Tiring Field Trip To Mud Lake

When: October 30th 2014 (One day before Halloween!) 🙂

Where: Mud Lake

Why: Field Trip with Mr. Albert

We were scheduled to go to Pink lake, but we learned that the route was closed for winter. We had to have a field trip to learn stuff with Mr. Albert, so M.Millen, ( my teacher) said that we would  change it to Mud lake. I asked if we would be taking the bus, he said NO!!! So we have to walk all the way! Which sucks, because I hate walking ( I said that to my friend), but, I said that I hate hating hate. But I also hate hating hate hate etc… Because she had a good sense of humor, she said: And you hate hating hating hating hating hate. Right? And I was like: Right. 🙂 We left school and started walking. My sister’s class came. All the grade 4 classes are supposed to come if they paid. Emily didn’t pay, and her parents said she couldn’t go, so she stayed at school. She missed all the fun! We all gathered into a circle. Mr.Albert explained to us that since humans were here, we started gathering in a circle because almost everything we need to survive is shaped like a circle. We saw a two deers. Or either the same deer twice. Don’t know which one. Saw twice or saw two. The deer had a white pompom looking tail, white spots on his back, and the rest was a tanish color. It was pretty cute. 🙂 My sister didn’t see the first one, or the first time I saw it she didn’t. Kaitlyn was my friend, she was the one with the sharp eyes because she spotted the deer. It was hurrying down the path because a dog was chasing it. The owner of the dog was scared, and whistled to see if the dog can hear her or not. Mr.Albert says we have to accept the way people communicate. And even if they have a disease or a disability, we should be proud that they can still communicate with us.  On the trail, we saw this dead squirrel hanging from a tree. I felt bad, because the squirrel lost his life, and he will never have one. Ever again. We went to this huge rock. Mr.Albert told us that once, he and his granddaughter was at a cottage, and his friend said: Take the faster route, you will have a chance to see the big fossil. So Mr.Albert took the faster route, and saw the fossil. He tried to explain that, a fossil, is when you stay there, doing nothing, and then if you wait for a long time, you will be fossilized. So , one day, Mr.Albert took his granddaughter to a restaurant. There were lots of people at that restaurant. They ordered their meal, and waited a long time. After 20 minutes, his granddaughter said: If we stay here longer, were going to fossilize. 🙂 Funny, right? But it also means that she learned something. Which is good, right? Yes it is. Knowledge is important for us humans. That’s all, we walked a loooooooooooooooong way  till we reached school. 🙂


Halloween Math Night

When: October 20 2014

Where: My school

Why: It was a Family Math Night

It was only 2 more days till Halloween!!!! 🙂 I’m soo excited. At school, we had this family night halloween math night. You had to bring a pumpkin and some knives to carve your pumpkin. We brought a big one. Some children got to carve a small one. My mom did the carving. Because the picture that was going to be on it was complicated to do, but my mom is a professional artist( what you might call her). 🙂 When we got to the front door, someone in grade 5 named Isabella said that if we wanted to do a guess to win a jar of candy. You had to guess how much chocolate was in the jar. Rose guessed 200( wayyy to much) and I guessed 50. (What my mom told me.) If we don’t win, not my fault. I’m pretty sure that there could be 100 chocolates. They gave us a sticker and we had to stick it on the wall. We had to stick it where we think scares our family the most. We chose haunted houses. We were the only ones from that time. I didn’t check when we went back home. 🙂 It was from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. Why in the morning? The teachers won’t even be able to get to school by that time. My teacher lives out in the country. He told us it takes like an hour to get to school. So he’d have to wake up at 4:00. That’s very early. 🙂 We went to a table where a spot was empty. My mom started sketching the pumpkin while me and my sister Rose when to talk with April and Arthur. I know, it’s like me having a slave. But the truth is, my mom even wanted to carve a pumpkin. 🙂  We brought two just in case we have time to carve an other one. Then one of the teacher’s, gave us a piece of paper. She said that we had to measure our pumpkin, and she left. Before she did though, she gave us a measuring tape. First, we measured the pumpkin’s size of bottom to top. Then after that, we measured the middle and around. It was actually pretty fat. 🙂 We went to this thingy mabober to weigh our pumpkin. It was super heavy. We wrote our records on a big sheet of paper. Our’s for the roundest was the roundest! But it was not a contest. Everything was in gym one, so we didn’t have to travel everywhere. Because my mom started carving the pumpkin, I went to this table with Rose and my dad. There was 4 mini pumpkin shaped baskets. And there was baton sticks. On the baton sticks, there was questions. Like 3×7. You have to put the baton in the right basket. To find out, you have to solve the problem and put it in the basket with the answer. It was actually very easy for me. Nothing was wrong. 🙂 Nothing, no joke. In my class, I’m the smartest. Not to brag. But I’m usually the first one to finish, or the middle one (because I give lots of detail). Not to brag again. In fact, I hate bragging, I even hate show offing. It’s just a little, too “much” for me. It’s hard to explain. Anyway, I got all right. I hope Rose did too. The theme was Halloween. So basically, the stickers we put on the wall earlier were monster stickers. There was a store was “Little shop of horrors.” Where you use school money and buy stuff. There was zombie drinks, scared cereal, very creative ideas. Except they used a calculator to count how much you need. To earn money, you have to just ask just ask for some. Comparing to real life, it’s very different to real life. It was a great “mathy” day! 🙂 🙂

