2015 T&T lion dance

Today was still Chinese New Year because it lasts for 15 days not only 1. OMG like did you know that? I didn’t know that till my chinese teacher told me that!!! 😛 I’m like OMG!!! 😮 Okay, so today it was my first time to do lion dance. The only kid I knew there was Aidan. Because he was in my day school class. Aidan’s dad taught us what to really do. We were supposed to switch time in time because there was a lot of people. When we started, I looked down and followed Aidan’s feet. Then at the part where they sold fish/seafood, we switched. Aidan was back and Rose was front. I pushed the drum. At the end we took pictures. Aidan said he called my name to switch but I couldn’t hear. (What? I was right next to the drum) His face was red (a little) and I bet he was sweating. If you’re reading this Aidan, next time, your dad will tell me when to switch. 🙂 At the end, Tony gave us red bags and inside was $$$$$20$$$$$$!!! 😀 I’m starting 2 earn money!! Now I have 206 dollars and some cents! 😀 (And I know how to lion dance!!!)


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