops from Evergreen Mulch & Soil, Canadian Science & Technology Museum/Canadian Agriculture and Food Museum, Gees Bees Honey Company, and Origami.

Today we skipped a little bit school (which I don’t like to do) to go to Dow’s Lake for the Tulip Festival events and workshops. There, we got pepper and tomato seeds from Evergreen Mulch and Soil. They taught us how to make a pizza garden, and gave us seeds to make one. Then we went to the tent of the Gees Bees Honey Company and they showed us what the bees do to make honey. They also had a beehive and I asked why one place was getting crowded of bees. They explained that the bees were cold and they were cuddling up to get warm. Then we went to a table and made a paper tulip. It was truly beautiful! Then we drew a picture of 3 tulips, a sun, 2 clouds, a goblin, a ladybug, and butterfly.  My dad told us to color it at home because we were losing time. The next stop was the Science and Technology Museum. We learned about gravity and friction. We also made butter! You take skimmed milk, and shake it till you can’t hear anything when you shake it. Then you keep on shaking it till you can hear something.  Then we went home, ate lasagna for lunch, and went to school. My friend (my best friend) had no idea I was here at school for some reason though!


Field Trip May 4th 2015

Date: May 4 2015

Why: For a field trip to meet Jaime Koeble who is a Metis lady

Where: In down town

How: On OC transpo

May the forth be with you day! Not to celebrate it, but we had a field trip that day! We were studying the rights of the Algonquins and the Native people. How they were treated and how they had to give up their land to fight for their country. Even if they are helping the country they live in, or the’re fighting for Canada, and they live in Canada, they have to give up their home and land. Then they could join the army. Unfair, right? We took the OC transpo to downtown. Then we went to the City Hall  to go to the washroom or to drink water. There was also displays of how to be safe and to be prepared. We went to the Human rights monument to wait for Jaime. There we took a class photo for some reason. We met Jaime and she explained what the Human rights monument stood for. She did that for the Algonquin War Veteran, the Joseph Brant or Thayendanegea. Then we went to kitchi zibi and she explain how the government just built all these things without permission. But she was interrupted by someone playing a Star Wars song with the bells. Because after all, it was May the 4th. We then went a little closer to the Chaudiere Falls. Number 2 after the Niagara Falls. But she said people couldn’t tell it was number 2 after the Niagara Falls because of the Dam. She explained more of that. Then she had to leave for the other group. We had to walk back to the OC transpo stop and then went back to school. Right when I got to school, I ran to the water fountain. What? I was actually dying of thirst.

100th post!

Today I wrote my 101 post! So I will celebrate! Please comment down anything you know or have 101 of. Like 101 Dalmatians, 101 band-aids, etc. Oh yeah! While I have your attention, I would like to tell you if you play moviestarplanet, please donate greets, autos, wishies, and/or presents. Here are my usernames for:

Canada= Kewlgirl88

USA= xXxC@ssidyxXx

UK= Kewlgirl88

France= Kewlgirl88                                                                                             

April’s Birthday Party

April’s birthday party wasn’t a normal party. She is a funny person and her birthday is in April. Her birthday party was at Rainbow Cinema at Orleans. We were 30 minutes late but luckily the movie Sponge: Sponge-bob out of water started at 4:30. When we got there, we had cake, but since before we went to the poutine fest and bought some, I was full, so I gave my part of the cake to Grace. April and Alyssa wanted the strawberry, so I said to cut it in haft. So April said Alyssa gets the leaf part and she herself gets the strawberry part. But since it was just a joke, she cut the strawberry in haft, and took only one part. Then Grace smudged cake on her face. April’s dad thought it was funny so he took a bunch of cake and smudged it on April’s face saying “Birthday tradition!” Everybody laughed. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt so I tried to stop. At 4:29, we took our seats and got our popcorn, candy, and drink. We watched the movie and after it, we went back to the room and April opened her presents. The reason why April invited us was because she went to Lily’s birthday party and opened the present we gave her. And she really liked it and so we came to her birthday party and gave her the same thing. In our loot bags there was a balloon. Alyssa filled hers with air and let all the air go out. April’s dad told us to hold the edges of the top of our balloon which made a cool sound! So we did it all together and it sounded very weird. Then my dad came so obviously I had to go. But I found it very fun and funny! 😛 April is very funny, so if you see her, I suggest to quickly get something that will stop you from laughing because she will make you laugh very hard.