Alyssa’s Birthday Party

When: October 26 2014

Where: LAZER QUEST!!!!!!!!!!!

Why: For Alyssa’s birthday party (Why else? )


So today was a funny day too! Not just that I went to a birthday party, but.. You’ll know l8tr. 🙂 So, as you know, the birthday party* was at laser quest. And PLEASE SEE THE * THING L8TR 2. Anyway, if you don’t, than… Duh, duh, duh, you’ll get NOTHING!!! Which is good. So, we had to go to gymnastics, blah blah blah and blah blah, until finally we got into the car and went to laser quest. Laser quest is where you play laser tag, with FAKE not real laser. When we got there, we got these cards and registered our code names. Mine was Cherry, and Rose’s was Rose. We got our suits, and went in. I got shot by not many people. It was a little I have to say easy,because lots of people weren’t in groups. I even got revenge on lots and lots of people. Anyway, after the game, we went to this big TV to see our scores. And guess what! I came in 7th. Rose came in 5th! I feel proud for her.  Me last time, I was way down further, mostly on the 2ond sheet. So I played better. I improved a lot even if I didn’t play any laser tag during the summer. This party is the first party at a laser tag place, this year, soo, I didn’t have any practice. Maybe not year, but in 5 months. 🙂 We did 2 rounds. On the second round, I was still Cherry. But Rose was ice. This round was harder with so much people in groups, but I got shot less, well, it felt like it. But I ended up being 12. I think 7 is now my record. Please comment if you’ve been more than 7. Laser Quest is located at 1800 St Laurent Boulevard. After the second round, we went to the party room. They had already puten some chips, popcorn, and cookies in plates to feast on. I tried the cookies and chips. Mmmm, tasty. The popcorn was too. And this is the fun part! 🙂 🙂 Okay, so there was this boy, around 4 to 3 years old, and we had evidence that he might have been the birthday boy. But he was at the door, and said “Boo” And then a few minutes later he kept on coming and kept on coming. Until suddenly, Alyssa said that we should pretend to be scared. 🙂 So then everytime he came from that discussion, we were all like “iakkkkkkk!!!” or “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” in a very, scarish way. It was very funny/hilarious! 🙂 We got a slice of pizza. I got pepperoni, and Rose got cheese. Until cake time, the little boy came when we were singing, and he was at the door way in a ghost pose. He was also singing along. What a nice boy. Bryn also admitted that he was cute. I have to admit that I agree. The cake was ice cream. But there was some whipping cream (that I hate). But I didn’t eat that part. Just saying, that Adalia and Grace are besties, and when Grace got a second piece, Adalia was like “I want a second piece, Grace, help me finish up this piece.” And then me an Grace were like” Ewww, disgusting.” Because Adalia’s cake was served second (right after the birthday girl Alyssa) and her piece was huge! 🙂 Sorry, got to stop writing, my dad wants me to go to sleep. Tomorrow, I promise, tomorrow.

My Homework Got Murdered (School Work Poems That Are Made At School)

My Homework Got Murdered!!!

