A Very Busy (But Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!)Day

When: September 20 2014

Where: Royal Canadian Mint, City Hall, Green Fresh Supermarket (Sadly, not so fresh)and *1*5 L**e***er.Ave (Just protecting my home) 🙂 

Why: Maybe to make this day a busy day

Embassy of Japan:

Our first stop was the Embassy of Japan. Last year we went with Synthia but this year she moved so we went by ourselves. They show japanese trees, and flowers. There’s even a japanese maple tree! 

Royal Canadian Mint:

We showed my dad’s cousin where to buy special coins. The Royal Canadian Mint makes special coins. Even made out of gold! I have a coin  collection at home but we don’t go to the The Royal Canadian Mint that often anymore.

City Hall:

Last stop! The army run was at City Hall. There was tanks which were cool! We went into the big tent there was a wheel and you spin it to get something. I got a ticket of 10 % off my sister got a ticket of 20% off. My mom threw the coupons because we don’t really go to the real store. When we left the “Store”(because they sold some outfits in there) the BMO mascot came and I hugged him. But my legs hurt. It’s something usual so when I told my mom she wasn’t surprised at all. All she did was positively said were leaving soon. So I was pretty happy. It’s a busy day sometimes. 🙂


Questions From my teacher

Ok, let me get this straight. So, if you know that I wrote the answer is a “Not so relating to the question, please say that in a comment. Because I’m more in to french now. So this is the question M.Millen sent to my mom.(By the way, I had M.Millen last year so you should be able to tell that he was teaching grade 3 but then was moved on to grade 4) His question was:

What is the highlight and lowlight of getting a reward at school?


So now you might want to write this down actually. And also you might think that I’m going to in this post answer his question. So your…….

Please see the bottom of the post later.

What is the highlights and low lights of the first week of school? This question is not about your opinion but in total of your class suggestion.


The highlights is art. People aren’t saying nooo I don’t want to do art. But people ARE saying noooooooo I don’t want math. So that’s the lowlight.



















Your right that I’m going to post my opinion of the question. 🙂


I passed! It wasn’t the gifted test,(But it would be cool) although I did do it but failed, it wasn’t a chinese school test, but it was that I passed the grade 3 test on the piano! So now I’m learning grade 3 on the piano. It came to me on September 5 2014! 3 days after school started. I’ve been waiting for weeks till today it came! My sister got 83 and I got 78. Not bad anyway. You have to get 60 or more points to pass. The best score was 85. Nobody I tell you, NOBODY got 100. Not even the best pianist thats a child! I still wonder if someone didn’t pass. I might even feel bad for them. But atleast I PASSED. Thats right. P.A.S.S.E.D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was soooooooo scared if I wouldn’t.

Capital Kids Event

When: Sunday September 6 2014 ( 4 days after school!)

Where: St. James Tennis Court

Why: For the end of the tennis program party! ( No cake though (sad) )


It was a few weeks since my last tennis practice. BUT…

We had a good “Graduation” from tennis actually. We even took a picture with us throwing our tennis hats up in the air! Sorry, no picture. If you find it, please send it to me at Cherry.Ke@outlook.com and with the picture. Our tennis shirts had this on it:







And they ironed it on to a white T-shirt. We played some games at the party too:



  1. 3 lines singles line on one side of the court. One person goes to the other court.
  2. Every singles line on the side of the court with people is a line and also the line in the middle.
  3. First line is healthy, middle line is sick, and the other singles line is hospital.


The person on the other side sends one ball at a time. You have to hit it. If you miss, the you got to go to the sick line. To be recovered, you have to hit the ball twice. If you hit it once, go to the back of the line until it’s your turn again. If you hit it your second time, then you go to healthy! But if you miss, than you go to the hospital line. But to go to healthy,( You don’t go to the sick line, you go strait to the healthy line)you need to hit the ball 3 times in a row. If you miss again, than dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnnnnnn. You go to the other side and try to catch a ball with one hand. If you do, then you switch spots with the person’s ball you caught. Tip:

Try and hit the ball inside of the court and where there isn’t that many people.

Good Luck!



  1. Only one line and one person goes to the other side. The person on the other side throws balls and the first person in line tries to hit it. If you miss, then you go to the other side of the court and try to catch a ball with one hand. If you do, like Hospital, switch with the person that hit the ball. If you hit the ball, make sure it’s in. If not, then your out too. If you hit the ball, and it’s in, then you go to the back of the line. The person who throws the balls is going to make it harder and harder each time you succeeded.

And voila!


Synchro Swimming

FIRST OF ALL , THIS IS BY CHERRY KE, WEI KE’S DAUGHTER. I have to write that in big letters because people might think this is by my mom. Second of all, last but not least, not the end of this post, synchro swimming IS hard. We have to balance with our arms. This is how good they are.



I think they’re the people who taught us. And the eggbeater is really hard because your legs are apart and your hands or arms might hurt because it’s REALLY hard. No kidding. We went with my friend Faye, and of course, my sister Rose. Just like that. We also had to do underwater flips. It’s not as easy as you think. Well, maybe if your an expert or your in competitive. Maybe even because you teach people Synchro swimming. So yeah. xD 🙂