Going again

By: Cherry Ke

On June 21 this time me, my dad, my sister Faye(my friend), her cutie little sister Zoe, and her mom went to Vincent Massey Park.(Your correct, it’s the place where I went yesterday from that day on)Went went on a Bouncy castle called the Artic Expedition. Then we rode a pony and brought Faye and her family home. Then we went home


Aboriginal Festival

By: Cherry Ke

On Friday June 2O me and my class with Mme.Desrosier went to Vincent Massey Park. First, we got into groups. I was with April’s mom, obviously with April(Because adults/volunteers go into groups with their children),Annissa (In grade 4)and Jasmine in grade 4. After getting into groups, we went to a stage for a presentation about what aboriginal people did during their play time, what they wore, and how they make drums. One of the games, you had to have a partner, and put your hands together like your arm wrestling. Here are the steps:

1.Stand up



Put your arms together

Arm wrestle

To win:
The first one to knock the opponent of the ground wins!
Good Luck!

We also saw the play of Nanabush and the ducks, and A promise is a promise.

My Birthday but not mine

By:Cherry Ke

June 14th was our birthday. But I kept on forgetting that I was 9 years old. Because we were at Centerpoint for like the whole day. We had a practice for our Wushu show at 10:00 to 12:00, then at 3:00 to 5:00 was an other one, then at 7:00 to 9:00 was the real one. So we couldn’t celebrate my birthday.So we celebrated it on father’s day.

If I have an I-pad

By:Cherry Ke

If I had an I-pad, it would be easier to type things for me. And if I was bored, I could do lots of things on my I-pad. If my mom was on the computer, and Rose was on the other computer, and I had something inportant to do and it was due today, I could do it on the I-pad.Plus, the I-pad need to be charged, and a computer needs electricity,so if you buy an I-pad, then you would save money.

Why Tim Hudak

We should vote for Tim Hudak.
Because he wants to have more jobs and lower taxes.
Do you want to save money?
Then vote for him.
Don’t vote for Kathleen Wayne.
She wants to take our money and spend it for other people.
She thinks thats leadership.
But it isn’t.
She’s taking OUR money.
So vote for Tim Hudak.(The PC party)

Shenkman’s Art Center’s 5th anniversary

By: Cherry Ke

Today me, my four grand parents, my sister, and my dad all went to Shenkman’s Art Center’s because it was it’s 5th anniversary. First, we went downstairs to do some silk screening. We did this before at vacation bible school. They had shirts(The “Vacation bible school”) and they had this cut-out. So you will need to place the shirt under the cut-out paint on the cut-out and use a silking brush (I’m not sure how to pronounce it) and brush the paint from top to bottom four times. Their was a bird cage, a bird, and a flower. I chose the flower, and my sister(Rose) chose the bird. We brought shirts to paint so we didn’t have to buy a bag. They had pieces of paper to paint but we had shirts and plus, we didn’t waste paper. Then we left our shirts there to dry. We went to an other table to make a REAL fake crown. I chose a blue crown and Rose chose a purple crown. We could use glitter, pompoms, glue, and crayons. When I was done making my crown, we waited for Rose to finish her crown. Then, their was a cooking class coming up but luckily Rose was finish her crown so we joined the class. We were going to make a food swan. It was a great day.