Oh no! My homework disappeared. 

That big giant T-rex bit it and swallowed it.

I tried to take it back, 

but he flew up with his wings!

He was a winged T-rex

That big gigantic bully.

Not fair, totally not fair.

I will never forgive him ever in my life.

Or maybe, but still.

He should go to T-rex prison.

Or maybe dinosaur prison for murdering my homework.

He’s a big huge smelly pig.

Not fair!

That is why my homework disappeared,

Mme. Sheedy

Tanger Outlet >First Outlet In Canada! (I Mean Ottawa. Excuse Me)

When: October 18 2014

Where: Kanata Tanger Outlet

Why: To look and buy stuff

Ok, so, yesterday was when I visited the FIRST OUTLET IN OTTAWA!!! 🙂 Well, that’s atleast was my dad told me. So, who went with me? Obviously my dad, my sister, Dylan (one of my dad’s friend’s son) my 2 grand-parents, and my mom. It was located in Kanata, so it was a long way. But luckily, if you read my other post talking about Paranorman, we bought popcorn. 🙂 🙂 But I didn’t finish all of it. So my dad let us (me and my sister Rose) eat them on the way. But, when we got there, there was like so much cars that we couldn’t find a parking spot. Luckily, a family was about to leave, so we waited till they left, and parked into that spot.


We went to look around when we saw these people handing out some kind of lighting object. So I asked if I could have one. And they gave one to my sister too. My dad told me that the fire show is here. It starts at 7:00. So my dad asked Dylan what time it was. He said that it was around 6:50. He cheked his phone and he said that it was 6:50. He guess the exact time. At 7:00 they started with balancing. 🙂 One of the 2 people balanced a torch. That torch was on fire! Then, they said “It might be cool balancing stuff that we have, but it WILL be cooler if we balance stuff YOU have.” 🙂 So someone raised their hand and gave them a shoe. Well, not exacly a shoe, it was a BOOT. With some mud on it. They decided that they would balance it on their NOSE. If it falls, the mud would rub on the guys face. Until after, some kind of women came, and the men group said that they should introduce themselfs. They introduced themselfs to EACH OTHER!!! We need to know what their names are. Then, they said to us that they are Brad, and the cow guy (because I forgot his name) “Together, we are the cow guys” So now you know who they are. :)The other women danced with fire. For goodness sake, they didn’t burn their skin. If they did, they would surely need someone to call the ambulance. But noboby needed to. (Which is great. Not good, I said great) 🙂 Cheese!

After the show, we went to Reebok. My dad wanted to buy some new shoes for my grandparents. I asked my mom if we could buy shoes, she said yes. So I chose size 2.5 because it fit me, and it was pink with orange stripes. For Rose, her feet are bigger than mine, so she wore size 3. Her’s look the same as mine. Pink, with orange stripes.  When my dad was in line to pay, my mom brought me and Rose to a shop named Ardene. It sells stuff for girls. My mom bought me and Rose a headband. It was buy one get one free! That’s why. My dad said that Dylan was going shopping somewhere else, and we were meeting him at the food court. When we got to the food court, the smell was soooo good that I was hungry. But a few minutes later, Dylan arrived, and we left. It was still a long way though. But guess what? I still had tons of popcorn left. So I ate them. But when I got home, I still had lots and lots and lots and lots of popcorn left. Even the next day of my visit to Tanger Outlet. It was like about 15 centemeters wide, and 20 centemeters tall. That’s a lot. It costs 2 dollars. My dad doesn’t know if it’s expensive or cheap. I think it’s cheap. What do you think? Tell me in a comment please. I will write down all the stores. (Maybe not all ) :

Ardene, Banana Republic, Reebok, Nike, Sox City, Lucky Brand Jeans, Godiva, Calvin Klein, Gap Factory Store, J. Crew Factory, Levi’s, Town Shoes, Old Navy, Tommy Hilgfiger, American Eagle Outfitters, Zumiez, Hot topic, Entertainment Deals, and more.


