John Alexander MacDonald Is Alive!

So on the 29th of April 2015, I went to the Museum of History. Because my dad wanted me and Rose to see a play about him and his life. John A. Macdonald was born in Scotland on January 11, 1815, the son of Hugh and Helen Macdonald. His family came to Canada in 1820 and settled in Kingston; they already had relatives living in the country. John MacDonald had a brother who died in 1822 and two sisters, Margaret and Louisa. They also taught us, was that he drank too much. 😀 Then they said he was interested in politics. So when he was old enough, he became part of the government. An other thing he wanted to do was to build a railway from sea to sea. But he didn’t have the money to buy the equipment he needed. Even if he did, he needed to own the site. So he started residential school. To know how it felt like being in residential school, read the book Fatty Legs, and read Stranger at home, because that’s what happened after she got home. Anyway, John had to marry someone so he could continue his job. So he married Agnes MacDonald. But when Agnes got a new baby boy named John Alexander MacDonald Jr but after he was 1 year and 1 month old, he died. 😥 But then Agnes got a new baby named Hugh John MacDonald. Then Agnes MacDonald died herself. So he married Isabella Clark. Isabella was pregnant and this time it was a girl! They named her Margaret Theodora MacDonald. John A Macdonald finally could build his railway. Click here for more information about it. His dream finally came true! 😀 But he was losing money. So he wrote a telegraph saying that can he have another 1 million bucks. But before he could send it, 2 burglars stole the telegraph and showed it to everyone. Then everyone lost confidence. But he got lucky and became president! :0 John Alexander died on June 6, 1891 age 76. Isabella Clark died December 28, 1857 at the age of 46 I think. 😦


Deniz’s birthday party

Hey everybodeeeeeeee! Welcome to! This is where I will tell you about a party at Starr gymnastics. And it was fun! Right? If you say right, then you must have been there! 😀 So, Deniz is my friend and she’s lucky to be my friend cuz I’m awesome. And being an awesome’s person’s friend means your cool/ kewl (it’s part of my username on moviestarplanet Kewlgirl88). When we arrived, we were very early. So we had to wait for like 15 minutes. But when we finally started, the first game we played was a game where our marshal (Forgot her name) names a color and we have to touch as many things we can find that are that color. And you have to remember. Then we went to the foam pit and you have to jump in and touch all 4 corners. I came 5th! 🙂 Awesome right? 😮  Then we got to play Tarzan. You jump to hang on to a rope and get to the other side of the pit. After that we went on the trampoline and jumped. We also got to play Indiana Jones. She rolls a ball and you have to get to the other side of the trampoline before the ball touches you. And guess what! The ball ain’t touch meh! 😀 Then we got to go on the other things they had in the gym like the pole, bars, etc. But not the bean bar. But Laura twisted her ankle and she’s like the pro with gymnastics. 😥 (I DO RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS NOT GYMNASTICS!!! DX ) The on the bean bar we did walking and a tuck jump.  Then we washed our hands and ate chips and pizza. Then we got cheese cake but the only things I ate were chips! (Don’t tell my parents! 🙂 ) Then Deniz gave us our loot bags but told us not to open them in the gym. 😥 But I opened mine in the car and got lots of earings. (Don’t want my ears pierced and will never probably….)