Chinese Potluck

Where: 156 Mill street Carlton Place

When:  August 17 2014

Why: For a Chinese Potluck

Today, my dad brought me, my sister Rose, my brother Kingsong, and my mom to 156 Mill street Carlton Place for a Chinese people only potluck. My mom brought Watermelon, and a seaweed salad. There was also chips. I love chips. I ate 4 bags of chips. My family I guess was the only ones who ate chips. Basically the children that includes me in my family ate the bags of chips. I don’t care if you laugh. Because I don’t care, I love it, I love it , I don’t care. 


Piano Test

Where: St Bethany Baptist Church

When: August 14 2014

Why: A piano test to level 3


I was sooooo scared tonight, on August 13 2014. Tomorrow, there was a piano test. Not a performance, but a test. I never in my whole entire life has had a piano test…


I was going to St Bethany Baptist Church. In real life. Not a story. I’m just trying to make this sound and feel realistic.????? Anyway let’s continue. I was going to level 3 if I passed. I will write down which pieces I played.

1. Sonatina In G Major

2. Minuet In G Major

3. Funny Puppy

4. Marionettes

5. Study In C Major

Those are the pieces I played for the test. 


Chinese Summer Festival Potluck

When: August 10 2014

Where: Britannia Park trolley station

Why: For a event called “The Chinese Summer Festival Potluck

Now, I’m not trying to  be an online dictionary or a showoff even though my dad says showing-off is a good thing but if you don’t know what “potluck” means, I’ll tell you now:


Where everyone brings food to the same place and they get to have snack on everything there is. But you get to chose what you want.

Let’s go back to the title now. 

Today we went to Zicheng’s house to pick up my dad’s parents. My grandparents (My mom’s parents) were coming too. 🙂 🙂 My dad told me that Faye would come too! (Mainly because I don’t like being lonely) BUT GUESS WHAT! Faye didn’t have to come because my friend Caroline came too! But she had a friend to play and bla bla bla with so it was actually good that she came. BUT I HAD TO WAIT FOR A LOOOOOOOOOOONG TIME TILL SHE WOULD COME. So it was basically being bored and waiting till Faye came. Like Faye was the “Fun” fairy. xD  We had games like the 3 legged race. I was partners with my dad and guess what? Me and my dad won!!!!!!!! We won a pack of back to school markers. My sister and Faye raced the second round. And they won! But they ran out of markers so they gave each of them a mini box of crayons. There was also a tug of war activity. Me and my sister were on diffrent teams so then if I win, I’ll get a prize and if she wins, then she will get a prize. But everyone gets a prize for participating so I got stickers for the first round and a pencil for the second round. It might not be obvious but it means that Rose’s team won all the rounds. We all went home like winners! :) :)

Vacation Bible School

Where: Our Savior Lutheran Church

Why: For a “Gangway to galilee event

When: August 6-8 2014

Today August 8 was the last day of Vacation Bible School. My sister and I were the only children who participated in this event. Vivian, the Pastor’s daughter went to her homeland with her mother. She usually participates every year, but this time, she had no time, so we were the only ones there. We participated in this event for 4 years counting this year. We ate hot dogs during snack time every last day. It was a fun event!


The adventure of the letter i

A story by Cherry Ke

Chapter 1         The letter i’s adventure


One day, the letter i went exploring the forest where human beings lived. Now, this is the time where pioneers lived. I hate to tell you, but the letter i was afraid of human beings, so he bought some paint at the Letter Depot. The Letter Depot was a store where you could buy paint, paint brushes, wood, windows, nails, and more! The paint’s color is brown. Not any ordinary brown, it was a special brown, if you use it on your body, it makes you look like a tree. But the letter i didn’t know that the pioneers just came here, so you know reader, that we all human beings and animals need shelter and food, well, the pioneers these days didn’t have any bricks, so they need to cut down wood to make their homes. The pioneers were still cutting down the trees when the letter i was arriving, so one family mistaken the letter i as a tree, so they cut down the letter i’s dot. Now, I have to tell you that during the pioneer days, they wrote their letter i with the dot attached on to the vertical line. So now the letter i was different from all the other letter i’s. But lucky for him, no one teased him, for the mayor of letter city taught everyone how to be respectful  and to not tease people. So the other letter i’s cut their dot off and made it balance in the air.


Chapter 2  Meteorite Shower


One night, the letter i heard a sound like this “whoosh” So he woke up and found out that there was a meteorite shower in the sky. He wanted to have a better view, so he went up and by accident a shooting star hit his face. By the way, I have to tell you reader, that the letter i’s name is Izzy. Izzy’s bobo didn’t hurt, for she was used to bobos. Now, Izzy’s dot was an apostrophe. The next day, she was afraid that the other letters wouldn’t play with her, so she fled to the forest where the pioneers lived. But before she left, she remembered that she still had some paint from the Letter Depot. So she painted herself with the paint and fled to the forest. When she got to the forest, a father that came out of nowhere appeared in front of her. He took Izzy’s body but not the head and headed home. Then, she remembered a friendly giant ( which is a human) was going to make some letters in a book, so she headed home and she found out that the giant needed an apostrophe for the book. So Izzy bravely came forward and stepped in the book. 

~The End~ 

Block Party

When: August 1st 2014

Where: Carling Wood Library

Why: Block Party Event

Today, me and my sister went to the Carling Wood library for an event called. We eventually did the same thing as last time,except we did this contest that you guess how many Lego pieces there were in the jar. I guessed 53 and Rose guessed 200. And guess what? There was exactly 200 Lego pieces, so my sister won a zuzu pet. Then we biked home