Paranorman Free Movie

When: October 18 2014

Where: At the Cineplex Movie Theater At Carling 🙂

Ok, so, today it was a free movie day at Cineplex. And ummm, my dad invited almost everyone who lived close to us. He invited Jessica, Joshua, Amy, Faye, and what was that name? Oh yeah , Zoey. But mostly Faye and Zoey didn’t go because their mom wanted them to go to Chinese School. By the way, chinese school was today, and we had a test. But guess what? We didn’t do it! Witch was lucky! I wonder how Emily is doing? Ok so, the name of the film is like it’s obvious, Paranorman. That movie, was scary, but… It was also happy and sad. I almost was in tears. There were ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 But nobody was eaten. If they were, it would be disgusting! 🙂 We got to buy popcorn, and drinks. Rose chose fanta orange. Me and Amy chose fruitopia.  Each thing costs 2 dollars. I wouldn’t buy candy  because pensiveit costs 2 dollars and I think that’s expensive. After the movie, me and Jessica’s family talked for awhile. And yeah. It was a fun day. But it was cold outside. Almost winter @ Ottawa!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


Cross Country

Where: Sir Robert Borden High School

When: During school time October 16 2014

Why: For a competition

Huh, I am soooo tired right now my legs hurt. By the way, the meet was yesterday from the day I’m writing it. It was a long course. The bus driver who drives us to Sir Robert Borden High School is the replacer of my real bus driver! When my bus that I rode to school arrived at school, the replacer bus driver came and said hello. 🙂 By the way, the meet was yesterday from the day I’m writing it. It was a long course.The person who’s leading has to run 2 times with the people before having a break. Grade 4 girls were the 3rd ones to run. William was 2ond! He’s in grade 3 and he goes to our school. He is actually really fast. Ariyo (in my class) was second too! 🙂 That guy is also good in soccer, throwing, catching (even with one hand) which means he’s good at Wall Ball. Before the guy said “On your mark, get set go”, Mr.Hume (The teacher who trains us) said “Is this my strong grade 4 girls?”And we answered”Yeah!” :)Then the guy said to follow the guy who’s waving. And said, On you mark bla bla bla GO! I was running fast, but then loads of people passed me. We had to go over 1 hill. That was when one of my friends in my class had a asthma attack. She stopped for awhile, and kept on running. That girl is brave man. But… There’s this girl who’s very fast no one has beaten her. She came in 1st every time she participates. She was meters away from the guy who leads, but meters away from other people. She’s lucky. But at the end, I was almost going to pass out, when I heard Kallie (My friend) shout, “C’mon, run.” So I ran, my pain in my legs were gone, like they wanted to race too. So I luckily came in 75 and not 80 something. If I hadn’t sprinted, I wouldn’t be 75. And guess what! Olivia from my school, was right behind me. Rose was 79. Ohhh I beat her. She’s faster than me. (Not to brag)When the grade 6 girls were done, they had mud on their shorts and skin because it was raining hard. I felt bad because it was raining hard and they had no umbrella. But Marin was 5th! Ain’t that good. When we got back to school, it was 12:17! I thought it would be like around 1:00. I was surprised! 🙂 Were so awesome. Here’s our cheer:

Were going to win not lose not tie the score.

Were at the top not bottom nor in between.

C’mon everybody let’s hear you scream:

Goooooo, Woodroffe! 🙂

Yeah. Told you that were awesome. “Were going to win not lose not ……


Now, let’s talk about Webkinz. 🙂 It’s a fun game where you have gstore points and coins*. There’s an arcade with games, a mines, a parks, clubhouses, a Kinzpost, an Adventure park, a Kinzville academy, and stores, like the Wshop is where you can sell items and you can buy anything, like a general store. The Kinzstyle outlet is where you buy clothing. And you can make clothing with the clothing you have already! There’re discount items, special items, and categories if you need to buy shirts or stuff like that. You just click on either Shirts, pants, shoes, belts, dresses, glasses, new items, discounted items, and hats. It’s showed like a folder.  🙂 Last but not least, the Wish Factory. It’s where you wish for something, and it might come true. 🙂  To get something, you have to earn some kind of coin. If you get 10 of them, drop them off at the Wish Factory and you can chose what you want to have, and you’ll get it in your dock. But chose wisely! Your dock is where the stuff you bought and that’s not used deposed. If you aren’t wearing it, or you didn’t place it in your home, it will stay there. You will also own a home. You can use your coins to buy more rooms, if you wish. Decorate too! 🙂  But usually if you’re not Delux, you have a limit of stuff to store in your dock, rooms you have, and you can’t buy stuff that are reserved for Delux people. And that is Webkinz. 🙂 🙂 CHECK THAT GAME OUT**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

