67’s Let’s Go, 67’s!!!!

Where: Woodroffe Avenue P.S (All of the winners school and the school that rocks!)

When: November 18 2014

Why: 67’s are visiting to talk about… (It what your going to find out today!) 😀

As you know, the 67’s (who are awesome) are visiting our school. They were to talk to the school about teams and stuff. But that’s not it! The coach was there first, and talked about teamwork and goals. The coach’s name is Mark (or Marc I don’t know). He is also known as the coach of the Ottawa Fury’s, and the Red Blacks. All these teams are winners too! Mark/Marc convinced that we should never give-up. He went on saying that all the players have goals, and we should have goals too. The players on 67’s goal was the shoot the puck in the net. My goal now is to get the best grades in math, science, social studies, french, english, and gym. Those are important things that I might need in case for the future. Knowledge is very needed in these days, because we need to know angles for soccer to know where you can shoot ( Probable and Improbable ) etc…  He even showed us coupons with the 3 mascots that he’s coach. Riley (67’s), Sparky (Ottawa Fury’s), and Big Joe ( Red Blacks). 🙂 For the 67’s, it was free tickets, same for Ottawa Fury’s. And for the Red Blacks, it was save 5$ for a game. The limits were only 6 people/tickets. Mark now said that he would like to introduce some players onto the stage. First guy, Nevin Guy!!! (P.S he said that loud so he can hear) When he came in, lots of people wanted him to hi 5 him. Then the teachers started hollering “SIT DOWN, SIT DOWN”!!! They needed Nevin Guy to have space to pass. I’m pretty sure it’s because we were out of time. Well almost because we needed time for other players to present themselfs. He started hockey at 4 and now he is about 20 years old. Next was Evan de Haan!!! He started hockey around 5 years old and started playing for the 67’s around 20 too. 😀 Mark now told us to shout “Hey Riley” so then he might come. We shouted like about 4 times and the only people who came in were people who went to go to the bathroom. Then FINALLY he came in. Mark asked his favourite sport, team, and his favourite thing to do. 

Sport: Hockey

Team: 67’s

Thing to do: DANCE!!!

So Mark told us to dance with Riley. It was a song that said what to do. I couldn’t really hear it so I just followed Riley. We went back to class to work on our french. 😦


Learning Lots Chinese Speaking (AND ENGLISH… YAY!) Top musicians

When:  November 9 2014

Where: NAC (National Art Center) 4th stage

Why: To see learning lots chinese speaking (and English… yay!) top musicians (That’s what the title’s for)    



Okay, that is actually why there’s a title… 😀 But still. Did you know that…

TODAY THERE WAS A SHOW AT THE NAC? If yes, then great job!! 🙂 If not, then. 😦 You should be sad. I’m a little sad too, because last year, Lang Lang came. He’s better than me at piano. (WHAT!! You don’t know I play the piano? OMG which also stands for Olivia Maylor Gurtin who’s my friend ) Lang Lang’s like a professional. Here are the people who participated, the person who taught them something during the show, and what they played:

  1. Austin Wu

  2. Violins

  3. Ye Yireng


  1. Daniel Chen

  2. Flute

  3. Li Zhe

Last one to go:

  1. Bryan Cheng!!! (best Canadian at least one of them cellist)

  2. Cello

  3. Yang Meng

That’s it. Only three performances. We only saw 2 of them. We missed the first one. 😦 Faye and Zoey came at the last performance, the Canadian guy. 😦 (Even more) You know, the person who played the cello (It’s pronounced chello). His name is Bryan Chen. All of them were accopagned by the piano. Here they are listed in the same order. So like I would write down who accompagned Austin Wu first.

  1. Judy Ginsburg

  2. Nick Rodgerson

  3. Judy Ginsburg (AGAIN!!! 😀 )

The people who show there “moves” on the instruments all speak chinese, and english. I hope some day they learn french like me! I know 4 languages:

  1. English (of course)

  2. French

  3. Chinese

  4. And a language that I don’t really know how to say(It’s a language you speak in Fouzhou, China. )

You see. You should see 4 joted down languages. And I’ll give you prof:


Hi                 你好

Bye                   再见

Thank you                             谢谢

See you later                  待会儿见


Hi      Bonjour

Bye   Aurevoir

Thank you       Merci

See you later              Aurevoir

I can’t write the other one because the writing doesn’t existe.




