A poem By: Cherry Ke

I go hic,
Whenever the clock goes tic.
The clock goes tic,
When the couch goes plop.
The couch goes plop,
When the bunnies hop,
The bunnies hop,
When this poem will


Ballet Performance Ariel

By:Cherry Ke

Every year,  Les petite ballets was going to perform a ballet play.This year, we ARE old enough to participate. So they gave us letters to our parents saying if we could join the play and dance. My parents(Which is also Rose’s parents cause she’s my sister)let me and Rose join the dance! We were going to be crabs! But on the next Thursday we learn our dance, Mrs. Joanna (The person who does the chorography) said that there was only 5 crab costumes. So the rest had to be a starfish. I chose to be a starfish. But I wanted to be a crab. 🙂

On May 5th, we went to Centerpoint theater for a costume rehearsal. That was when I saw my costume. That was when I realized it was actually a good thing that I chose to be a starfish. Cause I thought the crab costumes were hideous. But I didn’t tease them. After we got dressed, we went into the hallway. And almost everyone said: You guys have the best costumes. But for true, I think Bryanne’s costume was the BEST. She had a tutu dress embroiled with laces. And a crown made out of gold pipe cleaners. The crown was a beautiful, fabulous,  pretty, fancy, everything that means pretty.

The day of my life has arrived. It was the day for the school show. On Friday. I first went to school and then at 11:15 my mom picked me up to go at the office.Then we went to subway to get our sandwich to eating the change rooms. At Centerpoint, we changed into our costumes and danced. We were the first ones to do our bows. So when the curtain closed, we ran on. The curtain opened.  5(pause), 6(pause), 7(pause), 8(pause), 1(pause), 2(pause), 3(pause),4 I counted. Then we ran of. Same thing happened on Saturday. Also on Saturday night. I looked at the audience during the bows. Something caught my eye. “Hey” I said in my head. “Isn’t that Madeline. I wondered. 🙂

After the show, I went to get autographs. I saw Lily with Madeline. “it was Madeline!”. Later, I found Dory and Alice. We waited in line to get autographs. That was the time where I got Bryanne’s autograph. Then I spotted the guy who played the king in the play. I asked for his autograph. Then I signaled for Alice and Dory to come.  Seems like they also wanted the kings autograph too! Then, we waited in line to get food.Behind us was a girl who was a poodle in the play.So I asked her autograph. It was a buffet. There was also SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

🙂 🙂  You should know already that I love sushi!But too bad for me because there was only sushi with eggs in it.But I took some anyway. Plus, when I tasted the sushi, it tasted pretty yummy.Rose was lucky to get sushi with cucumber in it.But she hated eating sushi.So she asked”Who wants sushi?”and almost everyone said:ME!.(Including me.)So she said”guess a number between 1 and 10.And guess what else?Cheryl won.But she gave me haft of her sushi that Rose gave her.Later,they gave out pieces of cake.Me and Rose ran to get a piece.We ate it and went home.Goodbye day of my life.

🙂 🙂