* Ha ha made you look down 🙂

**If you don’t, I dare you to 🙂


There’s a game called moviestarplanet.  It’s fun. But make sure you or your child is over 9 of age. I recommend that if your under 9 of age, you can play Webkinz. First, I will talk about moviestarplanet. It’s when you can have a girlfriend or boyfriend. That’s the reason why. But, it’s also hard to get starcoins. You have a chance everyday to spin the wheel, which you get starcoins. To move, you have to click where you want to walk to. You can move in rooms, and chat rooms. If you go to the chat rooms, you will find some stuff popping up. That is your other chances to get starcoins, and fame. Fame is used to get to an other level. You start at level O. Every time you get to a new level, you get to chose a prize out of 3. You can also decorate your room. If someone visits your room, and they like the look of it, they can like it, and you’ll get fame. Even if your on level O, you can give autographs, and you’ll get fame too! But, you need lots of fame to go on an other level. Like 2500000000 fame. That’s a lot. You can use your starcoins to buy stuff  for your room, and you can buy clothes. BUT, they cost like 500. I recommend you to save up to 1000 or maybe even 2000 starcoins before you even click on Shopping. Because before I knew it, I had 99 starcoins. I’m on level 8 now. I just did. There’s a chat room for people on level 8 and up. So I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to get to level 8. There’s games too. If you play a game and finish it, you get 100 and more fame. A game called catwalk where you have to be in level 6 or up. But this is what I think unfair. It’s that there’s stuff you can buy and actions you can buy that are reserved for VIPs only. UNFAIR!!!!!!!! That’s why I badly want VIP. Not only that,but VIP costs money. Like, real money. No kidding. Anyway, on moviestarplanet,you can make looks, and designs. If someone loves  it, I think you know what to expect. Fame of course. That’s the answer. GO CHECK THE GAME OUT RIGHT NOW THIS MOMENT!  It’s fun too!


Thanksgiving Day

When: October 13 2014

Where: At my house

Why: To celebrate Thanksgiving Day and to eat turkey


Today was Thanksgiving Day. We invited my whole family that lived in Ottawa and my friend Faye. Her mom and sister Zoey accompanied her. When she arrived, we were already on the computer playing games. Like Moviestarplanet and Webkinz. Those games are the games that I play usually. We also let Faye and Zoey play there favourite games. 🙂 When it was our turn again, Faye wanted to go upstairs, So I brought her upstairs to play. We didn’t do much. But it was worth a try to get them entertained. We went outside to the park. Faye’s mom came just in case for our safety.If it was only me and my sister, we still need my mom because she taught us to not talk to strangers. But she doesn’t believe us.Why? Because until my grandparents moved out, my mom said that when we get off of the bus, we have to go straight home. Just in case strangers might come. But my neighbourhood doesn’t really have any. 🙂 :)Anyway, at the park, Rose saw that Giselle, one of our friends from school, was playing on the monkey bars.We said a little hello. We started playing sand-man. I asked if Giselle wanted to play, but she said that she couldn’t because she was leaving soon. Eventually she did. We did black shoe who’s it yes you. But before you could say black, Faye declared that she would be it. A few minutes later, we got tired of that game. Why? Here are the reasons.

  1. The play structure was small.
  2. Zoey started playing so we would always touch her ( Basically got bored)

That’s why. We went on the swings. After a while, Faye had to go home, so my mom decided to run home. And guess what! The cross country meet was in 3 days, and I made it home with only one break! Ain’t that good. 🙂 🙂                          Just some training. xD Extra training’s good. 🙂 We get training at school every monday, wednesday, and friday @ 10:30. Which is when recess starts. 


Well, that’s all for today. Read this blog next time. Please leave comments and love this post. 🙂 🙂                                            After the Cross Country Meet, I’ll tell you what place me and my sister came in. On friday @ around 7:00! Sorry that it might be late. You might also not have access to the computer that time. -_-