Performed by youth and for youth (But parents have to come or else who will bring them?)

Hey people/person who’s reading this! Guess what? On December (sunday)11th 2015, I went to a chinese restaurant to buy a loaf of bread, bread, bread. The waiter asked me what’s my name and this is what I said, said, said. Myyyyyy name is, High low picalow pick a low high low. High low pick a low you! No just kidding! I went to Carleton University to study something. Srry I forgot. Again I’m kidding! I’m wayyyyy to young. I only went to Carleton University to go watch a show. It was just a show with kids playing instruments or dancing. Our Rythimic Gymnastics group were even there! Of course there was a 15 minute intermission. During that intermission, we could buy raffle tickets. And we could get a drink of water or go to the washrooms. We got back to our seats and watched the rest of the show. Until the raffle. The first place was a iphone 6 (Pretty sure). And the organizer won it! It was pretty wierd because he must have “organized” the person to raffle his ticket! xD (if you look sidways it’s a face!)