Trick-Or-Treat with the Mayor Jim Watson

When: October 25 2014 

Where: City Hall

Why: To get some candy before Halloween and to write in the book of memory for Nathan Cirillo (sad -_-)

You know (I hope ) the story of Nathan Cirillo? Well, I won’t tell you it, because it is so sad. A tragic ending. So, today we went to the City Hall to get CANDY! It’s not Halloween yet, so we get to have “EE” (early extra) candy! 🙂 The city hall never closes just saying. So, the first candy we got was from Elsa, Anna, and Christoph. ( Wahhh no Olaf. He’s my favourite character.) Then, we went to Emmit and Lucy. They’re from “The Lego Movie”. We saw Frozen and The lego movie. Yes, both of them. For free! After, we went to Harry Potter and this kind of Wizard looking costume guy. They gave us some I think Jolly Ranchers. I like Jolly Ranchers. They’re good. 🙂 And yummy. Me and Rose went to a witch, and she gave us a tooth brush. Mine was purple and Rose’s was blue. Don’t worry, her favourite color’s blue, so it’s okay. Anyway, after meeting the fairy, we got candy from Dorothy. I think she was wearing her (fake) ruby slippers. It was basically chips because it was in a bag and it said Giant Tiger Best Chips. So pretty obvious that it’s a bag of chips. Last stop. We get candy from Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella. I used to like Cinderella the best. Rose used to like Snow White. They took a picture with us too. Then, we went to get in line, the VERY loooooooooooooong line. It was actually long, line more meters. It was a line for the Mayor. Finally we got to the mayor. He gave us the big sized bag of “Papa Jack’s Popcorn”. It was the sea salt kind. We eventually went home. When we got home, we tried the popcorn. YUM! It was delicious. I countedWe got pretty much lots of candy. 🙂


Halloween in Ottawa!!!!!!!!!!

When: October 31st 2014 When else? 😀

Where: In Ottawa on the road of my house

Why: To go TRICK-OR-TREATING!!!!!!!!

It was Halloween! I waited already one year from last halloween. 🙂 One year is too much. I prefer one month. Not one day, because that would be everyday. If it was everyday, than the next day, we would be tired. And almost everyday we would go to the market, and buy some candy. It would be a waste of money. My costume was basically a princess of bats, but my sister called it a fairy with no wings. At school we had a movie and a Halloween dance. Grades 4-6 watch the movie first. The grades 1-3 do the dance first. The movie and dance last for 1 hour. So no classes, even not the kinders , have gym on Halloween. Because we only have 2 gyms. Gym one have the dance, and gym 2 has the movie. So both of the gyms are “O-C-C-P-E-É. Search it up. It’s french. I’m not a dictionary. Sorry. But you can go on Google Translate. Please remember to click on the right botton on your mouse and do “Open link in new tab”. We watched the movie Monsters V.S Aliens. The aliens were pumpkins with green evil eyes that were kind of “stealing” other people’s candy. The kids were going trick-or-treat. They figured out that if they give them too much candy, they will pop and explode, doing no damage but to themselves. They couldn’t tell anybody. But when Susan was fighting and her mini parents were watching, they told her to take a break. And then something happened that was HILARIOUS!!!!! Anyway, we planned to go with Emily, Nancy, and Natalie. Emily fell sick, so she couldn’t go. Poor her… But we had an unexpected visitor… Helen. Her mom was like: Say thank you. And when we went to the next house, she would say : Don’t run or “wait for other people.” It was pretty annoying. She even lost my mom’s hat! Helen’s costume was a princess, and Natalie’s costume was a butterfly or Supergirl. :)Natalie’s costume was pretty cute. We first went to Nancy’s house. But she wasn’t there. So we decided that she might have left before. I knew that her costume was a pink Supergirl outfit because I went to “Trick-Or-Treating with the mayor.” Read that post. We went to get candy on Lenester and Esterlawn private’s neighbourhood. We headed on to Fox Crest. There’s this guy who gave us a huge bag of chips. Not the small size, the bigger size. 🙂  Cool, huh? My bag started getting heavy, and Helen wanted to go home. I said that we should first finish getting candy on this street before going home. Even if my bag was getting very heavy, I didn’t give it to my mom, because she already had my sister’s candy. I don’t really need a servant, so I carried my bag. So far my bag had only space to put a few more candy. 😦  But luckily we had only one more house to go to. 🙂  So we went to that house and got our candy. After we went Natalie to her house and Helen went home, we continued trick-or-treating till we reached our home. We rang our doorbell, and when my dad answered the door, me and my sister shouted “Trick-Or-Treat! But, he didn’t give us any candy. I saw this box with all the candy that we would give out. I used my candy that I didn’t like, and traded with the candy I like in the box. It was like a general candy store. Except there wasn’t all kinds of candy. I traded my twix for a jolly rancher lollipop. Then I traded a Mr.Big chocolate bar for a rockets thingy. I have lots of favourite candy. Here are my top favourites:

  1. Tootsie Rolls

  2. Doritos (the red bag kinds)

  3. Skittles

  4. Ruffles

  5. Lay’s

  6. Sun chips

  7. Basically all chips

  8. Kit Kat

  9. Aero

  10. Coffee Crisps

  11. Smarties

  12. Maltesers

  13. Kind of M&Ms

  14. Oh Henry

  15. I can’t count them all!!!!!!!!! 😦

So that;s the list. Their not necessarily in order though. Great. Now I have to wait an other year till next Halloween.